thursday 05/06/2008

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wednesday 04/06/2008

A clear example.
even someone who can do math can make mistakes.
though i was just over excited at the prospect of poison 4 min 2 smiley
and +4 life per damage...

and for hugo, yeah, that was just a simple finger slip.

either way, i find the extra .5 stacked on top to be a bit over powered none the less...
even though it would do wonders for the game play element of calculating values....

as for +1 power, it wouldn't be as over powered, but it would be a bit unnecessary.
i mean why go +1 power, when you can use Courage +3 power.

I agree that most of the leaders take up too much space for ELO. Fine for Type 2 but you would be better off using Emeth instead. I'm using <A HREF=""><b>this mono La Junta deck</B></A> currently in ELO and it's been pretty decent smiley

Needs Bryan

Different, their power their damage and their ability.
scarlett cr is less powerful than manon cr.
manon cr with her ability 6/6 but her weaknesses is in her ability, if against SOA she becomes 2/6
scarlett cr is worser, with ability, she is 4/7 but because her damage is ability, if against SOA, she becomes 4/3


plz rate ..v good deck

Check and rate my deck

There is no controversy here.

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Find the link in the main page, just scroll down and you will find it, smiley

Onga, sorry bout that! wakoko! smiley

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Cards become Collector when the card pool is filled with junk. smiley

Hikiyousan *5
Lulabee *4
Buck *4
Gabrielle *2
Yayoi *4
Feelyn *2
Wanda *2
Ella *2

GG's! smiley

Yeah so if you use freaks dont use consecutive hits

Roots/Nightmare would be a good choice IMO, I'm gonna use this build
Noodile 1*
and Blu3inho's deck is pretty expensive yet good.
Roots/Junkz I think could be a good combination but I don't know how to play them yet(I'm a noob at ELO)
more suggestions required!!! please post the decks here, the Roots build will be accepted may it be 12* or 13*.

tuesday 03/06/2008

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Check the Public Preset, which has a ton of deck ideas. Also, what do you plan to use the Rescue deck for, T1 or T2?

sunday 01/06/2008

Bodenpower is by far the best 5 star in Bangers, because he's 9/7 with SOA around, whereas Willy is only 7/7 if matched against SOA or used defensively. The -5 attack is a sweetener.

Yeah, that is what I will do. Try trading my DANGER booster cards for some clintz and buy Rescue to build clintz playing T1, and trade them back for Montana/Uppers when I have some dope.
The Montana/Uppers combos look just too expensive for now. Yours for example is around 50k Clintz. I have seen a few that were a bit cheaper than that but I still can't afford.
I kinda' feel sad about drawing a cool card like Zatman on my first purchase and sending him out to the market, but you are right I shouldnt collect anything that I cant put in my deck right away for now.
Thanks for the advice.
(I will try picking up some more credits, like 120 or so, when the new cards come out, hoping to hit some extra clintz though, but even if i do I prolly still won't have enough to play M/U without doing some tourneys first. It is more fun getting the clintz in a fight than buying it with $ anyways)

The clan that has the most 1* good fillers are the Pussycats: Wanda, Gwen etc. About 4 or 5.

Here is the pirana teaser:
check it out its very cool

saturday 31/05/2008




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