saturday 03/05/2008


aside from that..check past threads under strategy and tactics, there are related topics around there..

friday 02/05/2008

Cute, smiley
better with Vermyn N *3 and upgrade to maciej, GG's! smiley

thursday 01/05/2008

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Please read the rules..
courage is when you move first in a round. (when you choose the card first in a round)
not in a battle, one battle: 4 round, and there are 2 rounds in each battle that you move first,
1st and 3rd, or 2nd and 4th.

I think you could benefit from using vassili
the + attack bonus combined with hugo makes for a mind trip when you forget about one or the other.

but mostly, i sense you'll have a hard time getting wins, with the lack of sheer finishing power.

good luck.

Lol, arrrgghhhh! smiley


Ashley *2 ( REDUCER!)
Flo *2 ( SOB!! 0.o)
Marina *4 ( REDUCER no.2!!! o.0)
Striker *4 ( TANKER *BOOM*)

Bryan *4 ( cheap and SOA smiley)
Wardog *2 ( wall |||<-----)
Jane ramba *3 ( reducer + wall + tanker smiley <<<< 0- JP style)
Getrud *4 ( SOB + tanker...yet expensive smiley)

3 reducer
1 wall smiley << another 0- JP rip off

Jane Ramba
Windy Mor
a 2 turn kill deck

Yup, as I said before, this will never happen except you planned it.

wednesday 30/04/2008

Deck 1 is powerful, but lacks in the 6+damage category.
you will have a hard time Koing an opponent with this deck.
but it does have good power/damage/attack reduction, so winning might be easy.

the second deck has a very strong all around, high power, high damage, damage reduction, attack reduction, stop ability, stop bonus.
i don't know if i like it, but it looks like it could work pretty well.
your only problem would stem from your 2 stars not being attackers, and in dailys 2 star cards make great attackers for those few extra points.

Good Luck.

if you play in room with random , if you dont have x2 the other character atk (not power , atk) there is always chance to lose.

Pussycats/freaks/bridget amazing combo

IMO, you best bet is using Pussycats,

Charlie *5
Yayoi *4
Feelyn *2
Ella *2
Maciej *4
Olga *3
Akendram *3
Esmeralda *2

GG's! smiley

Hmm... well I only buy Action packs since I'm an avid Pussycats collector and horde as much as I can, hehe! Most of my decks are Pussycats variants so taht's my reason for buying my them. You should buy packs where you have alot to gain from, how I see it:
Action = Utility
Cool = Power
Danger = Most Expensive cards

GG's! smiley

tuesday 29/04/2008

What if the new bonus was support: -1 opp power min 4 smiley i doubt there will be another support bonus since rescue is hard to counter (usually)
ooo, how about support: -1 opp damage min 4 that would be great against high damage cards but useless against 4 or less (excluding fury)

It is the deck, hehe! smiley

There is no weak rescue if mono i think

IMO, I prefer playing with Emeth once I see La Junta, to me it's a must since 8 damage is sooo important these days, hehe! smiley

Emeth *5
Bryan *4
Dean *2
Jane Ramba *2
Shakra *5
Ratanah *4
Miken Moose *2
Noodile *1

GG's! smiley

monday 28/04/2008

ITs random the higher the attack the more "chance" you have to win its not garanteed unless you have double their attack.
and the fight animation is just for show its not a actual battlesmiley

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Yup, I have discovered some Bugs aswell, but I think it's fixed already, smiley

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