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wednesday 11/06/2008

Ill say this like i have to everyone else that asks this check the public presets you should find something more to your liking there, there are enough variations there to sink a boat lol

Some newer players ask me what the percentages actually mean in a public preset.

Simply put, take an ability percentage and multiply it by the number of cards with that ability in the deck, and that's the chance that during any given match, the ability will show up.

Example: Stop Opp Ability [25% of the time] (two cards have SOA)
This means that, with this deck, you will have a LEAST one SOA card for 50% of your matches. Alternatively, there is a 25% chance that any one of your four cards will have SOA for a battle.

For bonuses, it's rather straight-forward.

Mono-decks: the percentage is, obviously, always 100%... you'll always get the bonus.
Dual-decks: don't mess with the "Clan+Clan" percentage. It's already accurate. [51.4% of the time] means that for 51.4% of matches, you'll get exactly two cards from each clan in your deck. Below the Clan+Clan percentage are two other percentages -- one for each clan in your deck. Take each percentage and add it to the Clan+Clan percentage. This is the chance that the given clan's bonus will make it into a battle. Example:

Pussycats + La Junta [51.4% of the time]
Pussycats [24.3% of the time]
La Junta [24.3% of the time]

Add 24.3% to 51.4%, and you get 75.7%. The gist is, you'll get the Pussycats bonus in 75.7% of your matches (and the same for La Junta). Of course, this means that in 24.3% of matches, one clan will NOT get their bonus. This is the obvious risk of playing with two clans. Hope my math is accurate, and good luck!!

I prefer Petra, just because it has more power, and better ability, even though it has less damage. And besides, Sakrohm already has 3 other better damage reducers, Na Boh, Uranus, and SkrumkkT.

Since Piranas have a lot of Pill play, you could use some lower powered clans which normally require more pills to play.

so Montana, All stars, Bangers...
these clans usually eat pillz faster.
so they go well with Morphun, and Piranas.

Ok for a mono clan all stars i did up a quick deck for ya most of the cards are relatively cheap flo , frank , mario , robb , lewis , alexei , striker , lamar

Well it really depends on your play style if it was me id go with the first 1 cause im usually all out smiley

7 Rescue + Hugo.

I'm running with Kenny over Kolos and Ezsrebet over K Cube and it works pretty good for me, Though I haven't tried to seriously play in ELO yet to see how high I can get with it.

: try to use All-Stars + Freaks deck...
: All-Stars as a Power Dealer, and Freaks as a Damage Reducer...
: make your tactics their...

Well I honestly never spent a cent on this game, just got SMS codes through innovative ways... XD You can build up a fortunby playing DTs even when you have bad cards, 50 Clintz and a credit isn't that bad if you keep it up... smiley You also shouldn't buy anything not worth it and try investing (ask someone else to help you XD) when you have a lot of capital... smiley

I think you almost will have to eventually find a way to sell in order to become richer, but you could still buy a cheap SMS code to further enjoy the game... smiley

Only surfing stars gets my vote, smiley

Your Montana - ulu watu (CW) is a formidable deck, GG's! smiley

Try roots, smiley

That's my Daily Tournament deck, wakoko! smiley

Cute 1'st deck bro! smiley

tuesday 10/06/2008

Its most likely something being tested, happening to everyone therefore.

@PLAY-FAST-PLZ....i couldnt switch flags a few days ago either....works now though smiley

Robs damage is a 4 and unless he faces a blocker he can take down almost any card so unles your facing roots/gheist thats not that bad of a draw

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