friday 25/04/2008

If i only missed 70 questions on a test with 540 questions i'm be passing with a B+. so 70 isn't that much. =P

Rps takes more time, but they might implement it in a non random room for no torni or elo, to test it, or to just have fun

thursday 24/04/2008

that is all.

Kolos is unpredictable, even if you have a damage reducer, you will never know how many pills your opponent might use, GG's! smiley

First thing I noticed is you are just using 24 star. Replace Corrina with Trinmkkt for ELO or Graksmxxt for Type 1.

Having Lyse Teria will greatly improve your deck

wednesday 23/04/2008

"it hurts my eyes" wahohohohoho! smiley

Charlie *5
Yayoi *4
Ella *2
Feelyn *2
Bryan *4
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Dean *2

Since you bought credits, you may play Charlie unevolved at *4 stars and Jane Ramba at *2 stars to put Emeth in the mix,

tuesday 22/04/2008

If the time limit doesn't ding, it's YOU who is timing out

John works fine with Sentinel dual clan. If he's by himself and has ability he is a 6/4 which isn't horrible and with 1 other Sentinel he is better than Carlos at 7/4

well.. that's a nice deck but.. this player said that cheap and strong.
not expensive and strong smiley
Dragan cr is around 165K..


the most expensive one is Havok, Miranda, and skiner.
if you cannot afford havok now, you can use hugo.

Nope selling to kate usually is not worth it. Buy credits and save doubles of cards you may never know that card may be a cr someday.

monday 21/04/2008

IMO, you need another 6 damage card, maybe lilly since she can combo w/o fury, buck may not always get through so you need a back up KO combination. As you can see Pussycats is your weakness so Lulabee is your best bet. GG's! smiley

I don't think XP is determined by ranking. your ranking is how is your achievement in collecting cards.

I guess.. the penalty not playing enough battle in one day (as the rules said, 5 battle per day if you enter top 100, 10 battle per day if you enetr top 50)
the penalty is.. 1 ELO points. not sure, but I observe my friends points and that's what I found.
for not playing a whole day, I guess 6 ELO points. (decerease 2 points and after that 2 points again until you play)

Luba from gheist has just gone up then plumetted

Please kindly read the game rules.

Wakoko! we sure hope so like what they did to chad bread cr, smiley

sunday 20/04/2008

When you get challenged always keep this as a rule of thumb: Never back down from a fight be it a newb or a noob, you can read the evolution of the cards when you click on them, no pictures tho until you get the card. GG's! smiley

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DerMagus has always been a gentleman w/ alot of words, smileysmileysmiley

Use Vansaar, wakoko!
In the lost warehouse only. smiley

Well, the win is usually determined randomly, unless you play in a "no random" room where the highest attack always wins.
The only way to get a clear win is to have an attack twice or more of that of your opponent, which in this case would be 60 or more.
So it's possible to lose.

Now, I noticed something in your calculations. The Rescue support bonus means that for every Rescue card you have in your playing deck, you get +3 attack points. So in order for it to have been activated, you needed at least 2 Rescue cards, which would make Anita's extra attack +6 in total (or more depending on the number of Rescue cards you had).
So your Anita's min attack should be 48

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