tuesday 15/04/2008

I wanna get to level 40 to build my Nightmare-Eklore. It must be nice to see my opponent's pillz fading away while Kolos is just waiting for its turn to kill.

In my opinion there are some clans that tend to struggle against others. Ulu Watu tend to have a hard time against pussycats because they dont have a lot of elo playable cards with high damage (basically just buck and lullabee). Gheist sometimes struggle against clans like uppers, montana, nightmare. But at the same time there are those clans that seem to never struggle. Uppers is one of the only clans that don't ever seem to struggle because they have cards like Zatman and Dorian with 8 power. Also they have cards that can save their bonus like Samantha and Rubie. The main fact is though is how pills are spent and the draw that you get.

Great, all very good decks, and more or less in line with what I was aiming at, I'll test each one and see what works the best smiley

@ 0- JP : Yeah, was a bit Melodramatic, wasn't it smiley

monday 14/04/2008

Trust me it will be hard allstar mono clan,especially when your against Pussycats and/or Sakrohm,Try not to mono...

sunday 13/04/2008

I can't afford most of those characters! I only have about 2,000 clintz! smileysmileysmileysmiley

It would be good till ELO 1200. Later its very hard to play.

saturday 12/04/2008

lol.. never read the rules, eh?
Bonus if one of your characters level up : starting level * 10 Points (Reduced to 5 points for all characters during tournaments hours, in all the tournament compatible rooms)

No one really knows when a card will become a Cr or who will become a Cr.

Best 4 star?
Zlater smiley
8 damage, in a 4 star, + stop ability, now that's a nice combo.

seriously, there are a lot of great 4 stars.
Jackie, is certainly one of them.
8 power, 6 damage, stop ability, + -10 attack min 3.
Yayoi is good too, 7/6 with SOA.
Kerry, 6/6 sob + 12 attack when Mono Rescue.
Alec, 7/8 when mono + 12 attack Rescue.

Marina, Striker Graksmxxt all good 4 star cards.

i guess i don't see a best... i only see good, and not so good.

friday 11/04/2008

Just use your guild room and if that is a problem, find a better guild smiley

Ashigarus description even says he was a Fang Pi Clang before wandering off smiley

Thanks all for clearing this up for me. smiley

GG to all

Pussycats are the most widely used in the current metagame, running Nightmare, Montana and Uppers, smiley

Question has been answered -Closed-

thursday 10/04/2008

Montana and uppers
stop opponent bonus (yup nightmare i forgot)
because i also use all stars those are clans i cant beat


Try to make a mono La Junta deck or rescue since they are cheaper and affordable, smiley

Hmm... you picked the correct clans but i would switch it up a bit, hehe! smiley

Emeth *5
Bryan *4
Uxoh *3
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2
Dean *2
Uranus *3

GG's! smiley

wednesday 09/04/2008

Maby these deck can help u



z3r0 d34d

glorg / kenny
hel smiley

If u dont want to see the spam dont go into the Miscellaneous Forum, if we get one. It will make the whole thing feel more clean and we wont have the problem of having the same question asked as much

I enjoy working out the attacks needed to outsmart the player adds more brains into the game
i wouldnt mid if the attack was shown after the battle, the battle between the two cards not the game, was done

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