friday 09/05/2008

Yeah, i believe your best bets are Ashley, and Veenyle for max reduction with low min.
you can also get a slew of -2 min 1 cards with Steeve, gabrielle...

if you're willing to spring for a unleveled Gina Glit, you've got a nasty -4 min 2.
good luck

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A survival deck especially whne you are facing GHEIST or even Roots

Well kolos isn't that useful in elo since many cards have take him out,put dieter,and then take out hel and put in have 2 cards that can beat anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok thanks

oh yeah, forgot that onesmiley
and I guess, nightmare, and gheist can be a mono clan now.

When I meant "forces people to use those cards.."
I meant there will be rules and limitations that forces those cards to be used..

Nice you were ambreing it in the pic smiley

Olga, damage doe'snt matter if you poison your Enemy on the first round

LevelUp Decks are just a restriction for the Lost Warehouse so that people do not have 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 decks (or similar b*s*) and beat others. It dates back to another time were you could egoistically just beat up everybody in the warehouse who uses it properly and this way get your "2500 win star". Mind you, even today people play egoistical in the warehouse.

And "LevelUp" deck can very well be ELO, Type 1 and/or Type 2 valid. The only real restriction and reason is Lost Warehouse access.

thursday 08/05/2008

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I agree but I think Kenny and Kolos should be banded.

Mona (2k)
Prince jr (500)

Graff (3K)
B Ball (500)

Will get you a pretty good type 2 deck. For ELO/type 1 you have to drop Vickie to Edd (2.5k) You can get those 5 cards on your budget.

Most people prefer Bodenpower to Willy. That's not a super pressing change though.

Your deck's problem lies in low power but is easily countered by Glorg, IMO you simple need to master the deck and also replace Berserkgirl for Otakool. smiley

Rolph *5
Methane *4
Bristone *3
Z3r0 D34d *2
Marina *4
Robb *3
Flo *2
Ashley *2

GG's! smiley

Hmm... If I must pick a leader I will choose ambre smiley

Heres what you do, every time he levels, you sell him and buy another.

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Well since they are leaning towards a pure build, they are best played that way, GG's! smiley

wednesday 07/05/2008

Thank you all for the help

Nightmare: kolos, sheitane, Kenny, hell
gheist: methane, levitation, x3rd..., and a 4*card----good luck...try also to visit Public Presets

Your ulu wattu is weak: get nanook, gaia, waren, rass,
and from Freaks: Esmeralda

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