thursday 08/05/2008

Mona (2k)
Prince jr (500)

Graff (3K)
B Ball (500)

Will get you a pretty good type 2 deck. For ELO/type 1 you have to drop Vickie to Edd (2.5k) You can get those 5 cards on your budget.

Most people prefer Bodenpower to Willy. That's not a super pressing change though.

Your deck's problem lies in low power but is easily countered by Glorg, IMO you simple need to master the deck and also replace Berserkgirl for Otakool. smiley

Rolph *5
Methane *4
Bristone *3
Z3r0 D34d *2
Marina *4
Robb *3
Flo *2
Ashley *2

GG's! smiley

Hmm... If I must pick a leader I will choose ambre smiley

Heres what you do, every time he levels, you sell him and buy another.

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Well since they are leaning towards a pure build, they are best played that way, GG's! smiley

wednesday 07/05/2008

Thank you all for the help

Nightmare: kolos, sheitane, Kenny, hell
gheist: methane, levitation, x3rd..., and a 4*card----good luck...try also to visit Public Presets

Your ulu wattu is weak: get nanook, gaia, waren, rass,
and from Freaks: Esmeralda

Well everybody will post what they need or want to show ask for some specific strategy models...

Bangers vs All Stars or Uppers or Sokorohm...the last one is a killer

Gheist vs nightmare with kolos

Use sentinel all the way

Pfff ask the mods or admin...or sent a message at urban-support---> or make a contact form....

This post is fun an i know wich leader i can have an still be all gheist

I'm convinced that there are two really good ways to get your preset out there.
convince a person with a lot of friends who respect their opinion to write a comment on it.
that way, the comment will notify all of that players friends that a comment was made, and they might check out the deck, and comment further.
post the preset in a forum somewhere, here is a good location, and ask for comments.
though this second way i somewhat see as spam.
so i try to avoid it... but hey, if it works, and it keeps an active new thread and might leave room for good strong discussion...
all the power to you.

but for these to work.
the Preset should be either already very good.
or very close to becoming good.
this can mean the right star count with the wrong cards, which or maybe having 30 stars for a type 2, that can be made into a 26 star type 2.
wither way you look at it.
these are the best ways to get your preset out there.

another factor is the time you post your preset.
i've noticed some days at certain times in the day, a series my collection presets will pop up.
these often include all 5 star cards, or just too many cards, and often don't have a real purpose.
when this happens your preset can be washed away quickly from the eye of any onlooker.

i just wish more people would vote more often...

I have 4 presets... 4 that made it, i had 3 that faded away due to lack of interest...
including 2 sudoku test decks, and a damage = op Damage deck (which i found very amusing)

Oh..just to inform people so as not to mislead them..
this is not the official comics..
this was just made by a player for fun..

Yes i did juz for fun smiley

due to boredom..i did all this juz for fun..and now this is part 3

part 3 :

The trilogy of MY comic
Part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

and some other random comics

FM/GZ's older pic

Cards i created

and something that 0-JP post everything. ( check all the topic's last answered by ???)

tuesday 06/05/2008

I agree with 0-JP that a Monatana/Roots deck can work.
but i agree with Falvern that Kiki is better than Armand. but if u feel that Kiki may become a liability vs GHEISTS or Roots mirror, then go for Shakra instead.


Miken Moose


your kill cards are:
Shakra + Lilly
Shakra/Lilly + Mona/Yookie (fury)
Shakra/Lilly + Prince + Ottavia

True, Montana cannot have the optimized deck without Lyse Teria but it can still work at an appreciated level by using Mona, Prince, Ottaiva, Edd/Vickie (4*).

ps. lolz again @ 0-JP for showing us another reason why Lyse Teria is the best Montana card ever! smileysmileysmiley

Go calculator! wakoko! smiley

monday 05/05/2008

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