thursday 10/04/2008


Try to make a mono La Junta deck or rescue since they are cheaper and affordable, smiley

Hmm... you picked the correct clans but i would switch it up a bit, hehe! smiley

Emeth *5
Bryan *4
Uxoh *3
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2
Dean *2
Uranus *3

GG's! smiley

wednesday 09/04/2008

Maby these deck can help u



z3r0 d34d

glorg / kenny
hel smiley

If u dont want to see the spam dont go into the Miscellaneous Forum, if we get one. It will make the whole thing feel more clean and we wont have the problem of having the same question asked as much

I enjoy working out the attacks needed to outsmart the player adds more brains into the game
i wouldnt mid if the attack was shown after the battle, the battle between the two cards not the game, was done

Yes, though it is too bad that some presets get washed away by preset spam.
about your deck?
it is clearly for tpe 1/type2, because of the GraksmxxT

I would say it's good though i think you could benefit from using Olga instead of Titus,(with ability essentially 10 power)
you lack stop ability, which unfortunately can only be implemented with Splata Cr.
though - damage can often be held in higher regard to stop ability, so it could work.

Good Luck.

Yes this "great strategy/ great tip" has been discarded at least 3 times as way too predictable.
The only clan where it is occasionally a working strategy (but by far not always) is recue, depending on opponent's hand. [Even for Rescue a 2 round KO is sometimes better than tryig to get "high" attack each round]

Thanks for the awsome feedback guys!

I've considered swapping GHEIST for Pussycats since I have a few ok pussy cards (Charlie and Ella).
Hopefully I'll score some more wins against Montana/Uppers after fixing my clan combo.

Maybe you're starved for attention from sloths? lol

tuesday 08/04/2008

The Blacklist Rescue thing worked! HAH! Actually, I have noticed that the rescue players I have played have made some pretty dumb mistakes.... they might have pulled back a bit to avoid ELO bans.... maybe.

Best ability for beginners: Poison!

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It wont hurt to make strike back ... in other words he gains some effect if he is used 2nd , or looses something*

in other words courage , untouchable by SOA if you play it first.

Miranda ( i prefer dragan cr for the extra damage)
Level 1 William

monday 07/04/2008

It can be a good combo. But it depends...


For example, this deck is NOT a good deck smiley Juste think to create a deck with this two clans. Maybe ask some help to create it. Then try it, and make your own opinion. I can't say more.

Well, Lao Cr is around 650K-900K, with that clintz, you can buy all non Cr and around 10+ Cr cards.. smiley
lucky for you, I don't even have marlysa Cr smiley

The admins on UR should realy think about bringing in a system where u can buy credits with ur clintz. cuz in some countries its kinda hard for us to use credit cards if u are a minor
What you guys say?

To get clintz make sure you play at least one game in every tournament you can.
and everyone says that rescue are best for type 1... but i find that i can get more points in type 2 with them, because the bonus helps to beat most of the 5 stars there, so i can use half strong cards half weak ones and get lots of points for matching up and winning the right fights

sunday 06/04/2008

I agree! smiley

Your correct to a point nude. You could dehydrate if not given enough water, you could choke, drown, freeze *like you said*. Water also turns to ice so that is another can of worms.

I would like to her your ideas i would go with maybe damage steal... to still lthe oppents damage an add it on to yours but ther will be a limit maybe 9 any if you think its rubbish just say

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