wednesday 26/12/2012

Robb cr to saki
bennie to b ball
imo smiley

Spyke definitely deserves the ban, any card that people build a deck around (spyke askai kalinda beeboy ect ect..) doesn't need to be in ELO , he is quite easily a game changer with his ability, simply being in your hand opponents are likely to over pill vs his looming threat, and even vs soa hes a solid 7 power.

I like what your doing with the high powered decks smiley id like to see a combination with 1300+ smiley

saturday 22/12/2012

@the oracle I personally dislike using Oraya since she's conditional and easy to predict. Obviously I'd say use Numar if you have the clintz for it but most people can't afford that.

friday 21/12/2012

This'll help keep the clutter of all those topics devoted to just one deck off the board.
There used to be a topic awhile back where someone offered to rate all the decks that were posted but it seems to have died since the months I was gone. I'd like to bring this back as it was always nice to get insight from somebody else.

I'll start with the deck I'm trying out since coming back.


thursday 20/12/2012

Felicia is my favorite 3 star of ulu watu

Troompah also had soemthign to do with it, but the real problem was Jean. Also, i believe i could have won if I had furied against Mindy / tried to out pill the troompah with Diana.

Ok deck. I would personally change Hula to Esmeralda, Jayzel to Quasichoco and Ivana to Bertha.

This will still give you Drs but it will also help you get the posion in which can help you a lot.

wednesday 19/12/2012

Random thought; how is the berzerk clan in elo. Are they at all viable? Just trying to weigh in all my options before i actually decide what to go with.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dorian to Maurice, Burt to Pallack and Mok to Klawz.

tuesday 18/12/2012

Interesting deck. Its more a try and see what you think then us comment on it deck.

monday 17/12/2012

The one week I don't want Saki perma-banned and lynched and have the code for the card extacted from the game :/

sunday 16/12/2012

Forget about my post, kinda biased towards my liking to Ulu Wata. Since some would say Jungo dominates

Eddie to Zack

saturday 15/12/2012

Sorry i had my exams , so i couldn't reply .

Anyways , i was wondering which of the following would be the best :

1. Junkz + All-Stars
Loretta (2) + Saki (3) + Nathan (3) + Dallas (5) => AS(13)
Flanagan (2) + Jiro (3) + Sireen (4) + Tremorth (3) => JZ (12)

2. Nightmare + Jungo
Eggman (4) + Pegh (2) + Rodney (3) + Jean (2)/Gerald(3) => JG(11/12)
Arawaka (3) + Ozzy (5) + Artus (2) + Pan (3) / Russel (4) => (13/14)

Thanks, trying to improve thats the point of coming to the forums i think.

This week was trying for the 1400 been at 1322 back to around 1200, goddamn that uranus. smiley

But thanks to all the players who try to help, it really means a lot.

edited by UM_AaaBattery saturday 15/12/2012, 16:00

Nice deck. I would personally change Radek to Gerald and Fuzz to Maazk.

Interesting deck. It would be interesting to see how it does.

Interesting deck i would personally change Edwin to sargh and Hikiyousan to Serena.

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