saturday 15/12/2012

Sorry i had my exams , so i couldn't reply .

Anyways , i was wondering which of the following would be the best :

1. Junkz + All-Stars
Loretta (2) + Saki (3) + Nathan (3) + Dallas (5) => AS(13)
Flanagan (2) + Jiro (3) + Sireen (4) + Tremorth (3) => JZ (12)

2. Nightmare + Jungo
Eggman (4) + Pegh (2) + Rodney (3) + Jean (2)/Gerald(3) => JG(11/12)
Arawaka (3) + Ozzy (5) + Artus (2) + Pan (3) / Russel (4) => (13/14)

Thanks, trying to improve thats the point of coming to the forums i think.

This week was trying for the 1400 been at 1322 back to around 1200, goddamn that uranus. smiley

But thanks to all the players who try to help, it really means a lot.

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So any recomendatios and sugestions welcomed.

Nice deck. I would personally change Radek to Gerald and Fuzz to Maazk.

Interesting deck. It would be interesting to see how it does.

Interesting deck i would personally change Edwin to sargh and Hikiyousan to Serena.

For the collectors, the higher you rank, the better crs you are likely to receive. for example down at 90th to 100th, you might get chikko cr, while at the top you might get dj korr cr.

for the rares, i think they generate the list randomly, but the order is always in the order they put on the rankings page (first rare on the list corresponds to highest ELO)

Hi im trying to figure out what would make a sturdy winning elo deck. any advice helps on what clans are dominant, what cards to pick, etc. i have 62k clintz to work with and am a flexible player. any advice on a awesome deck?

wednesday 12/12/2012

I use the 4 staple cards of FREAKS

Bogdan Olga Grudj Esmeralda/ Bertha 13*

in Pussycats

Clover Diana Lucy/Wanda Jayzel/Cherry 12*

tuesday 11/12/2012

Yeh 20k is a cheap deck. 30k can be and more then that becomes a medium deck.

Nice deck. I would personally change Fuzz to Maazk.

I hate elo smileysmiley Look at my score.. Darn it smiley can anyone give me a elo deck suggetion which cost only 5k smiley ? smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley B**** Elo

sunday 09/12/2012

Nice deck. smiley

saturday 08/12/2012

Yeah Raeth is definitely better than Sting because of extra damage and less predictability. Also Raeth > Scubb IMO because of he doesn't get eaten alive by power reducers.

friday 07/12/2012

Thanks for the suggestions. Do not own many Junkz or All Stars though :/

wednesday 05/12/2012

I understand. Giving the +2 power clans better raw stats will make them overpowered against many of the other clans, but leaving them as they are spells disadvantage for them against SoB and SoA which are prominent in ELO and Survivor.

DT = 70 Crs per week
ELO = 12 Crs per week

However, ELO offers more control over your odds of winning, and if you are a regular t100 player, you can really cash in. The odds of winning one of the Big 5 through DT is very low, while winning at least one of them if you're a consistent top 20 ELO player is pretty much eventually guaranteed.

My theory is that ELO has become a mode for the skilled minority, with people who strive for consistently high scores through streaks instead of grinding. About 20% of ELO players who have always wanted Crs, but couldn't make t100, migrated to DTs.

tuesday 04/12/2012


just kidding just look at the price!!!

umm nimestiec -- aleister

seeing you have such expensive crs maybe heitachi -- futoshi Ld?

monday 03/12/2012

In my experience, using both clans in the same deck is great. I really like the FPC and Vortex combo, you should try it!

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