monday 05/05/2008

Erika lvl1 = very innocent looks

I think the patterns have changed a bit since they reworked Random, and added sure shot.
i remember when you could play a lost hog, 9 pillz +fury, and lose to a 0 pillz Brutox.

I recall losing to a player who used the 6,6,0,0 pill pattern, i messaged them saying it was a newb tactic, but it worked.
you can't always expect players to use 2,4,2,4 or 2,0,6,4... i guess it's whatever deck they're playing, and the optimal pill usages.

either way, good luck everybody.

Yeah, loop holes, and i'm sure a lot of exploitable bugs.
the specifics would probably be very complicated, but i do think it's doable...
even if there is a need for a Loaner deck room, separate from other rooms.

oh, and about the New Topic!!!
it was mostly a joke, Sarcastic, since a lot of the time new topics that pop up are just old topics with new names.
like so many anti-rescue topics, Ban Kolos topics, and Ultimate strategy topics.
no offense intended to anyone who may have posted topics like these i the past, just using them as examples of restarted threads, some times within a few days of eachother
so, yeah. the Naming the topic New, and the Exclamation marks were silly, and maybe even uncalled for, or just unnecessary.

Play in no random rooms if you like to stand a chance against recue or use cards with stop bonus

sunday 04/05/2008

What exactly is Robin lvl 1 holding? and I don't mean the bear badge

I hate rescue too, and even after beating countless rescue decks, I still think the deck is broken.

As stated though, SoB is gunna be your best friend against rescue decks. seriously. i use a bangers/Ulu Watu deck, it's got Saddy, Lulabee, and Rass with stop opp. It's sor tof a safe guard to have pretty good chances at getting at least one stop opp in my deck, then i pop off on top with an additional +2 power. though really, no deck will hurt a mono rescue deck more than a gheist/nightmare deck.having a leviatonn and a glorg/dieter in there and you've made at leas tone of their cards compeltely useless, as Rescue is very ability/bonus reliant.

Force Majeure said what Tanto and I were alluding to, just more directly. The virtually 10/5 is just to make it less complex. Without adding virtually, I completely agree with the other side, but when that word is added, it all makes sense.

Huzzah!!!! Huzzah!!!! Huzzah!!!!

That's for you Force smileysmileysmiley

If you put all your cards you got in there with there power an damige an abilaty an bounse would make it alot easyer to help build you a realy good deck.

saturday 03/05/2008

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You should really start looking at the cards that you have. There is no point trying to tell you that this deck is good if you dont have the necessary cards to build the deck. This may only lead you to be disappointed for not having enough clintz and/or cards. Learn to work with what you have at the moment and work your way up. Get familiarize with the do's and donts of the game. That's probably the best advice that I can give you.


All in good time

If you update the deck according to Tanto and Dragontamer's suggestions, it should be a good deck.

How about this for ulu roots..
shakra 5
ratanah 4
noodile 1
yookie 3

lulabee 5
nanook 3
gaia 3
warren 1


aside from that..check past threads under strategy and tactics, there are related topics around there..

friday 02/05/2008

Cute, smiley
better with Vermyn N *3 and upgrade to maciej, GG's! smiley

thursday 01/05/2008

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Please read the rules..
courage is when you move first in a round. (when you choose the card first in a round)
not in a battle, one battle: 4 round, and there are 2 rounds in each battle that you move first,
1st and 3rd, or 2nd and 4th.

I think you could benefit from using vassili
the + attack bonus combined with hugo makes for a mind trip when you forget about one or the other.

but mostly, i sense you'll have a hard time getting wins, with the lack of sheer finishing power.

good luck.

Lol, arrrgghhhh! smiley


Ashley *2 ( REDUCER!)
Flo *2 ( SOB!! 0.o)
Marina *4 ( REDUCER no.2!!! o.0)
Striker *4 ( TANKER *BOOM*)

Bryan *4 ( cheap and SOA smiley)
Wardog *2 ( wall |||<-----)
Jane ramba *3 ( reducer + wall + tanker smiley <<<< 0- JP style)
Getrud *4 ( SOB + tanker...yet expensive smiley)

3 reducer
1 wall smiley << another 0- JP rip off

Jane Ramba
Windy Mor
a 2 turn kill deck

Yup, as I said before, this will never happen except you planned it.

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