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tuesday 27/05/2008

Well the packs with 3 cards in are most likeley to get you a ccu
thats the most likeley since you must! get a uncommon in each pack

Forest of Demons

With the P-cats come back I like nightmare/roots nightmare stopping the -damage bonus. Roots stopping abilitys and having high power.


well? vote and comment thr..

I LUV COMMENTS! ( and votes)

I bought 100 spare Tyler because I thought he'd go collector

(this is not a joke)smiley

Try using montana..aside from their bonus some characters are cheap...

Ok ill try to reach out just 30 suggestion so its 20/2 8 more please

I like Danny Diamond's point. ELO has more restriction making it more competetive and fun, smiley

Use Darkone178's cute DT deck, smiley

What is hard with Pure stoppage is the low damage, GG's! smiley
Kolos is a must in any Pure Stoppage deck to cover their weakness, smiley.

monday 26/05/2008

OK, Montana has a disadvantage, - 12 min 8 means you can't 0-pill without Hugo (a hefty 5 stars). Rescue has a disadvantage (can't use a leader, can't half-deck with suitable partners e.g. pussycats). The only one you haven't complained about, Uppers, is your only real opposition here...and I suspect they're MEANT to bust Junkz, in the rock-paper-scissors way the game has (the same way Rescue busts Montana without Hugo, as they do in the comics). I've got a few Sentinels, and I think that they're vastly powerful...I agree with Tfjoc that even without bonus they're mighty. Also, their bonus has no disadvantage. All you end up with is -2 att vs Uppers, in terms of direct disadvantages. If you can't surmount that, then...I don't know, maybe they are awful.

With this deck i had 1415 elo last week :


-Feelyn -now changed to wanda smiley

no unevolved cards (I hate them >.>smiley

All of the people in my deck are full level

Cute story, wakokoko! smiley

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Use a deck with 2 clans, Junkz Pussycats are a strong matchup, GG's! smiley

Just use 1 in your deck, smiley

Maybe they think someone will buy it? smiley

I prefer Power Reduction rather attack Reduction, GG's! smiley

Use either All Stars of Bangers, GG's! smiley

Make a rescue deck, wakoko! smiley

But the new ELO tournament has already started, I find it strange that they would make changes after the start of the new tournament.

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