sunday 20/04/2008

Well, the win is usually determined randomly, unless you play in a "no random" room where the highest attack always wins.
The only way to get a clear win is to have an attack twice or more of that of your opponent, which in this case would be 60 or more.
So it's possible to lose.

Now, I noticed something in your calculations. The Rescue support bonus means that for every Rescue card you have in your playing deck, you get +3 attack points. So in order for it to have been activated, you needed at least 2 Rescue cards, which would make Anita's extra attack +6 in total (or more depending on the number of Rescue cards you had).
So your Anita's min attack should be 48

Patience and one hell of a deck smiley

Rich Alienators, wakokoko! smiley

I miss you tanaereva! smiley
Bangers are more ELO friendly with SOA and reduction from Vermyn N. smiley

Lulabee *5
Nanook *3
Ice Jim *3
Gabrielle *2
Skrumxxt *5
Uranus *3
Lunatik *2
Na boh *2

GG's! smiley

saturday 19/04/2008

Base power+3(ambre ability) then multiply with pillz used

No love for Erika?

I think you mean Methane. You may want to think about forking out the tiny bit of money to buy credits. You'll make clintz faster and be able to make offers people will actually accept.

friday 18/04/2008

Ogoun Kyu still remains slightly better than Nobrocybix, 1 more damage and the bonus works better for the throw away he is.

I like to use Lewis, smileysmiley

thursday 17/04/2008

The best mono clan starter deck is probably Rescue no doubt

My favorite is Montanas they are I use a Mono Montana clan and I have fun with their nice bonus and they are also cheap[before when I bought them] till I got Vickie and I thought I could have made another deck by now a Rescue, Gheist or La Junta.

I woudl change Lost Hog to Macumba if i were u, saves one star and is pretty good card.

wednesday 16/04/2008

If I had to make a half-deck Rescue I might try something like this-


I threw in Mark because opponents tend to act crazy around lifesteal cards. Your preference may vary.
If I was teaming them with Pussycats, I would lean towards Slyde and Bobby so that you have constant damage reduction possibilities.

If you have all Pussycats, I would suggest Uppers, Sakrohm, Bangers or Montana.

It was my initiation @ RageAgainstUnfairs since they have a weekly ELO requirement, hehe! I was really surprised and glad that I can finally play my favorite clan EVER in their most powerful form, smiley

Ok fnx to every one uv all helped me out

Zatman and Lyse are tied followed by nanook and mona.

tuesday 15/04/2008

Oh yeah, why not using tanaereva if it's not for ELO? tanaereva more solid than hikiyousan.. (plus ability -2 opp damage)

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