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wednesday 21/05/2008




Its called sure shot, its actually a bit of a risk in random, because the higher the attack, the more likely a random win will happen, so if youre under sureshot by even 1 attack, you still have a pretty high chance to loose

Ghoub eats Burger for breakfast.

iHuggies, JP uses the word cute a lot i wasn't in any way putting down your deck.

i woul likely switch eyrton for striker.
flo for ashley.
and amelia for marina.

then for junta.

... i guess it's personal preference.
a lot of options.
i would likely use

but you can use molly for higher damage.

It is very possible to have a good mono All Stars, it just costs a lot for cards like Marina and Striker.
Oh and get rid of Katsuhkay, she sucks so badly.

tuesday 20/05/2008

Olga and wolfgang are big in elo , and esmerelda if u know how to use her, I play the panda but she sucks for the price! Erpeto is to hard people attack like crazy and abilities stop him from being a fighter. Maybe Leader britsmileyget. Olga!!!

Hugo makes Emeth worse in the sense that he only gives +1 attack, but sucks up stars that would be better used strengthening the La Junta cards in the deck.

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Best GIRL smiley

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(c) SYNERGY refer to the ability of your deck to win games and earn you battle points.

A good example is the standard T2 Montana-Uppers (eg. deleted) vs a nuke deck (eg. deleted).
The first deck (compared to the 2nd deck) has a lower total power and damage stats but (based on experience) has a higher chance of winning more tournaments than the 2nd deck. This is because the first deck balances efficient cards and low star count.

true the 2nd deck has more power, but it will only net you not more than 20 BPs per battle.

To learn more about deck synergy, you can read another related article i made through this link >>> http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=321068

so i hope people will finally understand how to do well in tournements. It is the balance of these three concepts that makes the top players in tournaments remain in the top ranks. This is how you "play to win". smiley


This should also help explain it...


Cute deck, smiley

MONSTER, WAKOKOKO! smiley smiley

Go to the Tournaments and events thread, GG's! smiley

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It's big actually bro. not playing for a day could cause you to drop big. smiley

Check out angelo's deck and replace Lyse Teria cr for Mona, GG's! smiley

It isn't available yet bro, just wait. I think the Admin realize that the Filipino people are very active in the English forums and finally deserve an SMS option since playing games in our cell phones is a very normal and affordable. smiley

Combinations are better since you make use of the bonus as a utility, GG's! smiley

Buck *4
Nanook *3
gaia ** / warren *1
Gabrielle *2

GG's! Try to get lulabee since SOB is strong in the metagame, smiley

Cute deck, smiley
I would use Emma over Feelyn and play Dolores Boss at *2 stars then play Gwen instead of Svelthlana if I would play them mono clan. A Leader would help too since they do not have support cards, smiley

monday 19/05/2008

Jane Ramba

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