monday 31/03/2008

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I'd change Feelyn to Gwen 1* and level up Charlie to 5*, then change Lunatik to Na Boh

Well sorry Ryuk, was to lazy to search for one, my bad. mods can close this thread thanks

Good job UR staff

Ow I just read the "not sharing" part again, must have misunderstood. I'll just have to look out for you in ELOsmiley

As far as I know... The only new clans are All Stars, Freaks, and then Rescue. The number of Crs is no indication of how old a clan is. Look at Freaks. Not even here for one year, yet they already have 3 Crs. Soleil ones, but Crs none the less.

Nightmare has a LOT of Crs, but they're all Soleil....

They are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, wakoko! They should make a Junkz Britney Spears, wakekeke! smiley

sunday 30/03/2008

When combined with Pussycats, and other damage reducers like Jane Ramba it's basically an extra -1 damage.
Vholt seems like a great leader for high damage prevention, but it would have bee nice to have it be min 1. or even min 3, as there are a lot of 4 damage cards out there.

Thank you for answers everyone... smiley

Nude: Yes, I think I did forget about Colin because he is prone to SOA too and not as powerful of an ability compared to Stanford, but now I see that Stanford seems to be on the lower end... smiley

And this is my deck:

Uppers / Bangers
2 star filler

B ball (I find him better... smiley )
Vermyn N - 3
Juicy Lord

I like Juicy Lord only for more even draws instead of relying on a Vermyn N maxxed and B Ball... smiley

What do you think fits here? I still think Gina... smiley Thanks again for the help... smiley

I'll be in the next tournament. I'll look into it.

Also this is NOT the correct place to post help requests. That's what Admins/Moderators are for. This topic will now be closed.


Just change Feelyn for Yayoi and done, you got 27 stars deck.

@OH boy:
your deck is only 24 stars..

So.. it's not 4*50?
oh okay.. thanks guys smiley

Please check out and comment on

also what would i do to make it a type one (also take into account vickie will be 4* soon)

Kind of difficult. My advice is to max out your LEader cards first by playing in the Lost Warehouse Open. Afterwards, you can probably get by just using Hugo with Junkz for a while. though, really, don't expect to get too far in tournaments with just junkz.

If used for Daily Tournaments in Type 1, I strongly advise on buying him if played with a Rescue deck, GG's! smiley

friday 28/03/2008

If you plan on using GHIEST for a while, get Z3r0 D34d. He's a very good card for a 2star, and will last you a long time smiley

Anita > Lobo anytime imho, alone for her higher power

If you use amelia, almost every Gheist and roots can beat her easily. (don't forget another tons of SOA out there)
and It's not wise playing level 3 all stars.
you will never get Lewis, ashley, flo, samantha.
because you only have two of: Lewis, ashley, and flo.
I like flo and mario though..

It doesn't go against the winnings table dude. If you read the LW rule thing they calculate exp in there by acting as if the low level card won whether it did or not, then tripling the total exp both cards would get and dividing it evenly between the two cards that battled. the winnings table doesn't apply for the LWO or LW

PI91, I might be just starting, but I mean that as in I haven't found a super strong deck that I will just keep, I am still conteplating that, hence why I need help choosing!

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