monday 03/03/2008

I'm leaning towards either Pussycats or Freaks. I'm gonna start researching cards. Thanks!

Maybe people have just learnt that if questions which are covered in the manual will turn up again and again if an answer is presented in the forums.

Request to Mods: if such threads occur, could it be considered that YOU answer directly with a one liner and then close the thread (as might be done after this post - just a suggestion):

Example for one liner with which the question is answered as well and really nothing more to say (in fact, GZ covered it excellently):

Your question is covered in the MANUAL. See

Memento for his community contribution, i think i passed more time on his site planning decks than actually playing urban smiley
+ i love new features he just added
Best card player, i vote Angelo

I actually kinda like it better this way... you can't see the life totals, but the animation scenes go faster.

otherwise, it's likely a setting somewhere...
at least the essential interface aspects are still available, you can still click your cards, and use pillz, you just have to remember your life totals, and pill use.

I have to say I like EvilThanatos' build. You won't need Kolos very much if you already have Glorg and Kenny.

They are both good but copper is better... why???
1.the ability power plus 4 is very power ful especially with the bonus,
2. the damge of copper is stronger than havoc.
the soa is useless for copper but for havoc, it isnt. but if the opponent has -power like allstars, and without soa, copper will win even if you just use 2 pillz.

sunday 02/03/2008

As many as you can smiley
certain cards you don't need to get for La Junta.
No Nam (arguable, you could argue that No Nam is worth getting)
Niki (only use in extreme cases... use of Veenyle, Graf or Marlysa Cr would be better suited)

all the other 3 stars could arguably be used pending circumstances, and personal preference.

saturday 01/03/2008

@nude..hmm. yes i guess so. It seems that La Junta is a great clan now if u look at its

Umm... wrong forum, but okay.


how's that?

Oyoh *5
Striker *4
Amelia *3
Ashley *2
Leviatonn *3
Bristone *3
Meyen *3
Platinum *2

Here's an affordable and competetive build for you. GG's! smiley

Um, no, not with courage. Courage then only works in 2 rounds for you: round 2 and round 4. Courage still needs to be played first in a round to become active.

You chose the pairing in round 1 and 3 because your opponent goes first in those rounds. (He could play courage.)
Your opponent choses the pairing in round 2 after you have played one of your cards. Here you could play courage. ("Semi-blind" I called this as you do not know which of the 3 cards of your opponent will be played.)
You "chose" round 4 again by exclusion - there is only one card left in each hand, the ones not played in round 3, which you selected. So round 4 essentially is your selection as well. Round 4 you can play courage again and it might be a lot easier to get it through now. (If the opponent saves a SOA card you might want to play the Courage card round 3 as it won't be activated anyway... makes a nice surprise sometimes).

Basically, Ashigaru allows you to _react_ to your opponent more often and he needs to _act_ more often. Defender's positions are almost always better. (This is, I think, the reason that we have courage but no "defender" ability - defending cards already know what they face and this is a BIG advantage.)

Yup, this should work just fine, it's a very powerful deck, I have lyse teria but I usually play the deck with edd instead of mona and ottavia lvl 2 instead of lvl 3.

so replacing lyse teria cr with edd and ottavia lvl 3 with ottavia lvl 2 should work just fine

I noticed, it was Swidz Cr that had min 5.
i saw it later, and realized that i'd goofedsmiley min 4 isn't as bad as min 5, but not as good as min 3smiley still kinda useful though.

friday 29/02/2008

Type 2 makes a better point average in my opinion but makes you less experienced in ELO
try this for type 2 if you have purchased credits
30 stars but it's worth it

With Tanto's deck a different leader to consider would be Bridget. With Bridget on the table, it may be possible to win the match winning only one round.

It looks like it wasn't even meant for a thread, d=was this intended as a personal message that was just entered into the wrong window?
anyway, good luck in getting into whichever guild you were intending to get.

Average power: 5.204142012
average damage: 4.452662722
(i was really bored the other day so i made a spreadsheet with the power and damage of every card in the game; not that hard with the collection pro feature)

Erm yea i got blacklisted for a do mot want to be blacklisted......... I WAS BORED ALL WEEK!!!!

thursday 28/02/2008

I like that.... nuke protection. It's a valid term in the era of Kolos

Sounds to me like you wanted to create an entirely new interface smiley

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