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saturday 29/10/2016

I get low value rares from NB packs as well...smiley

Ulu and riots are great

friday 28/10/2016

Anyone know which laguage is this?

A new nighmare has to happen soon anyway, maybe today smiley

What happened to the the search by stars function in the game (ie 2 ,3,4 5?)

if I have a perfect 7 card deck, but am missing the perfect 2* or 3*, etc. (where's the search function for it on the market for comparison?)

wednesday 26/10/2016

Finally, after hours and hours of undying stress, I have completed the Hardcore FPC arcade mode and I got Dokuja Ld! There are some bugs that I have encountered that are somewhat easy to avoid.

The first bug is the blank screen at the end of the fight. This happens if you have quit bad internet connection, so avoiding that is really a matter you will have to take into your own hands.

The second bug is when the AI does not pick a card. When this happens, if the timer goes past 2:45, you can close your webpage. Wait 3 minutes, play a fight in A DIFFERENT FORMAT (like survivor), then return to the Arcade mode. This would successfully register your win, preventing you being cheated out of an Ld/Stars.

The AI will either bluff (play 1 pill), play 3 to 5 pills or play ALL his pills (sometimes all pillz apart from 2). It generally starts by bluffing, so play a few pills first.
The best way to deal with this is Hive or Sakhrom, as you can bluff as well, but because of your bonus, you can win.

This whole process managed to get me through season 2 and get Ashikaze Ld , Raser Ld and Dokuja Ld !
Thank you.

"I could interpret your comment as an insult, but I wont. I'll give you benefit of the doubt."

most people do that i still wonder why smiley and i am guessing that the admins were a bit slower than you smiley

tuesday 25/10/2016

Does anyone know what they are/where the list is for them? I see the rewards for the first 2 seasons on another thread, but it has not been updated.


Because when I started playing UR the startring pack had 8 cards of 8 different clans, 7 commons and 1 uncommon. I built my deck basing on the clan of the uncommon card I found at the start: the mighty phonos cr!

sunday 23/10/2016

I don't think a faster game is best on its own, at least it's not more fun.

But playing faster is a sign of fast thinking, therefore, a better game view, a superior perspective, and overall, playing faster equates to a more skilled gameplay.

On the other side though, faster gameplay will, or at least may increase the 50/50's in the game and the search for pure luck plays, which is bad.

Personally I like the changes, but don't care that much, and also understand why some people are mad.

Hunter Ld ia great... GHEIST need those pillz

I think it's to do with the fact that he was one of the cards in the recent themed packs, but that's just my guess

saturday 22/10/2016

Sadly, the only way to "cure" the injuries this game has is via a heavy dose of Steam. And even then, if it happens to get that treatment it'll still probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of its life.

I got the results collected and I will be posting a new thread for the finals.

You need to beat the previous ones in normal mode to unlock the subsequent HQs.

friday 21/10/2016

Great! Thank you both =D.

Hi, I am on the 2nd Mission on the flash Ld mission cylce, but when I win life points with La Iguana, it doesnt count towards the goal, any help? smiley

Delta data is the strongest character , she broke the website smiley

june data troompah

Oh, yea, you are correct smiley

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