saturday 22/03/2008

Lamar is very good. in ELO, Lamar has a very advantage, because there are less cards that can beat him (for example, Vickie, and Jackie)
I must say without Lamar, All stars have a hard time because he is the big gun. he is the only cards that so perfect that makes everyone use him. virtually 8/8 with SOB makes him one of the most powerful cards in UR. he even equal with Dj Korr Cr..

You've got to pick 2 clans to start with. Given that Lewis and Amelia are pretty decent cards, I'd recomend that you make Allstars one of those clans. Venus is playable for a beginner, so Sakrohm could be the other. Try buying the cards to make this deck first...



You should be able to win some games with that deck and save up clintz to buy more expensive cards later.

Yeah but withfury, it akes rattanah aa 8/6 card.. which is strong...well, i always use that...

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess and Go.

"Elo" is often written in capital letters (ELO), but it is not an acronym. It is the family name of the system's creator, Arpad Elo (1903–1992, born as Él? Árpád), a Hungarian-born American physics professor.

Elo was originally invented as an improved chess rating system although it is used in many games today. It is also used as a rating system for competitive multi-player play in a number of computer games, and has been adapted to team sports including international football, American college football and basketball, and Major League Baseball.

For more info:

If it is just a question of if he is playable then the answer is yes, but he wont be useful or effective very often

La junta/uppers type 1:

la junta/bangers type 1:
wardog,gertrud,bryan,burger,b ball,juicy lord or vermny n (lvl 3),graff,blaaster

la junta/all stars ELO:

la junta/gheist elo:
dean,bryan,gertrud,jane ramba,methane,leviatonn,z3r0 d34d,bristone

@ Sitri Yes, i've noticed Refreshing a browser will bring you back into the battle, but if you're distracted from doing that for too long, it can still time out, or if the browser is particularly slow for that moment.
I've noticed some times, my opponents timer will restart, this usually indicates that i'm locked in a frozen state, and i Refresh.
However... if i'm doing work or have the fight on while i'm grabbing something AFK, then it becomes easy to miss that little window to refresh.

@ Tanto89 Time outs don't display in battle history. which is exactly what i'm asking for in this thread smiley
I'd like to see the History of Time outs smiley

@ Me10c Sure shot is there to keep random... but also have a way around it.
unfortunately, +/- attack clans have a slight advantage with sure shot.
120% is too little, any less than 150% would too easily attainable.
200% is reasonable, but usually that means you have to double your opponents pill usage to get it.
it's especially hard to get a sure shot against +/- attack clans. this is a strategy.

it's strategically recommended to use +/- attack clans and cards.
because it makes it harder for your opponent to get a sure shot on you, and causes them to spend pillz to avoid being sure shot themselves.
this fact makes Sure shot necessary. and also means it should never be below 150%...maybe 180% would be nice, but it'd be harder Mathematically to determine.

Zatman,rubie,samantha,dorian(lvl 4),edd,rosa,mona,prince jr.

If you have to run a full sokrohm deck i would suggest hugo instead of ambre, but i would use it with a deck with a clan of nukers like la junta or fang pi clang. Clans like Uppers or Pussycats are also good because they cards with high power.

2 cards for the montana and 2 cards for any other clan that needs it
2 cards for montana because they need a 5 star and a 3 star that is to be played aggressively ottavia is no that aggressive but if they'll give out another 3 star they will be either dominant or average
also uppers and bangers

friday 21/03/2008


If you want to make money in game, just spend your money on Danger, if you want to gamble try for the Full Deck or New Blood packs. Danger is still your best bet.

Type 2:
lamar cr
eyrton/loma noju/hammer

No worries i only know cuz i use montana but i put hugo in so i always past that 8 min

thursday 20/03/2008

Lol. @RG, chuck norris can beat that golden slap anytime. smiley

Meg out, Ella in. Then get Blaaster instead of getting Saddy or Juicy Lord.

And if you can ever afford it, play charlie or Vermyn N at one level lower and put Saddy in instead of b ball.

And if you really want to take this concept to the max, deleted

except maybe svetlana 1* instead of noon steevens. that's a toss up.

I have HUgo, Alec, Elvira (who lost to Karl having more pillz than him), Lea, Lobo, Kerry , Lary , And Steve

Montana is neither outclassed or dominant. It is true that there are no affordable or readily available 8 power cards in montana, also you can't be as conservative with them like you can be with the uppers, but they can be dangerous. Like it has been said many times before, to beat the montana, you have to either be overly aggressive or use nightmares. Rescue struggle against them. I will admit that montana could use some more elo playable cards but to say they are outclassed is an overstatement, they are just balanced.

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Lmao yeah, i got summing like geistling, sheitnae and platihum once, it was HORRIBLE

at least in the last pack thoh i got leviatonn,

Is it illegal?

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