thursday 28/02/2008

Sounds to me like you wanted to create an entirely new interface smiley

Random, it is in all rooms that don't have the white dice with a cross through. It tick's me off though, but helps some off the weaker decks out there smiley

Oh, okey, my bad.

I´m not sure if i want to play more unevolved guys, but i will test that build.

There are alot of good decks you can make from those cards i would personally use a nightmare/gheist combo

gheist 12*
Bristone 3*
Leviatonn 3*
Methane 4*
Z3r0 D34d 2*

Nightmare 12*
Kenny 5*
Dieter 3*
Hel 2*
Shietane 2*

That is 24* in total so you have 1 * to play with to change anything around that you may want to

Why use SkrumxxT and Lunatik when you could use Petra and Corrina? The problem with Sakrohm and Montana together is that they're hurting for SOA (Simon isn't strong and Lyse Teria Cr is very hard to get) and have only Petra for SOB. Petra made Sakrohm much more useful in ELO, especially when paired with a clan with all-stops (Gheist, Nightmare, Roots).

I had a lot of success with a Roots/Sakrohm deck during the last Rescue week.

Roots (13*)
Noodile (1*)

Sakrohm (12*)
Na Boh

wednesday 27/02/2008

Ulu wulu can crush them easily also nanook gaia lulabee

You need pussie cats now

...Make a table and see that it does not matter at all.
Or use the friggin' search function. Thread like that every two weeks.

Side A <-> Side B => effect (A: Ability; B: Bonus; SOA/SOB: Stop opponent Ability/Bonus)
A or B:SOA <-> nothing => B's A blocked. Both boni active.
A or B:SOB <-> nothing => B's blocked. Both abilities active.
A:SOA <-> A:SOA => both abilities not blocked or neither blocked. SAME effect, namley: none. Both boni active
B:SOB <-> B:SOB => both boni blocked or neither blocked. SAME effect, namely none. Both abilities active.
SOB and SOA (whichever as A, wichever as B) <-> SOA or SOB or SOA and SOB (wherever) => no effect of any A or B at all, all blocked out. Ignore all boni and all abilities in any of the three cases.
B:SOA <-> A:SOB => both blocked or neither blocked. SAME effect, namely: none. Side A's ability active; side B's bonus active.
A:SOB <-> B:SOA => both blocked or neither blocked, SAME effect, namely: none. Side A's bonus active; side B's ability active.

There is always just exact one way to get at a result that does not contradict straight logic. There really is no explaining. It is all directly in the stoppings themselves: only one way to resolve it. And it has been said virtually countless times.

For missing lines just switch side A and B.

Yep... it's a shame, but market prices would be highly affected if you could just stop leveling cards.
Especially since, for a Collector, you can have multiple copies fo cards at each of its levels, like Jane Ramba, Zatman, Windy mor, Malmoth, Gwen... and the list goes on...

the need to rebuy cards that are unleveled keeps the market moving, and also keeps people from dominating.

I really advised you to read the game rules.

Copied from the game rules.

The number of points awarded to the winner is equal to 25 minus the sum of the levels of the 4 characters in your team (showed by the yellow stars). Example: a player with a team of four level 5 characters will receive 5 points for a win, another one with a team of four level 1 will receive 21 points, and a player with a team including one level 5, two level 3 and one level 4 would receive 10 points.

Battle Points received after a fight includes:
- Round outcome battle points (character against character)
- KO and remaining Pillz bonuses (For daily tournament this is at max 2 points)

The one in the purple dress looks like an old granny character perhaps? smiley

I'd go with these LOA players' good tips..smiley

tuesday 26/02/2008

Dan with Mario
Dr saw with Methane
and Platinum with Bristone

Dominating Clans in order in my opinion:

Ulu Watu
All Stars
La Junta
Fang Pi Clang

GG's! smiley

Wow how annoying! cute deck, wakoko! smiley

Sweet another senior post! smiley
Try to upgrade your deck to this cute build asap! smiley

Kerozinn Cr *5 / Kinjo *5
Windy Mor *3
Xia Leming *3
Sakazuki *2
Kolos *5
Timmy *3
Sheitane *2
Hel *2

GG's! smiley

IMO, Kolos is the highest 1'st turn K.O. available in ELO, keep him, try this:

Kolos *5
Kenny *4
Sheitane *2
Hel *2
Methane *4
Leviatonn *3
Bristone *3
Z3r0 D34d *2

GG's! smiley

monday 25/02/2008

I´d say danger/new blood are the best.

Also how often people do not get a rare from a pack? I´ve bought 4 packs and got a rare from each(i even got 2x Timmy)

sunday 24/02/2008

You know a clan is overpowered when there's no other strategy but 'HOW TO BEAT A CLAN'

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