wednesday 19/03/2008

Well montana is the best w/ clans like all stars and bangers
so you might want this one
ottavia 2*/ricardo
prince jr.


loma noju


vermyn n 3*/juicy lord
b ball/graff

Rescue are pretty good and cheap

Well, tnx for the suggestions
i'll try all of them if i can XD

Random starting hand would be better named Practice Dumby.

Bah... dont know how i missed it... thanks for the response

Dermagus, why would you just repeat what everyone else said? Let this die already. He got his answer about four posts ago.

Use the search button before making another rescue clan cry.

tuesday 18/03/2008

I only buy decks if I buy 1000 credits, If you plan to save credtis to buy, I sudgest you buy your favorite packs only.

I know SOA is more useful than SOB, but SOB is more devastating. Many people relay on the bonus to win battles and stopping someone's bonus changes the battle in a major way. Think about it, montana, uppers, and many other clans that like to win battles with only a few pills have to completely rethink their strategy when their bonus is gone. An ability in many cases, at least for my play style, is used to help with defense and improve my chances of winning the game in the long run. Unless the ability is something like -4 damage or something like that, i really am not effected by an ability. Also abilities are done by just that card whereas a bonus is for all cards of that clan. I don't know, maybe it is just me, but i just find bonuses to be the biggest pain when it comes to deciding how to play a hand i get.

I think it was a joke.. smiley

monday 17/03/2008

I think that was a bug in elo where only players over 1300 elo got cards instead of 1150

It's a great deck, smiley

Diba diba diba! wakoko! smiley

Pussycats, GG's! smiley

In my type 2 Nightmare deck, I usually just bluff with Kolos 1st hand, no pillz. It's literally either going to be game over or a bluff, and most people won't risk losing the game round 1 so I watch them waste all their pillz (This is assuming they have no SOA as abilities or damage reducing abilities). Other than Kolos, I like Glorg because he's 6/6 SOA/SOB. These two work even better when I have Ambre out with them. =D

Wakoko! correct! smiley
spot the mickey! smiley

sunday 16/03/2008

More reduction, more strategy, smiley

b bal if you dont have any reducers, graff if you have vermyn n
vermyn n if you dont have any reducers, blaaster if your a offensive player
saddy for her SOB
morphun for his pillz

For Type 2, try this:

Kolos *5
Nistarok *5
Glorg *4
Dieter *3
Jackie *4
Beetenka *4
Zatman *3
Rubie *3

GG's! smiley

Try a dual clan with Uppers since their bonus is great for using less pills, GG's !smiley

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