monday 17/03/2008

It's a great deck, smiley

Diba diba diba! wakoko! smiley

Pussycats, GG's! smiley

In my type 2 Nightmare deck, I usually just bluff with Kolos 1st hand, no pillz. It's literally either going to be game over or a bluff, and most people won't risk losing the game round 1 so I watch them waste all their pillz (This is assuming they have no SOA as abilities or damage reducing abilities). Other than Kolos, I like Glorg because he's 6/6 SOA/SOB. These two work even better when I have Ambre out with them. =D

Wakoko! correct! smiley
spot the mickey! smiley

sunday 16/03/2008

More reduction, more strategy, smiley

b bal if you dont have any reducers, graff if you have vermyn n
vermyn n if you dont have any reducers, blaaster if your a offensive player
saddy for her SOB
morphun for his pillz

For Type 2, try this:

Kolos *5
Nistarok *5
Glorg *4
Dieter *3
Jackie *4
Beetenka *4
Zatman *3
Rubie *3

GG's! smiley

Try a dual clan with Uppers since their bonus is great for using less pills, GG's !smiley

Since your deck is Type 1 play with Sakrohm for the damage reduction against the random factor. GG's! smiley

saturday 15/03/2008

Mono is bad for all but rescue so i would go with a mix of...


As derMagus said, there are some useable cards at lvl 3, amelia being quite playable in my view, similar to a 9/5 at lvl 3 it's more than ok even if against soa can lose.

on the other hand, there are some clans in which it's maintained on purpose a weak spot. for example the lvl 3 pussycats or the lvl 3 all stars beacuse they already have many highly useable cards at high lvl and at lvl 2.

this discussions leads to nowhere.

friday 14/03/2008

I know you can use your current deck to get the cards to make my ulamate preset

Oops i forgot i also have luis now

Sheitane *drooling*

Of course rolph

XU52-6*3 = 18 ( with bonus)

ROlph-7*3 = 21 (with bonus)

bonus = SOA

their abilties will be cancelled

Ah, they do HaveOne? Never noticed lol, just know there are to many dumb decks.

I think The art work still great in the UR , but i think player could be given chance to make image of his own char smiley

thursday 13/03/2008

Good :3 coz whats the point of playing a game where nothings done about cheaters? smiley I dont mind exploiting bad moves by my opponent, I just wanted to be sure I wouldnt be flamed.

I dont go for the 1shot unless Im sure I can get it typically, and even not 1shoting hes still a pretty good card.

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