saturday 23/02/2008

No, not at all.

If you're like me and refuse to pay anything for this game, then be warned it will make things difficult. Your main way to make money is simply to participate in every tournament you can, and get 50 clintz for each one. Selling cards to Kate will help, but don't rush to sell everything you get. Be sure that you don't need the card. Also, you'll make more money if you train it to max level first (do that in the Lost Warehouse Open).

Or you can pay a little bit for the game (about $2.5) which wil allow you to sell cards on the market, making much more money than selling to Kate.

Generally a deck consists of four cards each from two different clans (the most popular being clans Uppers, All Stars, Montana, Pussycats, Nightmare, Bangers, and GHEIST) or a more recent popular kind of deck: 8 Rescue cards. Using cards from different clans is a bad idea, because bonuses help a huge amount.

1. Go to the Lost Warehouse Open (or if you have 5 or more unevolved cards, you can go the the Lost Warehouse). There you can get huge amounts of xp for each card. In this room, don't worry about trying to make the character in training win. Just make sure that the character your character fights against is as far as possible from his level (eg. a level 1 card of your should go against a level 5 card, a level 4 should fight a level 1, and a level 3 should fight either 1* or 5*).

3. Participate in daily tournaments. You'll get 50 clintz for each tourney you play in. You don't need to win, just play a battle.
Ask your parents if you can just buy a few credits (for about $2.5). This'll allow you to sell your cards on the market, which makes MUCH more money than selling to Kate. You don't have to, but it will make things easier.

2. You will learn what makes a good card with experience. To find out all you want about any card, go to the UR database:

friday 22/02/2008

I choose Prince Jr..
because none off them is a good card..
Angelina and Ricardo are bad cards

You could do a la junta deck with either Ulu watu or Bangers.

Ulu and Bangers also go pretty good with Montana. Maybe if you put up some ideas people could help better?

I like Onionhead boy's deck except maybe Onik instead of Dash and Prince Jr for Ottavia (or simon for Rosa)

@ground,,,,looks good,,,,u know y?,,,cuz it kinda looks exactly like wat i use right now lol

but the problem with roots is that they don't have high damage cards that are low star,,,,,like a good 4 * with 7/5 or sumthin,,,, or like methane from gheist,,,, therefore i think i'ma give up on these guys for now lol,,,maybe i'll try them again when they get someone new or sumthin lol

@majik,,,,is koo bro,,,,i don't feel like spamming this thread so if u want post on my recruitment thread,,,,lol,,,don't mind spamming there,,,,

@area,,,same thing i told majik,,,,n y u still have mermaid's name? lol

@manux,,,,looks good,,,,but tha's type 1 lol,,,,, but i had forgotten all about ratanah tho lol,,,,

I also need type 2

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@kell: they probably ko'ed you because they were annoyed and just wanted to get it out of their system (i waas on the brink at one stage)

try not to ko in the first place, but if they do try and ko you, ko them back is my theory (within a game, not revenge style)

Uppers and nightmare, check out the market smiley

Yeah, make a rescue deck for farming then start building your dream deck after getting clintz and credits from the tourney smiley

Loma Noju *4
Marina *4
Striker *4
Alexei *4
Luis *3
Rebacca *2
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2

not sooo good, but sooo cute! you may swap Alexei for Ashley and Luis for Tessa Cr or Havok, GG's! smiley

I posted this deck in the ELO / Tourney Decks thread, I hope it can help you decide:
Noodile lvl1
Z3r0 D34d
-the downside? not much damage..

thursday 21/02/2008

So you've got some decent Damage in your current build deck.
only problem is the cost of Gewn at level 1.

Charlie, 7/8
Yayoi 7/6
Feelyn(essentially 7/3
Gwen 7/1
with using only 12 stars.

Kolos is suggested for reasons that he's very powerful against 90% of the cards on the market.
Ielena is Ok, 8 Power 3 damage + life gain.
Nistarok, Ok, 8 Power 5 Damage -5 damage.

Suggested Nistorok, or Kolos.
depends really on what you're looking to do.
so,you can use Mojo, or you can use Timmy, a 7 power 2 poison card, very useful.
it seems you'll have trouble using Kenny, unles you'd like to use Kenny, and Ombre Cr, instead of Kolos, and Mojo.
Ombre Cr, 7/4(or is it 7/5, it's been a while since i checked)

so... you could do...
Gwen 1*
Svelthlana 1*(or, Delores Boss, Noon Stevens, or Feelyn 1*)


Good luck in whatever decisions you end up making.

Zlatar plus ambre... never tought of that but it sure looks a wonderfull combo!!

too bad that the yards of getting ambre + zlatar are the same as getting zlatar alone... =S

Try Hugo + montana, that +6 atk boosts the whole montana clan over the min 8, so all cards become a 20+ atk wall smiley

Its time to release baby q she is no longer a threat and will make a great addition to the pussycats.
Shell only have 4 power going againsnt striker blaaster.
And will help stop kolos to balance more things out.

Haha.. but we cannot talking about then here.. this is UR.. smiley
anyway, a must card for junkz is Gibson. Veenyle and maybe malmoth.

Considering the fact leader's abilities will be automatically stopped due to their bonus no , a good defense would stop kolos easy and the rest won't be to hard either depending on what deck you have

THanks, and i'll worry about which style once i get a better footing, i pulled some good cards to trade in some packs but Timmy was the only good nightmare to keep in them, the others i'm probably going to be trading in for a Kolos somehow

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