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friday 04/04/2008

Yup, tanaereva Wee Lee more dangerous
I think why Bangers is more famous is because of their high power card (in low level, graff and b ball) and their damage reducer. (b ball, juicy lord, vermyn n)

And Sheitane rocks Hels face anyday smiley

Actually, Buck has 9 power with ability and bonus active. Thought I should point that out.

thursday 03/04/2008

How about Rescue Deck?

Problem with having the same bonus, is it's easy to forget which cards have the bonus, so if you have 3 roots, and one Gheist, it's possible that you'll forget the gheist doesn't have stop ability.

i guess it's doable, but you might get bored easily, more quickly i think than playing Mono, because at least with mono, it's got the entertaining card relationships, and you know you've always got the bonus.
mono = more Reliable.

so, in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with it, you can do it, but most players wouldn't.

It'll be hard to get a Good Nightmare deck, if you have few clintz, as a lot of their power players are expensive.
you have some supportive Nightmare already, but none of em are really tier 1 nightmare.

is an Ok starting point i guess.

so, you need 12 stars to support it.

finding a strong 12 star support clan might be difficult.
LA Junta can do it. I guess All stars can pull it off.

Try all stars, you already have 9 stars, so you can just pop in Dan, for a quick support clan.

but likely, you wouldn't fair so well using Bhudd Amelia, Lewis, and Dan. as you should at least have Striker, or Alexei

if you can rustle up 1k clintz, you can get Alexei, and Mario, and take out Lewis.(Lewis has more reliable power, but less damage than Amelia and Bhudd)

So, i suggest


that could be pretty good on your budget.

are you making this Deck for ELO?

Support power +1 gives you 1 power for each card of the same clan in your hand (including that card too).
Eg. if you have 2 sentinels: rick, and john, and two not-sentinel cards: rick's damage will be 3, and john's power will be 7. If you draw miss cloe with them: rick will get an extra damage, and john will get additional power. If they are alone from the clan the will still get 1 stat added.

OTK is no good unless you have a hand of Kolos, Lost Hog, Kinjo, and Ambre....

wednesday 02/04/2008

How do you not understand, "chosen from all the characters of the game"?
By the way, the search feature is your friend.

Here are the exact deck distributions, for anyone interested:

With 4 cards from Clan A, 3 cards from Clan B, and a Leader
1 out of 70 decks have 4 cards from Clan A
12 out of 70 decks have 3 cards from Clan A and 1 card from Clan B
18 out of 70 decks have 2 cards from Clan A and 2 cards from Clan B
4 out of 70 decks have 1 card from Clan A and 3 cards from Clan B
4 out of 70 decks have 3 cards from Clan A and Leader
18 out of 70 decks have 2 cards from Clan A, 1 card from Clan B, and Leader
12 out of 70 decks have 1 card from Clan A, 2 cards from Clan B, and Leader
1 out of 70 decks have 3 cards from Clan B and Leader

Long story short, if the Leader ability is counted as a bonus, then over time you only have about 5% fewer bonus activations than with a standard 4/ 4 dual clan deck. However, 5 stars holds a big slot for Type 1 and ELO play...a slot that many people feel more comfortable filling in other ways than with a Leader.

tuesday 01/04/2008

It has been fixed this morning.
Please reload a correct deck.

Personally, I prefer Ashigaru with Freaks. You waste less pillz that way.

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Splata cr!!! how could u betray me!!! why must u be a soleil!!!!! why must u be so expensive!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! ( until i get you of course smiley)


Well.. don't forget nightmare roots / gheist
this two clans, works well. you can use many build, but try this one
Stop Trooper (Nightmare roots)
no kolos, no kenny, but the most expensive one is nahi Cr. (well duh, she is cheaper than kenny)
4 full stop ready against rescue.

first I complain too against rescue, but now I feel happy against rescue because if my draw not too bad (at least one nuke), I will win.

monday 31/03/2008

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Ok thanks guys
Lock this post please

Please, close the post

I'd change Feelyn to Gwen 1* and level up Charlie to 5*, then change Lunatik to Na Boh

Well sorry Ryuk, was to lazy to search for one, my bad. mods can close this thread thanks

Good job UR staff

Ow I just read the "not sharing" part again, must have misunderstood. I'll just have to look out for you in ELOsmiley

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