thursday 06/03/2008

In german gheist mean ghost

I have one slight problems that could be faced with this deck:
the same bonus
theres really good decks there, but i (personally) wont like the same bonus idea

alternative (if once you try and it doesn't work)
allstars with one of them (the +/- approach)
i like ulu with la junta

the bangers ulu would work, but..... idk, try it, trying never hurt anyone except the businesses that rely on the customers to give up

I like that build, needing to get level 4 Chloe and Mis Chloe is a pain, but still it's a good build.
especially since they are good damage reducers, with 6 damage each.
what do you think about using Ambre instead of Tessa Cr?
i mean Ambre can make your 5/6 damage reducers into scary 8/6's

but you'd lose Tessa Cr's 7 power for Ambre's 6, and 6 damage for 4, without the bonus and ability of +15 attack.

Giovanni is very important to Montana decks...
If only he had some ability like Rubie's Stop op ability.

yeah, the age old question...
which Leader
Hogo has +6 attack, effectively making it so you don't need any pillz to benefit from the -12 bonus.
Ambre, Courage +3 power, making some of the more heavy hitters more likely to get through.
Murphy, Don, Giovanni... (but not Don Giovanni smiley)
Morphun, +1 pill per turn, gives a well needed Pill advantage and those extra pillz effectively giving you a focus for the bonuses more so than either Hugo, or Ambre.

Ashigaru is helpful, and has High power and damage, but maybe not best for Montana.

I would probably go with Hugo, but only because the benefit is a constant, rather than with Morphun and Ambre.
also, Hugo has decent statistics.

Good Luck.

Rolph *5
Leviatonn *3
Bristone *3
Z3r0 D34d *2
Glorg *4
Dieter *3
Erzsebet *3
Sheitane *2

GG's! smiley

Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2
Ashley *2
Petra *4
TrinmkkT *4
Uranus *3
Na Boh *2

Here is an updated version, GG's! smiley

Here is a new take on Uppers / Nightmare, GG's! smiley

Kolos *5
Glorg *4
Sheitane *2
Hel *2
Beetenka *4
Rubie *3
Zatman *3
Gina Glitt *2

I have a Gheist / Montana build I have tweaking, check it out! smiley

Rolph *4
Methane *4
Leviatonn *3
Bristone *3
Lyse Teria Cr *3
Mona *3
Ottavia *3
Prince Jr *2

GG's! smiley

Hattori *5
Macumba *4
Yusuke *3
Xia Leming *2
Petra *4
Uranus *3
Na Boh *2
Corrina *2

Here is a new take on a classic deck with more defense and a bigger bite w/o the use of Cr cards. smiley

Here is the new take on Nightmare / Pussycats,

Kolos *5
Kenny *4
Glorg *4
Sheitane *2
Charlie *4
Yayoi *4
Ella *2
Gwen *1

GG's! smiley

Peeler *5
Kawan *4
Gibson *4
Otakool *3
Berserkgirl *3
Onik *3
Veenyle *2
Perle *1

wakoko cute build! GG's! smiley

bored... smiley


O-Ogoun Kyu

1f - KV Raven already said's what wiki says..smiley

Drop the Freaks, it really depends on the cards that you have. smiley

wednesday 05/03/2008

Lamar costed(i don't if it is written like this but anyway)about 12000 clintz when he was a normal card.ima gine how much he will cost when he becomes a cr.he is not only important for all-stars.i believe he is in top 20 of the whole collection

Indeed, Sunnygoat is, in fact, a female. This is her bio:

Brought up by the members of her parents' commune, Sunnygoat loves animals and trees and is able to communicate with them. One fine day, or was it at night, as she was taking a nap, a strange voice commanded her to liberate all beasts from the yoke of human domination. Sunnygoat joins the Roots to make the whole world go vegetarian.

And seriously, I do love hippies. In fact, I aspire to be a Rich Surfing Hippie one day. Bet you can't guess my favorite clans...........

That's a nice ELO build for rescue! smiley

O ok thanks smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 04/03/2008

This discussion is not really leading anywhere... the staff gets a lot of feedback from elo players and has the ability to check very accurate statistics of win ratios of cards and clans, when the next big unbalance in the metagame will occur be sure they will take the necessary actions to correct it smiley

@scathed,,,, ?????????,,,, from wat i know,,,, uppers is said to be the strongest clan n u don't know how to play them? lol,,,, aww man,,, well,,,, must be a rescue user then lol,,,, na man jk,,,,

i think i like ukelele's deck, except of course i don't agree with a few cards,,,, (wolfgang possibly zoltan) instead of wolfgang i could go with a lvl 3 or lvl,,, esmeralda i think seems to be under-rated, but idk,,, well,,, i guess i'ma try it,,, i'll let u guys know how i do in the dailies with it,,,, n maybe we can start seeing some more freaks users lol,,, peace

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