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thursday 27/03/2008


comment and vote please

Ok fnx for the help

Againt it. Simply throwing a point value at cards is almost useless as it does not tell you why it is (allegedly) good/bad. People will do such bulls* as voting for nice pictures, considering the mall price and things that have nothing to do with game playing power. Let's just keep the text comments.

Or maybe make some code?
so you can see the replay of the game, (well, sure need new software to do so)
Card=67(3)VSCard=34(4) (that means, card number 67 with 3 pillz, VS card numbr 34 using 4 pillz)
round1=67(5) (12:7) (that means cards number 67 inflict 5 damage) (player 1: 12, player two: 7)
something like that

Well, good to hear it.. smiley

You can try sakrohm with montan, but you will not have stop opponent ability (except for simon, but he is not a very good card), which is one of the key abilities in the game.
I suggest that you should buy some credits for real money, if you can, buy some packs (full or danger), and look for some nice presets, amongst the one here.

You can check the cards here: http://urdb.kirlad.net

When it's 50:50 and you play against me in ELO, you can be sure to win xD

I honestly think that most tournaments are won in the Type 1 format. Can't be sure though, but imho it's a lot easier to get into top5 when playing T1.

I'm trying to find good advices for my deck that brought me at 5th place on my first type 2 experience

Learn to read the threads (specially the recent ones) before posting such unnecessary things..Fraggle already announced that there will still be new cards coming out this Friday like normal..

I just started last week, i started playing la junta because i got 2 of them in my deck and i liked the artwork on the cards i saw in the market... well 2 whole days i get owned every match by uppers and montana. so i look at the bonuses for all the clans and i decide i want junks or sentinel to help offset the constant -attack.

well both those clans cost alot, so i end up going with rescue. i love them so far, about 4 days and my deck is pretty solid now. i only need elvira and maybe steve. i would get marco but his cost is very high and he is banned from ELO anyway.

Does anyone else have any input for a ownage type 1 deck / elo? i have 8000 clintz to use

I'm a Recue hater!

Morphun is my pick. GG's! smiley

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Great advise O_CaULIFLOWER, Goodluck with your deck! GG's! smiley

wednesday 26/03/2008

Lol.. how about 4 hugo? + 24 attack.. smiley
4 timber? + 4 damage timber has 6 damage, that means every timber has OHKO potential lol.. smiley

At the beginning, the clock will move faster until the opponent enters the battle. this way if there was some trouble starting on their end, it ends quick (I don't think it penalizes them except in ELO). They will have the full time to act after entering the battle however.

@B-DEBO I ment other thing ... some ppl before me were saying that Marco needs a replacement in ELO (cuz he is banned) ... thats why I said I think Hax is his replacement ... and the next rescue wont be 5 lvl replacement of Hax
(of course Marco is better candidate for ban then Hax xD)

Where would you find junta cards in?

Find a card with SOB mainly or SOA if you can find it and play the card, BAM

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