friday 01/02/2008

And im trying to get marlysa cr but i only have 1,000 clints rite now lolz

and thanx again smiley

No scanner is such a bad thing..must use paint to the comic like the freaks vs sentinel T.T

I play a fang pi/nightmare deck, and I even beat them with a pure fang pi deck once

Yes, KV Raven is right. You take away the higher min attack first and then the lower one. Also, if u are thinking of buying it, don't. Its power is horrible. It is very very weak.

Any variant with Uppers has proven itself capable to dominate on ELO's current metagame. GG's! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

thursday 31/01/2008

I understand where you're coming from 0AET but you have to consider the extra star it gives you.

0ADW if you don't think All Stars and Bangers are good, I don't know what game you're playing. every clan good against at least one other clan. obviously an certain clans will do well against this deck, but to say that neither clan is good is just ignorance.

If you go to the help, game rules, it details that all abilities are applied unless stopped.

the safest system... is to always pick the lowest outcome, and apply it.
However... if Feelyn was level 1... it would be a 50:50 draw.

wednesday 30/01/2008

Pure power:

Vermyn N


Game suggestions are not wanted to be discussed publicly, so you need to address moderators or Urban Support Centre smiley

tuesday 29/01/2008

Good against Rescue, Good against Gheist...
i'd say still good against Ulu watu, and Sentinel.
but All stars might overpower...

Sorry, accidentally press the answer button.. smiley

Ulu Watu*11


@ground..lolz i misunderstood it..smiley

monday 28/01/2008

Yeah you could change to lelena but I also thought that if it's a life gaining deck you should have Bridget but seriously I don't think that concept would really work because my deck has a lot of really high damage dealers so usually in the dailies I have to put some weak cards in my deck just so I can make the battles longer and I can get more points but even like that my battles almost never last more than 3 rounds

Yup..Mack_the_knife is right..
no need to fry the player..just think of what the player would do or feel when he/she sees this thread where people talk about him/her like this..
Moderators..please close this..

1) reat the rules
2) it's a bonus not a ability!

I will vote for my friend:

he is the BEST ELO PLAYER that i know!

keep it up

Agreed... Mario adds that extra power, essentially having an 8/3 2 star card...(not quite as good as wardog... bit good never the less.
Ashley can reduce damage, which is very useful.
Mario has more power, and damage, but no usefull ability to speak of...
it really depends on what you want out of the match.
ofcourse, it's not too hard to run both, Ashley, and Mario...

but i prefer Flo smiley

sunday 27/01/2008

Pussycats have a lot of potential, but they have an unfortunate lack of follow through especially when it comes to mono clan decks. Yayoi is probably one of the best cards in the game... and Charlie too... having -2 damage min 1 isn't a great ability, but combined with -2 min 1 as a bonus, it's -4 min 1... and that's pretty amazing(especially since if one of the effects gets canceled, the other will still apply(therefore stop a one hit KO from any card)...

saturday 26/01/2008


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