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wednesday 26/03/2008

@B-DEBO I ment other thing ... some ppl before me were saying that Marco needs a replacement in ELO (cuz he is banned) ... thats why I said I think Hax is his replacement ... and the next rescue wont be 5 lvl replacement of Hax
(of course Marco is better candidate for ban then Hax xD)

Where would you find junta cards in?

Find a card with SOB mainly or SOA if you can find it and play the card, BAM

It depends what you like. I have gone for Montana/La Junta but you might want to build on the All star side or the Sakhrom side or go with something totally different like GHEIST but I do suggest ones that you alredy have!smiley (Hope I've helped)

I went for a Montana/La junta deck, it worked out for me. I'm also just starting so I left the All-Stars and Venus in, but I bought Myke, Niki and Aldo and for a starter deck it worked for me well!

Bodenpower *5
Blaaster *4
Vermyn N *3
B Ball *2
Marina *4
Striker *4
Ashley *2
Lewis *1


Bodenpower *5
Blaaster *4
Vermyn N *3
B Ball *2
Charlie *4
Yayoi *4
Ella *2
Gwen *1

GG's! smiley

Keep playing Daily Tournaments, earn 20 credits and dont spen any of your clintz. Once you know how much you can save in a week, thats when you budget to buy support cards from the cards in your new pack. I prefer you buy Action packs since Sakrohm Pussycats is indeed strong. GG's! smiley

Wow dami stars, hehe! interesting post, GG's! smiley

tuesday 25/03/2008

I completely forgot, (and ran out of room) to say that somewhere in there you should buy Myke, he is a great padder-outer to your basic deck. I bought him at level 1 (my luck ran out!smiley) Sorry to all who had to click twice to see this as well as the other post to complete you ultimite basic deck!

2 things
1. damage doesn't mean anything
2. i think you mean power

amelia will be be 49 attack (6+1 for the default one * 7)
gary will have 25 attack (4+1*5)

its not a cheat, he's not cheating, its just you were one attack short of sure shot
man thats really really unlucky

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Well i mean the cards are getting expensive simply because they might be Cr. Since 2 cards just became Cr, its unlikely we will have anymore anytime soon. Anyways, Vickie is banned in ELO so her price won't go up too high. Jackie's price went up too because of this and because of this, cards that are used to be fillers for the deck became expensive because people need those cards more if they can't afford cards like Vickie or Jackie. I think this is gonna cool down slowly hopefully. Our market is completely ran by like small group of old players and their money. They can easily buy out one character in the market and sell it for as much as they want and keep on doing that.

monday 24/03/2008

I use Vansaar, Gary, and i was using Python.. but he kept winning to Random, so i changed him out for a les damaging 5 star
Sydney is great... as long as you don't have any extra uppers smiley

@ Asakura: you are contradicting ypurself: if both have 4 6+damage cards, noone will have kenny. but, if your opp has 4 and you 3 and kenny, the life gain of kenny alone without fury would be quite enough to last 4 rounds, usually

Interesting, I believe your guildmate knives brought that up a year or so ago. Wasn't acknowledged then, though.

Well you do need Rowdy in your deck, GG's! smiley

IMO, since Random is a factor in the Type1 or Type2 environment, I would prefer to play with Attack reduction cards, GG's! smiley

Random is random..if there were anything secret about it that anyone can exploit..it wouldn't be called random then..the only way to go around it is to ensure a sure-shot..

sunday 23/03/2008

Well this one's good
vermyn n 3*/saddy
juicy lord
b ball/graff

Second one is better cause i don't like non-maxed cards in play but you need to switch out Juicy Lord for Saddy.

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