tuesday 12/02/2008

Yh i know the red and green thanx

Thanks for all the replies, I had a long look at the two and went for Havoc.

Yes, All-Stars can handle Rescue. At least in tournaments since you have Lamar with the important SOB. You just need to avoid Elvira. And Striker and Alexei are good enough to handle Alec, Hax and Marco. Or they can bypass Steve or Slyde. Flo can handle almost every Rescue as well.

Ulu Watu can handle Rescue as well I think. Especially in tournaments where you have access to Tanaereva and Wee Lee. But even in ELO they should do just fine with Lulabee, Hikiyousan, Rass, Ice Jim, Nanook, Gaia and Gabrielle as options.

And then there are of course clans like Montana, Uppers and Nightmare. Their bonus should be enough to handle Rescue as well.

The problem with Rescue is that you they take advantage of a weak draw while they almost never have a weak draw themselves because of their bonus and their unique card power levels. And in a random environment, their luck factor is incredibly high because of their bonus.

monday 11/02/2008

@jj..they dedicate their time so that they can "show off" their skillz and try to win collectors.. smiley

In type 1
With low level cards, a 3 card win will get 24ish points, 4 card win- 30 if you're lucky. A 4 or 5 star in your hand bring it down to 20.
On the same note a 2 card KO will get you about 20 BP.
So balance out between quick fights and free BP if you come up against an easy 3/4 card win. Don't forget that KO bonus is reduced during tournament hours!

Just having your character beat theirs is a good source of BP. So having high attack power helps (One reason why you see so many rescue in type 1 during tournaments)

Don't try 'n' pull pills for your last 2 cards to win- it won't be worth it and it wastes precious time.
Don't time out.
Don't give up/forfeit.

Start a match 3-4 minutes before the hour. Once you finish, it'll be about a minute into the tournament and you'll have a 15-30 point head start.

The only way I can think of that people get so many points is - they don't lose. I'll be watching my position, after a loss I know I'll drop about 20 places straight up.. A loss can be costly when you're trying to break the top 25 or higher, where you need more points to climb ranks.

I used Copper, and Tessa Cr in my mono Sentinel deck, but Coppers 4 power base was not so great when facing against stop ability.
Havok has a better base power, so it's really a preference.
as for Tessa Cr, always a bonus smiley

Unfortunately, i have bad luck, so i would very often end up with 3 2 star cards, and a 3-5 star card... more often than should, but some times, i'd end up with 2 5s, a 4, and a 3...

Sentinel faces major problems against Gheist and roots, and cards with stop ability.
also, Mono Rescue, with the 4 more + attack poses a problem occasionally, depending on your hand.

Thx for the advice guys
appreciate it a lot

Jackie *5
beetenka *4
zatman *3
rubie *3
charlie *5
baby Q *4
yayoi *4
Manon cr *3

sunday 10/02/2008

I agree, 1'st build is indeed strong. smiley

Ielena to leader hugo / morphun / ambre optionalsmiley

What about Armand is he a good one to put in

Charlie? smiley

she's good..but she's not overpowered..IMO..the Pussycats clan are balanced right now..that's why Baby Q and Wanda are both banned..to balance the Pussycats in the current meta..no need to ban another Pussycat..and if people just want to ban cards in their favor and get their way..we'll be left with Globumms, Ougun Kyus and Meyens to play..lol..smiley

and about the polls..honestly..I think it's good that we don't have them (unless the polls do not pertain to banning or changing card stats)..because it might just turn to chaos and people (or clans) with plenty of clintz to spend to vote will most likely get their way..to ban this and that, change this and that, etc..to their liking..(let's just leave the decisions to the game developers, Admins, Mods, or whoever has the authority)

I see no end to this thread..I think it will be best if Moderators just close this..

saturday 09/02/2008

One thing I have to say is that this deck relies greatly on abilities. Against Roots or Gheist, the freaks section is toast.
Then there's power. 3 cards have 7 power, the rest have 6. There are no bonuses to increase power, and only one card modifies attack. So your cards would have trouble winning battles, especially again the Freaks.
The rather low damage makes you rely on poison a lot, and restricts your strategy. If you don't win the first battle, you lose out on 2 valuable damage. Opponents might guess from this when you're bluffing and when you're not. It also means that if the opponent starts off with a high power card, you're in immediate danger.

In other words, I don't like it. Generally, I hardly ever see people using Freaks. They may be the only clan that is definitely quite a bit weaker than the others.

Sorry wrong message board,. lock this mods its getting a new home

Always the z3r0 d34d 1* card that you can play smiley smiley, a throw away soa smiley

friday 08/02/2008

Agree with Celeb. For the most part any +dmg is bad in LW. You do not want to accidentally KO. The purpose of the LW is to gain the most xp for both players. It is why EVO (evolution) play was created. Although not official, EVO play is where a player will play 6 pillz on his turn to guarantee (for the most part) a win with that char. When it is the opponents turn to play, he will play 0 pillz and will try to maximize xp by playing a lvl 1-2 card against a lvl 5 card or a lvl 3-4 card against a lvl 1-2 card. You want to try and give the largest seperation in levels to gain levels quickly.

When you play clans like rescue, Junkz, Montana etc. You make it difficult for some players to win even with their 6 pillz. The only reason I play with the bonuses is because I level 1 clan at a time. I normally buy 60-120USD of cards every month. That is a lot of cards to level. I use 5 star cards in the clan that I am leveling in case I get someone that you can obviously tell is going for a KO. I will normally do what I have to do to make sure I get the win. it is also why I level in the restricted LW and not the open.

There used to be a sticky that was called the unofficial rules of the LW. It is no longer stickied. I used to have it copied so that I could paste it into chat after a battle where a player purposely tried to KO me.

Good but More Expensive smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I agree, Elite Star XK's pure montana deck has it all, GG's! smiley

You need Cr cards for your steel-defense deck to be possible. Guru Cr and Manon Cr are components of this deck. GG's! smiley

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