thursday 21/02/2008

Zlatar plus ambre... never tought of that but it sure looks a wonderfull combo!!

too bad that the yards of getting ambre + zlatar are the same as getting zlatar alone... =S

Try Hugo + montana, that +6 atk boosts the whole montana clan over the min 8, so all cards become a 20+ atk wall smiley

Its time to release baby q she is no longer a threat and will make a great addition to the pussycats.
Shell only have 4 power going againsnt striker blaaster.
And will help stop kolos to balance more things out.

Haha.. but we cannot talking about then here.. this is UR.. smiley
anyway, a must card for junkz is Gibson. Veenyle and maybe malmoth.

Considering the fact leader's abilities will be automatically stopped due to their bonus no , a good defense would stop kolos easy and the rest won't be to hard either depending on what deck you have

THanks, and i'll worry about which style once i get a better footing, i pulled some good cards to trade in some packs but Timmy was the only good nightmare to keep in them, the others i'm probably going to be trading in for a Kolos somehow

I use to buy and sell BB Cool G before.. buying it less than Kate's price and sell it to Kate for 240..
i should've just keep them..

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Yes true. Clara can come in very usefully but Charlie is usually more of a threat. Although its more likely to get that 5 damage through, you'll have more options open if u use Charlie.

wednesday 20/02/2008

Lol Magus

You talk other people down, but you yourself can't even count. Go over his post again, count the cards he presented in his deck and then think again about calling his mind diseased. If you can't even count in the basic preschool 1-10 area, then probably it is not up to you to talk about other peoples style of posting or grammar or syntax or even insulting them.

You'll probably need to use unevolved cards to be successful

Here's Uppers, a top choice for sure
Gina Glitt - 2 (!)
Samantha - 2
Frankie Hi - 3
Janine - 3
Rubie - 3
Zatman - 3
Beetenka - 4
Dorian - 5

The out come doesn't change, but in the case of stop alls (leviatonn, nahi cr) abilities and bonuses on both cards are crossed out.

Tessa cr is great (with hugo too smileysmiley:lovesmiley i use warren level 1 sometimes, as long as you don'y use him gainst attack and stop ability he can get you a pill advantage (or do an unexpected 1 damage to throw them off smiley )

I used the same deck ground zero, its good, but high power cards overpower it

tuesday 19/02/2008

Zero Dead

Ice Jim instead of Rass.

And you can consider Clara instead of Charlie maybe. Depends on your playstyle and how much you need SOB.

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I don't know if Montana are worth it in ELO since you don't have access to Vickie and Lyse Teria Cr (yes, I know she isn't banned in ELO, but which mortal player can call one his own ? xD).

But this is my (or rather going to be) tournament version:

Montana 13*

Vickie 5*
Ottavia 3*
Mona 3*
Prince Jr 2*

Uppers 12*

Jackie 4*
Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Samantha 2*

And about Simon... the question if he is worth it or not is almost (ephasis on almost here) the same question as if Rubie is worth it or not. The cards and clan bonusses are very similiar. Problem is you definately need at least 1 pill for Simon to get over his bonus minimum unlike Rubie and Rubie deals 2 important damage more. But in an environment where you need to shutdown abilities (Kolos or Alec for example), I think Simon is worth more than just the thought as a replacement for Mona.

But like I said earlier, in ELO I wouldn't consider running Montana as a partner for Uppers unless you are lucky enough to have Lyse Teria Cr. There are better ways for Uppers to get more defense into the deck in ELO. Like Pussycats or All Stars.

A dreamdeck would be this I think:

Montana 12*

Edd 4*
Lyse Teria Cr 3*
Ottavia 3*
Prince Jr 2*

Uppers 13*

Dorian 5*
Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Samantha 2*

2 SOA, 2 SOB (although 1 is a courage SOB), 1 damage reducer and incredible power packed with good bonusses.

But I'm afraid that's one deck I will never play because Lyse Teria Cr is simply out of reach forever smiley

I would simply try to overpower Ambrose Cr instead of using an SOA. He is a very weak link.

Thaumaturge Cr is only an option if you really need the fourth SOB. Otherwise I'd recommend Veenyle, Gabrielle or Steve. Their ability is better and they save a star.

For type 2 use this one
Baby Q

I suggest you use this deck
Nahi Cr
Frankie Hi
it's for type 2
never tried it yet though

Thqanks for the advice

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