tuesday 15/01/2008

Just to point out DON"T USE GARY! You probably got him in your beginer deck but beware; He is the suckiest 5 star card out there. And by fat guy i think you mean the don?

Rescue may be good for Begginers,But Use Montana,Uppers,All Stars,Sakrohm......they can be good for a begginer.GHEIST,Roots and Nightmare can be used if you have a good experience.

monday 14/01/2008

Sorry to say this but type 2 deck, i'm my opinion, suck, pure and simple.

just think... on the tournaments if u win u win few points and u cant play in ELO, but with a type one is more funny to play.

The thing with Pussycats is that every single card is basically a blocker. Which means if you push a badass nuker through, you've basically won. The way to counter that is to use clans with -opp atk, -opp power, +atk, ect, and block that badass nuker. If they play a card with like 2 damage, by all means let it through. Just dont let anything big get through, and you're good. Or, of course, you could use FPC/Junta and cancel out the Pussycats bonus. But neither of the +damage clans tend to do too well against much else.

I believe this thread should be closed because I see no end to this and people are just flaming each other..
Mods..please close this..

sunday 13/01/2008

Dont know you but why not spread the luuuve, Welcome back smiley

saturday 12/01/2008

In fact the minimum would be _de facto_ 3 for any card above 8 attack.
The reason is given in Tanto's calculation.

FIRST the reduction with the larger minimum is done.
THEN the reduction with the lower minimum is done.
General logic says: this makes a new minimum of (old minimum-reduction with new minimum) or the lower minimum if that is greater. Id est: Both minimums stay in place and in effect there is still the minimum of 2 but it can never be reached unless the card had 7 attack or less. In all other cases it is an effective "-17 opp attack, min 3".

friday 11/01/2008

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Yup, I had also some 7-8 games lost in a row at 50/50, but that's the game and it's normal to be like that, even if we sometimes get unlucky smiley

Did you read it in the FAQ section of the game rules?

It clearly states that NO! it is not only the first turn...
It happens Each time you go first in a Round.
So, say you have 4 cards, 2 3Stars, and 2 5Stars, while your opponent has 3 4 Stars, and a 2 star.
you go first(unless you happen to have Ashigaru)
when you go first, if you chose a Courage card, you get the courage Bonus.
If they chose a Courage Character to Block, they do not get the Courage Bonus.

Second turn.
they go first.
if they chose a Courage card, then they get the bonus.
you go decond, if you defend with a Courage, you do not get the bonus.

Repeat for round 2 and 3, depending on who goes first in the round, only they can get the benefit of the courage ability for said round.

Wicked sick? Wicked addicted! ; )

I am actaully half way through doing a topic going through all the clans, discussing their best cards, adding some pure deck builds, and some ideas about prices/budget cards, basically Mementi's URDB, with commentary and useless cards excluded, plus some bits of strategys and a few useful pure decks and trust me it takes a lot of effort ._. slow process, currently at 52 posts, was thinking of sharing it with the rest of the community at some point, once its done, but that will take a week maybe more still to complete

Pure Fang pi

Lost Hog
Windy Mor
Xia Leming

Gg's smiley

Ulu Watu/All Stars????

Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2/Ashley *2
Mario *2

Lulabee *5
Gaia *3
Nanook *3
Warren *2

thursday 10/01/2008

@Onionhead: Okay, I concede that.

@diedsoul: Rolph is also five star. Compare that with Lamar; its obvious who comes out on top. Sure, hes got one more power. Lamar has two more damage, meaning he's a lot more dangerous upon getting through. Also, the SOB bonus means hes gonna get through against a lot more things. In the end though, its mainly up to who's the better player, and luck if its enabled.

DCGOJ, that' kind confusing. Anyways, poison works if u win the round plus its not being stopped plus it has not hit the Minium yet. If u met al those, it should work.

wednesday 09/01/2008

Well... Timber is kinda weak... but imagine you run Timber in an uppers deck and you have him and Rubie and Zatman... Rubie and Zatmans damage total is now ? Right, 12... omg smiley

Timber can be ok too. I still don't like him too much smiley

I think Hugo or Morphun are good choices for Uppers/Junkz. Make sure you run 4 Uppers and 3 Junkz though since Uppers is the stronger clan.

The leader "clan" bonus is there to prevent you from using more than 1 leader at once. That's all there is to it.

Montana/roots is a good choice

I would say try

Shakra 5*
Nahi cr 3*
Ratanah 4*
Noodile 1*
Rosa 4*
Mona 3*
Ottavia 3*
Prince jr 2*

nice and balanced deck smiley even ratanah/nahi cr-noodile-ottavia-prince jr can win nicely smiley

swap rosa and vickie and ratanah and yookie if you want vickie in there smiley

for sakrohm/ulu watu i would take

Nanook 3*
Rass 3* / wee lee 4*
Ice jim 3*
Gabrielle 2* / Gaia 3*
skrumxxt 5*
uranus 3*
Corrina 3*
Lunatik 2*

Gaia and nanook or wee lee and gabrielle depending on elo or not smiley and personal choice

ulu watu/bangers

Nanook 3*
Rass 3* / Lulabee
Ice jim 3*
Gabrielle 2*
bodenbower 5* / Juicy lord 3*
Blaaster 4*
saddy 3*
Graff 2*

I think bodenpower > Lulabee

All stars/gheist ?

Marina 4*
Amelia 3* / Striker 4*
Flo 2*
Ashley 2*
XU52 5*
Methane 4* / Bristone 3*
Leviatonn 3*
Z3r0 d34d 2*

XU52 > Rolph, and methane-amelia or striker-bristone is a matter of preference i prefer to have methane smiley cause he r aweshum smiley

And thats all your deck covered, i would go with roots

GG smiley

tuesday 08/01/2008

Lol..Cr packs..that would be the best pack ever..lol. By the way, the worst u can do is probably 8k (Cassio Cr). But hey, not that bad..lol.

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