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wednesday 12/03/2008

@0-FS: Obviously you haven't tried for top 100 in ELO. Once you reach around 1350 the competition is much much tougher than just getting to 1150. It's not about time to get to 1300-1400, it's about actually having a good deck and playing well. Making it to 1150 takes minimal deck building knowledge and playing skills. If you understand the game at all you can make the 1150 mark easily. As far as your deck, why not use Kenny over Ielena? He's about 20-30 times more useful. He's a better bluff card and if you do decide to attack with him, his impact is a far cry better than Ielena with only the sacrifice of 2 power.

Of course the best is bryan smileysmiley


this what i call overpowered..XD

Ah nvm i figured it out smiley one affects power and one affects attack smiley finally know why i got theese strange results smiley

Mybe it is a compensation of how bad you played/ how bad draw you had.

I'm not even sure... I saw an advertisement for it, and something about it just got me hooked. I generally don't even like card battle games...

Read the game's rules

I like what pfannensteil said about the deadly poison for the Freaks, where there is no minimum, and just hits 0. I think that could be applied to any bonuses with minimums. The best example would be for Montana, where with the ability the bonus would have no minimum.

tuesday 11/03/2008

Note, azrael669 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Back to topic, when i play Sentinel i use monoclan as RG has stated.
Alexie 4*
Marina 4*
Striker 4*
Flo 2*

Miranda 4*
John 3*
Rebecca/Klaus 2*
Rick 2*

Couldn't really think of the Sentinel's to use, so I copied three from RG.

Ashigaru. Figure out why yourselves.

Well for my deck i prefer loma noju more because of his lifesteal

monday 10/03/2008

Wakokookoko! im jolly... wahehehe! smiley

Nistarok *5
Kolos *5
Glorg *4
Sheitane *2
Charlie *4
Yayoi *3
Svelthlana *1
Gwen *1

Here is a more defensive outlook in the deck, GG's! smiley

Sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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It's only 1 clint at 50? I would have guessed 3.

I also did an experiment once where I bought a card from myself. It lets you do it and you do lose the 5% as well.

Buy Danger Packs.

That will allow you to acquire Sakorahm. This will improve your deck vastly. Danger also has some good cards that you may or may not get that will sell well and allow you to get other cards you may need.

I think for veterans is XU52smiley!!!

In my country the mothers day is in 8 march!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Unlikely. My little pet happens to have just enough of a weakness to keep him off the banned list.

I agree with Onionhead boy's opinion, wakikii! smiley

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