saturday 05/01/2008

If you don't want to spend money on credits to get/sell cards get at a high level 35/40 and try your best in tournaments.

What do you need advice on:
Type 1
Type 2
You need to specify!

Junkz/fang pi clang can work in elo smiley Try

Kati/Macumba (Kati has soa, Macumba has -5opp atk and 1 more dmg, depends on preference)
Windy mor

Otakool/Onik (Onik's 8 pwr really is nice, but its been to long since my junkz days dont know how good he is in practice)

I dont know whether you have these cards but you have a Fang pi clang and junkz deck so good luck smiley

Rescue is a pure deck

And freaks is dangerous play without splata cr as he is the only soa in the clan, with splata cr you only have to watch out for leviatonn nahi cr and the whole nightmare clan smiley, splata cr is next on my list smiley of things to get


Yeah @rooster, funny story
during the early months, i only used fury on cards
surprisingly i lost most of the time

yeah, you can get loads of battle points/XP by not using pillz, but you need to be really good and have a strong deck
but you need to win by ko

friday 04/01/2008

Nvm type 1, got one smiley

Gwenz dude... Gwen is important, pretty much like Wanda, but with 1 less power, and one more star.

but... where can you play with a deck like that?
they changed the rules of the game when they added type1/type2
i guess you can still use it for Levelup in the lostwarehouse/lostwarehouse open.

Gheist/ la junta can be nice but very expensive smiley ill give it anyway

z3r0 d34d

jane ramba

will work like a charm smiley buit yeah not cheap 20k ish? smiley woops smiley

cheap 6k deck?


miken moose


thats quite a bit cheaper and quite good smiley should be around 6k smiley

Good luck

Yeah exept vansaar

Level 14
2 867 battle points
256 fights including 162 wins.
Imperator, 118 characters out of 325.
41% of total collection

so you have lost and cesides every deck has a weakness and wat cards are in your currant deck

Looks playable to me.

maybe play Blaster instead of BodenPower
and Vermyn N instead of Saddy...
just a variation... that you could try out.

It's not suggested to cross these two clans...
because you could end up with 2 cards at +8/2 cards at +6, 3 cards at +8/1 card at +none, 3 cards at +9/1 card at + none, or 4+8/+12... usually Rescue is playable as pure pretty easily.
that way you always have +12.

Sentinel is fun to play as pure, only because it gives you the feeling of putting a stop to crime in Clint city smiley
for the moment, i'd say you should go pure Rescue(unless Rescue is ELO ban for the week)
(consider yourself lucky you have the pure Sentinel to fall back on)

For your Type 2 deck all I can say is it is solid. Try changing Fifty to Blaaster, it will help reduce your star count but it is just a matter of preference if you think you are in need of Fifty's stop ability keep him.

Finally I think you should try shifting to Type 1 instead it is easier to get more battle points playing Type 1 than Type 2.

Ulu Watu/Roots?
I Dunno about Ulu Watu but Here it Goes!

Nanook *3
Ice Jim *3
Rass *3
Gabrielle *2

Shakra *5
Ratanah *4
Yookie *3
Miken Moose *2

thursday 03/01/2008

Since you can't sell cards in the market, it's a bit risky to just sell cards to cheaps-Kate for clintz. smiley
My advice is: Participate in the dailies, until you get enough clintz to buy better cards. After buying yourself some good cards, use your new deck in the dailies again... hopefully you'll get higher ranks and earn more clintz!

as 0-JP would say: GG's smiley

wednesday 02/01/2008

Stick with just two clans would be my first suggestion.

Use the new address please, it should work better.

Enjoy it!

Don *5
Rosa *4
Mona *3
Ottavia *2

Shakra *5(You need her stop opp bonus to stop the rescue to add twelve attack)
Miken Moose *2
Noodile *2
Yaman *2

(Type 1)
Vickie *5
Angelina *2
Ottavia *2
Pino *2

Shakra *5
Ratanah *4
Miken Moose *2
Noodile *2

(Type 2)
Vickie *5
Don *5
Rosa *4
Mona *3

Shakra *5
Ratanah *4
Narendra *3
Yookie *3

Repeat after me: Set spending of pillz in each round is no "strategy" in any possible means of the world. It is blind obedience to an arbitrary rule.

tuesday 01/01/2008

@nudeCeleb: SOB doesn't work too well against the Freaks. Sure, it blocks the poison, but it won't help you win any rounds, seeing how most freaks rely on their Abilities. SOA is best against Freaks, I think.

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