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monday 10/03/2008

Ksi I like cyutsi things, wakoko! smiley

here is my cute Anti Rescue deck, smiley

Kolos *5
Glorg *4
Dieter *3
Sheitane *2
Clara *5
Yayoi *3
Ella *2
Gwen *1

Viva la Rescue and GG's! smiley

The BOUM !!! deck is really powerful, alot of SOA and SOB that could turn any game around, smiley

Uppers - Sakrohm has always been a classic duo, smiley

Petra *4
TrinmkkT *4
Uranus *3
Na Boh *2
Beetenka *4
Zatman *3
Rubie *3
Samantha *2

GG's! smiley

sunday 09/03/2008

I don't think there is but there is no such thing as force. smiley

Thanks, I think I will try Pussycats. smiley

The reason must be that the account that posted the message was blocked and subsequently deleted.

funny nonetheless smiley

I used to think that these cards were the best way to counter strong cards. Boy, was I wrong. Cards like Svelthana, Warren, and Selsya Cr are good, alright. However, I've found that they usually act better as fillers than being the main force of your deck, which I used to do...

@zhupons: That's not a bad idea...

saturday 08/03/2008

Well, if you're in a tournament, you only get 2 points for KO,even if you have 12 pillz remaining.

However, i don't see how you're getting 13 when you should be getting 24, unless you lose the battle.
I often found myself getting 13 points for losing, when i used to run a deck of 8 2 star cards, before the introduction of type1, and type2 play.(I would later go in with 8 5 stars once i had 100 or more points)

with a KO, you should get at least 20 points (lowest i've got on a KO was 18 i think.

you should record your battles, take screen shots, and send the information to an official if this is causing you problems.
the screen shots will provide insight into which card you'e beating, and the progression in how many battl;e points you should be receiving.
who knows, maybe there is a Glitch somewhere.
I once lost a game, because i Won smiley
I hit my opponent for 8 damage when i was at 7 life and they were at 12, but instead of that damage going to them, it hit me. giving them a KO smiley (this was actually me hitting them twice with 2 level 2 La junta cards dealing a total of 8 damage, the first one hit me, and i was surprised, the second hit me again, and i was KOed by my own cards...) thought it was a Graphical Glitch, but it showed up in my battle history as me losing 0 to 12(they were still at 12 life in the end of the game).

Glitches occur all the time, inform "The Man" and they can be fixed.

This is the reason i Advocate having Clans Banned for 3 weeks... this will change the system of play a lot.
one week, Rescue, Uppers, and Nightmare will be banned, the next, Uppers, Allstars, and Nightmare, then maybe Nightmare, Allstars, and Rescue...

it'd add a different Dynamic to building decks.

Unforyunately, having 3 Clans be banned would affect people who can't afford to buy 4 for 4-6 clans decks...

Use the cookie cutter
Z3R0 D34D

friday 07/03/2008

Timmy for Kolos
Juicy lord with b ball
saddy with graff

Lifesteal isn't even close to as good as damage reduction as you actually need to win the combat to get the effect. Also damage reducers tend to have abit higher damage and lower power, so even if they face a SOA you actually need to be abit careful of them since the lifeloss can hurt while mojo or kenny in front of SOA are almost GG from the start.

If youa re talking about elo or Type1 I would go with a clan that can be played defensively with a low star count (pussycats, sakrohm or maybe uppers should be good choices). The good nightmare cards tend to be expensive star-wise. Also I think nightmare tends to be abit weak if used outside ELO.

Yes, you are correct Vanter I did mean Sunday. Once more, I stand corrected.smiley

Ok..this is my deck..trying out with freaks


too lazy to type it out..

thursday 06/03/2008

In german gheist mean ghost

I have one slight problems that could be faced with this deck:
the same bonus
theres really good decks there, but i (personally) wont like the same bonus idea

alternative (if once you try and it doesn't work)
allstars with one of them (the +/- approach)
i like ulu with la junta

the bangers ulu would work, but..... idk, try it, trying never hurt anyone except the businesses that rely on the customers to give up

I like that build, needing to get level 4 Chloe and Mis Chloe is a pain, but still it's a good build.
especially since they are good damage reducers, with 6 damage each.
what do you think about using Ambre instead of Tessa Cr?
i mean Ambre can make your 5/6 damage reducers into scary 8/6's

but you'd lose Tessa Cr's 7 power for Ambre's 6, and 6 damage for 4, without the bonus and ability of +15 attack.

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