wednesday 23/01/2008

Yes, it is.
well, not here specifically, but this whole category of forums, Strategy and tactics.

were you asking for help with something in particular?
were you making this thread so we can discuss strategy?

i'm a bit confused to be perfectly honest smiley
I hope it works out for the best whatever it's purpose.

Simon is good enough.. and besides if you pin for a lyse teria cr.. it will ruin your every chance of seeing the worth of the other cards......

I believe this thread should be closed before it gets out of hand..I see no definite end to this..Mods..please close this..

tuesday 22/01/2008

I see Im sorry I thought I had read that page a milion times but didnt see it now when you pointed it out, thanks anyway.

Good thing to know that geting two clans then might not be a bad thing

monday 21/01/2008

Charlie lvl4
Baby Q
Gwen lvl1
Wee Lee
Warren lvl1

Ok althought there bonus is annoying i would suggest using power and use soa sob to stop them and that is the main thing you have to remember.

Try to open this one:

there is no best leader, it's depend on your deck.

and leader that has ability courage: + 3 power, Ambre

I would take mario over ashley in 0-DCGOJ cute's deck
thats a good deck

@Pein: Kiki Cr has a bad ability. Bad bonus too, but that can be disputed.

Josh.. is bad. That 3 power wont cut it against a good player. Copper is good, but Havok is usually better, seeing as Copper is screwed over by SOA. Luis is good though. Robin is just plain pathetic; capping out at 3 power and with 1 power against SOA. Aurelia and Rebecca are decent fillers, but they do lack damage. Amy is half decent, but is definately worse than Luis, John, or Carlos. William is no good, with only 5 power and no 6 damage to offset that.

And don't forget about exact wining table..
level 2,against level 5 card, when level 2 wins, you'll get 5 additional points.. smiley
more about it:

Cool, thanks all. smiley

It was said once before, but -10 is better than +12 in a random room, because it has a better effect in creating a difference between your scores. it basically makes it easier to get sure shot.
because if both players have 20 attack, and you have +12 attack, then it's 20, and 32(no sure shot)
but if you have - 10 attack, then it becomes 20 and 10, sure shot.

the new comic? who knows, could be weeks, could be every other week...
but as for Cr cards, we haven't gotten any new Soliel cards, maybe their contract expired.

Maybe we'll get new special promo cards more like scarlet Cr, and Manon Cr.

or maybe some of the lesser cards will go Cr(I hope Lamar goes Cr, just because All stars needs a Cr card...

sunday 20/01/2008

There is no need to explane that if i have 20 atk and he has 12 i have better chance to win , if i have more atk then him but less then x2 i always loose ... i guess the random doesnt like me.

they need to make the tourneys "no random" =/

I like Dorian 3* because of the 8power and this type 1, so more power = higher attack = better luck smiley

Gina glitt 2* is a lovely card, but since i already have 3 2* cards i rather not have a 1pwr 2* card smiley samantha is more useful with her sob

and jim cr < Jackie :

Jackie already has 8power, and 6damage plus she has soa o_o

and no i wont try this deck in elo besides i think dorian 4* > jim cr, that 1 damage isn't worth risking non 8 power for

and wolfgang's doubling capabilities make him more useful then vasilli me thinks,

and i love scaring lvl 10's with the almight SPLATA CR smiley!

saturday 19/01/2008

Ok, i'm an idiot I just realized there is high xp rooms.


@Raynos: Too many stars = Less points. If you dont get points, you cant win anyway.

Use a deck that is consist of 2 clans (4 cards from each clan). this will give you good chances of getting good draws (meaning most of your card will have bonus). probably, monatana, uppers or nightmares are good options for the clans since this 3 clan can either stop or reduce the bonus of the rescue clan. but seing that you said you are using this for Type 1 battles then you really dont need to worry much about the right cards that could help you beat rescue. this is because random is present on type 1 and 2 battles. therefore, all you have to do is to try your best to ensure a win and wish that random sticks on your side! if it didnt, then accept it.. there's still next time.. losing isnt the end of the world.. it gives you the opportunity to reflect back on what you can do next time to beat them... smiley

another suggestion, it is very worth it to try to get some good cards.. smiley
and if all else fails, then you have the choice of using rescue yourself! smiley

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