tuesday 08/01/2008

Lol..Cr packs..that would be the best pack ever..lol. By the way, the worst u can do is probably 8k (Cassio Cr). But hey, not that bad..lol.

monday 07/01/2008

A Theme changer would be pretty cool.
I have Melluzine at the moment... i thought she looked the most centered representation of my personality.

Maybe we should have a design contest, paired with a theme changing addition.

in regards to the original poster...
This is a kids game...
just because it has strategy, and tactics, paired with the obvious percs for purchasing credits...
this is a kids game... look at some of the people who play here.
Ok, i'm not a good example, because i'm in my mid twenties, but Sven's pretty young, and many more young players pop in and out of the game. Card collecting games are kids games, played by adults who wish they could be kids smiley

this just happens to be a Mature kids game smiley (just don't tell Mommie about the nipples and nudity on some of the cards)

Everyone has awsome decks compared to what i think of lol

The rescue deck is Demolished.
I now have pure bangers.

sunday 06/01/2008

It's up to you.. if you think it's better to win a card has 9/6, go for Lulabee, but If you think it's better to pay attention to all your cards, try Hugo (high power cards with +6 attack is amazing.. you can win against - or + attack with less pillz)
but I think +3 power is great.. you'll never think against card with 12 power (Gaia), or 13 power right? (Nanook)
go for ambre.. smiley

Opps.. I forgot to check it..
so even if you have 30 Lulabee (with various level and 10 level 5 cards), they will count it as one card and only give 20 points (Lulabee level 5 = 20 points) to you.

they only count the one with highest level.

You think tank?
i think admiral py

but wardog must (unless your poor like me)

Well leaders don't just win in 2 or 3 rounds they also get a good amount of points because of the deck they are using. Maybe you have just faced some unruly players in UR. Don't let it stop you from playing. Not everyone is like that. Just play and enjoy it if someone talk badly of you ignore it. It the guy curse you take a screen shot and report him for abuse.

GG Always.

Yea you cant do that its like selling a game card (a game on pc card) for real money

Nintendan doesn't mean anything bad, he just answered your question. If you are offended forgive him. Peace smiley

Hax can be useful if you have timber.....

saturday 05/01/2008

Could people who advertise "good strategies" please look up what strategy means beforehand?
I have a slight feeling that even strategy might be based upon the situation one encounters and not in a void.

I quote myself: That is no real strategy at all.
Maybe in the broadest sense but that sense is not useful.

I think so but i bought dan from allstars since evryone is saying allstars are good

Now you can read all ClintCity.org's articles and blogs on the go!

Soon you will be able to view the and update teh encyclopedia on the go as well!

I sold lots of cards so i could buy Miss Twice Cr , Kerrozin Cr and Beltran Cr and all of the cards for my ELO decks

If you don't want to spend money on credits to get/sell cards get at a high level 35/40 and try your best in tournaments.

What do you need advice on:
Type 1
Type 2
You need to specify!

Junkz/fang pi clang can work in elo smiley Try

Kati/Macumba (Kati has soa, Macumba has -5opp atk and 1 more dmg, depends on preference)
Windy mor

Otakool/Onik (Onik's 8 pwr really is nice, but its been to long since my junkz days dont know how good he is in practice)

I dont know whether you have these cards but you have a Fang pi clang and junkz deck so good luck smiley

Rescue is a pure deck

And freaks is dangerous play without splata cr as he is the only soa in the clan, with splata cr you only have to watch out for leviatonn nahi cr and the whole nightmare clan smiley, splata cr is next on my list smiley of things to get


Yeah @rooster, funny story
during the early months, i only used fury on cards
surprisingly i lost most of the time

yeah, you can get loads of battle points/XP by not using pillz, but you need to be really good and have a strong deck
but you need to win by ko

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