saturday 22/12/2007

Thanks for the list, Raynos. And in response to why anyone would want to sell to Kate, I noticed that many cards go for less on the market than they do when selling to kate. I thought that that would be a half decent way to make money during the hour between tournaments.

Here is some sample deck. Try to alter it to fit your playstyle.

Ulu Watu/Nightmare

Ulu Watu*11
Gabrielle*2 / Gaia*2

Dieter*3 / Timmy*3

For Rescue deck try looking at JP's thread about Recue clan and Sven's ELO Guide. Both are great ELO deck builders and players you should read their post and thread about deck ideas.

It is a very solid deck maybe changing Beetenka to a level 4 Dorian if you want a higher power and more stable damage.

GG always and have a Merry Christmas.


friday 21/12/2007

Sakrohm- *12

TrinmkkT *4
Corrina *3
Uranus *3
Lunatik *2

Nightmare- *13
Kenny *4
Sheitane *2
Nistarok *5
Dwain Cr/K cube *2

smiley wHat is TouTamEnt ELO? :? ?> ? /smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley:

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What about if your levelling your collection and you can't take the other leader out? then you still play evo style but the ohter 2 cards wouldn't recieve EXP , plus ambre isn't bad for evo play since courage only works twice

Samantha is one of the best 2 star fillers out there, with SOB. Dont change her out. Keep trin also. The strongest point of Sakhrom is the damage reduction, removing one of your blockers would be counterproductive.

Dw i traded erpeto and hugo for copper and rebecca and phonos.... so no i have copper and rebbeca in my deck instead of hel and erpeto smiley

I think the admins might have been near-death/sleep when they let this thread through...
can't the mods/admins re-direct the thread if its like this and it is a sell or guild recruit???

I got 8th yesterday in the dailies and i came across a couple of rescues but it was about a 3:1 win ratio
plus i played in the +21 room (type 1)
what gets me is allstars and lamar (damm him and his sob, -2 power and 8 damage with fury)

i want to hear a battle between 2 rescue decks, that'll be interesting

heres a hint: lower level players will use rescue. try and either not battle them or use a quick sharp method and maybe use lamar and ilena

It is important to be aware of things in your battle.. For example.. Do whatever u think is something that the opponents will not expect you to do...... another thing too look out for is the sure shot moves. Always try to win with this... That way u will not worry about being affected by random... and u should always try to change the way u play.. doing the same things over and over again.. makes your move very predictable

The most important thing to remember is to play for fun.. don’t hassle yourself if things are not going according to your plan.. the game was made for fun anyway..

So I guess the best tactics you can ever do is to try to concentrate on your game and give it your best shot...

William is *2 and dragan cr is replaced by Luis

thursday 20/12/2007

Ok then mod we are done here close this subject

But if you want play in Elo mode Gheist + nightmare, try:

Kenny 4
Hel 2
Sheitan 2
Ielena/Nistarook 5

Z3r0 D34d 2
Bristone 3
Leviatonn 3
Methane 4

I think you should add something to your All stars cards. I propose

All stars 15
Striker 4
Lamar 5
Marina 4
Flo 2

Pussycats 10
Gwen 1
Feelyn 2
Yayoi 3
Charlie 4

Sometimes I use this deck for ELO mode smiley

No problem

Junkz 13
Veenyle 2
Dash 2
Peeler 5
Gibson 4

You can add:

La junta 12:
Wardog 2
Bruce 3
Jane Ramba 3
Bryan 4

Ulu watu 12:
Lulabee 4
Nanook 3
Gaia 3
Gabrielle 2

Gheist 12:
Z3r0 D34d 2
Leviatonn 3
Bristone 3
Methane 4

Uppers 12
Zatman 3
Rubie 3
Samantha 2
Dorian 4

All stars 12:
Marina 4
Striker 4
Flo 2
Ashley 2

It`s a many good combination smiley

Very good Ulu watu + all stars deck is:

Lulabee 4
Nanook 3
Gaia 3
Gabrielle 2

Lamar 5
Marina 4
Flo 2
Ashley 2

It's acceptable, but there are better, e.g. z3r0 d34d

Ulu watu are quite awesome because you can use:

Ice jim/gaia

as a 11* half deck smiley and have 14* of whatever you want


vermyn N


Charlie 5*
Ella mae 4*
Gwen 3* or Gwen 1*
Feelyn 2* or yayoi 4*

Gwen 1* is better, but buyign all those 1* gwen's is a pain smiley

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