saturday 29/12/2007

Weird, I can't open a new topic in Strategy And Tactics :s

How about this:
dorless boss
b ball
juicey lord
all fully evolved

Charlie *5
Clara *5
Elly Mae *4
Gwen *3
Havok *5
MIranda *4
Carlos *3
Aurelia *2
your good to go.

I forgot:
Caciope *3

Try to read post and threads here that talks about various deck ideas especially Ground Zero's deck compilation that can be found here:

Visit Mori's site to know the stats and abilities of various cards available in UR:

Try to buy credits if you can or try to participate in as many daily tournament you can to earn some credits and clintz to get more cards.

I am trying to build a good deck with my two clans:

Bangers and Fang Pi Clang

These are all of the Fang Pi Clang I have

Endo (C) Kati (U) Linda (R)
Lihoi Chun (C) Kinjo (U)
Mini Mosu (C) Windy Mor (U)
Sakazuki (C)
Tatane (C)
Natrang (C)

These are all of the Bangers I have:

Mc Decay (C) Bodenpower (U)
Fifty (U)
Laetitia (U)
If buying more cards are recommended please post in your reply and if you have alternates or whatever please post I am open to all ideas so that other people can use these ideas

Yup..I'd go with PanzerElement..I'd choose Nightmare/Gheist too..unless you wanna trade Damage for Power and some advantages and mis-advantages..

Glad to be of service. smiley

What do you mean? you want to see your deck without the seeing the entire cards you have?

go to my collection (don't clik it) just wait and there will be appears some option, and choose my deck
or if you already save your preset, just load it (in my collection, an my collection pro)

friday 28/12/2007

Thank you very much ThparD-THA0

Let's see...

I would recommend Rescue too (god I'm tired of them), but here's a try at Ulu Watu only:

Warren 1*
Gabrielle 2*
Rass 3*
Gaia 3*
Ice Jim 3*
Nanook 3*
Hikiyousan 5*
Lulabee 5*

Quite some damage, 2 Stop Opp Bonus, 1 Stop Opp Ability and raw power.

Problem is being able to 2-shot without fury since Hikiyousan deals only 7 damage (without Stop Opp Ability that is) while Gaia, Nanook and Rass only deal 4 damage for a combined damage of 11.

No clue how good this deck might work, but it looks somewhat ok to me actually. Even Warren has enough power to take out an important attacker if needed.

Hope it helps.

My Pussycats/Nightmare deck for ELO looks like this:

Nightmare 14*

Ielena 5*
Kenny 4*
Dieter 3*
Sheitane 2*

Pussycats 11*

Charlie 5*
Yayoi 4*
Gwen 1*
Svelthlana 1*

Any other Pussycat instead of Gwen or Svelthlana at level 1 works too. Kenny is really expensive though. But for ELO you need Stop Opp Ability which you have with Dieter and Yayoi. And Stop Opp Bonus is provided by the Nightmare bonus. I guess you could use Clara instead of Charlie if you need another Stop Opp Bonus. And I guess you could use Nistarok instead of Ielena if you are a defensive player.


Ulu Watu- *17
Hikiyousan *5
Lulabee *5
Nanook *3
Gaia *2
Warren *2

Sakrohm- *19
SkrumxxT *5
GraksmxxT *4
TrinmkkT *4
Uranus *3
Caciope *3

Thanks Guys

thursday 27/12/2007

Thanks alot im going to try some of themsmiley

Kerozinn Cr
Marlysa Cr / Sakazuki
Windy Mor
Xia Leming lvl2

Ok tnx i'll just need a Z3r0 D34D

They got lots of doubles that is why they can sell more than one same card..smiley

Uppers- *12
Dorian *4
Zatman *3
Rubie *3
Colin/Gina Glitt *2

All Stars- *13
Lamar *5/Striker *4
Marina *4
Striker *3
Lewis *1/Lewis *2

wednesday 26/12/2007

Lobo is a sitting duck against flo..or even samantha..better put anita..just bluff with it..smiley

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