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monday 18/02/2008

Do you find the advantage of having Don as a heavy hitter better than downgrading him abit to Edd and get a extra star to swap Pino into something more useful like Ricardo or Prince Jr ?

8 Kolos would be naaasty, but having that SOB really helps too (otherwise gheist and roots would just pwn it)

Want to create a montana deck u need

* LOTS OF * SPACE (montana takes out lots of *) *
* LOTS OF MONEY ( oh heil vickie and lyse teria cr)*

Uppers, Pussycats and Montana are my choices. GG"s! smiley

Very helpful, smiley

Adding Support to the clans will increase the number of possible deck options for a more competetive metagame... Only time will tell if this will lead to another mistake like Marco or a more flexible fair gameplay between the Urban Rivals clans. GG's! smiley

Fellow pinoy, since you haven't bought credits try Raynos's build, it is competetive and upkeep friendly, GG's! smiley

Yup..priority is leveling up and not getting killed before round 4..just try and remember the names of those who kill you for the win and those who play fair..that way, whenever you are in the warehouse, you'll know who you want to play with to level up your cards..smiley

Ok..good idea..I'll use chicken bones..smiley

sunday 17/02/2008

So you want an Uppers/Montana deck? Or an Uppers/Montana/Pussycats?

Since u already have some La Junta...try this:

Tank 3*
Leo 3*
Dean 2*
Mitch/Amiral Py 3*

Other than that, i donno..Haveone's Sentinel does seem to be good. Other than that, maybe try this as the other half:

B Ball 2*
Jenny 3*
Laetitia 4*
Kevin 3*

Take a go at this..none of the cards are over 500 clintz.

saturday 16/02/2008

Vermyn N is a super dangerous card, unless he's against a a SOA. He leaves the player with two options:
1. Play a lot of pillz only to have your damage reduced by 4.
2. Let him deal 7 damage at you. Of course, you might be able to reduce this, but you can do the same to Bodenpower.

That's why he's twice as expensive as Bodenpower. He wasn't before, but people suddenly recognised his potential.

would it not be better to change dorian over to beetenka
then you wouldn't have to keep buying gina glitt to keerp her at lv4
so i would change dorian to beentekasmiley


friday 15/02/2008

Yeah, juicy lord is good.. (I forgot about that)

okay.. smiley
you got your avatar from pantha?

It's also going to depend on if you're using Dorian at 5* or unevolved or not at all. Same thing for Zatman, but to a lesser extent.

You could play:
Dorian - 3*
Jackie - 3*
Zatman - 1*
Samantha/Frankie Hi - 2*

and have 16*s on another clan.

Dorian - 5*
Zatman - 3*
Jackie/Rubie - 4*/3*
Samantha - 2*

this would leave 11*-12* for the other clan.

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Eyrton,murphy,tessa cr

thursday 14/02/2008

Nope, government always restrict people doing monopoly
using tax, regulation, etc..

but in UR there is no government.. but invisible hand will make the price down..
the price went up but people will sell their cards and if you don't have more money to buy them in orer to maintain the price you made, you will fail..
but some of them success.. for example flesh pimp, tania, razor..

if I use uppers? or montana?
remember that nightmare is not too strong, their overall power is 6..
even kolos cannot win against Zatman.. or Mona.. lol..

Vermyn N 3*/Saddy
Juicy Lord
Graff/B Ball(Defense)

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