friday 09/03/2012

Please read the requirements before joining the lottery !! smiley

tuesday 06/03/2012

We're already at 33 players. These events fill quickly. Join now to reserve your spot!

monday 05/03/2012

tuesday 28/02/2012

Any news on a 5th edition?

saturday 25/02/2012

When will you pick the participents

friday 24/02/2012

wednesday 22/02/2012


tuesday 21/02/2012

WIsh I could join but I don't think ill be able to, might be busy those days

monday 20/02/2012

Alright. We are so close to starting it's not even funny. We only need 3 more people. Come on and join, you know you want to. It's in your blood to test your medal against other contenders and come out on top. To grow in power, skill, fame, and riches; all of these things and more await you. Join the Knights as we quest for Ghumbo and see if you can survive the Nightmare.

sunday 19/02/2012

All for Zero and Zero for all!

Come on let's help! This guy has just lost 9,000,000 thats 9million clintz. You can help by joining smiley

saturday 18/02/2012

friday 17/02/2012

thursday 16/02/2012

30+ players already. Event probably begins tomorrow. Join now or never. Thank you.

wednesday 15/02/2012

The event is based on the same structure from beginning to end, it will change only the types of the decks and the scores.
IMPORTANT: the scores are always calculated on your life points and / or opponents ones.

- In each phase you'll have to play matches against some of opponents (no more than 4-5) in 2 straight battles.
- In each phase you'll have to reach a particular score.
- In each phase will vary the match scoring, the number of battles and the type of the deck.

Life points have never been such important, victory could be not enough.
Life p(♣)ints

tuesday 14/02/2012

Need 12 more players

In the latest chapters, Ginjo is the primary antagonist. an Ex Shinigami representative, his goal was to use Ichigo's fullbring to power up both himself and his comrades in order to get revenge on the spirit world, primarily the king of the spirit world. Tsukishima is a secondary villain working subordinate to Ginjo.

monday 13/02/2012

friday 10/02/2012

Oh man, I really wanted this posted in general, but it's ok. Locking it, as there is already one up.

thursday 09/02/2012

Sorry, max player 16 now smiley

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