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sunday 23/10/2016

Hunter Ld ia great... GHEIST need those pillz

I think it's to do with the fact that he was one of the cards in the recent themed packs, but that's just my guess

saturday 22/10/2016

Sadly, the only way to "cure" the injuries this game has is via a heavy dose of Steam. And even then, if it happens to get that treatment it'll still probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of its life.

I got the results collected and I will be posting a new thread for the finals.

You need to beat the previous ones in normal mode to unlock the subsequent HQs.

friday 21/10/2016

Great! Thank you both =D.

Hi, I am on the 2nd Mission on the flash Ld mission cylce, but when I win life points with La Iguana, it doesnt count towards the goal, any help? smiley

Delta data is the strongest character , she broke the website smiley

june data troompah

Oh, yea, you are correct smiley

thursday 20/10/2016

I like playing a bunch of different clans, so I'll try to run through them all real quick.

Vortex: Vortex has been one of my greatest performing clans overall and it's mainly because I've somewhat figured out the mindgames behind it. Also, I love the fact that I can all-in against people with Sekutor or Zoid and force them to waste a bunch of pillz to stay alive, only to lose to me having a huge pillz advantage.

Ulu Watu: Ulu has always been close to my heart as it was the first clan I was able to build a decent deck with and was the clan that I got my first 2 rares from (Daddy Jones and Miss Lulabee). Since then, I have always enjoyed having a huge power stat and basically having every character be able to take on some of the bigger 5 stars.

Rescue: Rescue's bonus is simply too fun for me to not play with it. Nothing is more satisfying that no pilling a 2 star card and watching your opponent use 3 or 4 pillz on a 4 or 5 star just to win the round. Also, being able to simply gain your life back with so many life gain cards is pretty fun too.

GHEIST and Roots: I play both SOA clans for 2 main reasons. 1) To be able to ignore most abilities (since I barely ever see Skeelz, Piranhas, or Nightmare) and 2) I have been lucky enough to simply get a bunch of the good cards for those clans. Other than that, they are just overall pretty solid and can carry me to the top third of DTs pretty easily.

wednesday 19/10/2016

They removed tokenz wheel because few players got cr single spin and in UR vision it's unfair for many players

tuesday 18/10/2016


And she's affected by their abilities too.
She just isn't worth it

sunday 16/10/2016

Hive, Raptors, Riots, Frozn and Skeelz/Berzerker.

Sadly I find it happens in all the rooms on the app even when you play against Human opponents but support replied to me saying they know the problem and are trying to fix it.

friday 14/10/2016

Can't see anyone's avatar profile picture

Disclaimer: Art is not mine. I wish lol. smileysmiley

They're a thing again. They're just over really quickly and you're very likely to miss them if you look the wrong way.

monday 10/10/2016

For like a normal game you miss some time but luckily those rounds are longer so you have more time to lose. In DT the time is too short for you to actually deal with the lag

KATJAGGER and APEKA are my favorites. KATJAGGER made Wave and Kenjy and is nailing those RB arts . APEKA made Dan and MC Decay and other classics.

sunday 09/10/2016

Yes, la junta seems more favourable than gheist

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