tuesday 18/12/2007

........................this is my idea.........................another 1 of course

this pretty much invovles crs........................

this game invovles

Selsya cr gheistling miss twice cr sigmund cr
The team u will be choosing
u can choose either
-Dragan cr -tessa cr -Mellisa cr -Swidz cr and -skullface cr
it will be like power rangers game...choose either 2 of them..1 will be backup 1 will be main..than fite....gheistling as those normal arcade infinite enemy and miss twice cr..and the others will be the bosses =D

Interesting idea. Good against rookies, but let's be honest. There aren't really that many newbies who play Type 2. In the old days, when people only had Dark Corners, THEN maybe you'd get somewhere. But now? Nah.

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Try this:

Lulabee 5*
Gaia 3*
Gabrielle 2*
Warren 2*
Esmeralda 2*
Macjej 4*
Soushee 2*
Splata Cr 5*

Worst draw will be Soushee, Esmeralda, Gabrielle, Warren but u will still do great with it. I prefer warren over jeff because warren's power can go from 3 to 10 while jeff is stuck at 7. Its prety usually used against high lvl cards.

monday 17/12/2007

for ELO, lower star cards are key.
for Sentinel, they have Aurelia, a 7/2 2 star card.
and Rebecca, a 6/3 2 star.

mayhaps you can get lunatik, a 2 star sakrohm card, and replace Venus( same power, 2 les damage if ability is active.

that would give you more room to work with your sentinel cards.

you could try


for a start.
or, you could switch SkrumxxT for Copper, and Miranda for Venus.
but i think with the 5 star card, you're still in need of another 2 star card. or 2 3 star cards to switch Venus/lunatik for Corrina/caciope. (Caciope can also be used at level 2 instead of Lunatic)

Good luck.

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Assuming he's a senior and he only has a few amount of cards.... probably not cr's at the moment onionhead

i say la junta and nightmare
burger 4 (or bryan/gertrud, stop opponent abitlity/so bonus, if you have the ctz)
jane ramba 3
dean (wardog if you have the ctz)
admiral py (bruce if you have the ctz)

estalt 5 (can upgrade to ielena or nistarok later)
dieter 3 (bit pricy but worth it, buy this one first if you want to make this deck)
mojo 3
hel 2

hope it helped

sunday 16/12/2007

So who can remember it?
people who don't keep up to date with the rules? but follow the forums?
(people like that probably only look at deck information on the forums, and were surprised when their Graksmxxt didn't work in their sakrohm deck anymore)

but ah well, i'm sure there are some people somewhere who didn't know the rules.
Thankyou for posting it in an alternative location.

The deck best for elo i find is a fang pi clan these are the cards
mini mosu at lv 1 of 2 stars
lihoi chun
windy mor
and xia leming
this deck i abit dear but its great for elo

I'm using deck 1
deck 2 is not yet usable but once i get Kenny i'll try it
i sold Roots so i can save money for Kenny
since i am good at tournaments (lol), i'll try to save clintz

Lulabee *5
Hikiyousan *5
Nanook *3
Gabrielle *2
Yayoi *3
Dolores Boss *1
Gwen *1

GG's! smiley

Use Rescue.and use hugo instead of hax.

01zulueta..try this for elo wth All Stars and Ulu Watu, works better:

Warren (jeff's power is limited at 7 while warren's could be 10)

If you cant afford Lamar, switch in Marina and change Warren to Rass or Ice Jim.

Yeh..montana's-12 attack realy helps once u get into more pillz. -12 attacks is as good as 2 pillz in most cases. That gives them the upper (montana smiley) hand

Pretty much. Card like Wardog with its 8/2 is used as a wall. It's used so that it can beat other cards without using lots of pillz. Another would be Nanook. With its bonus, its 10/4 i believe and thats really good.

saturday 15/12/2007

smiley this never happens for me, when I attack with Rosa, and people block with a stop ability card smiley sniff...

Unfortunately, it happens automatically smiley
(though not as often anymore...)
used to turn the word page into a clickable link.
and Don't would be Don 't which got kinda annoying.
i'm sure this statement is crystal clear.

Yeah , the bigger the current level of the card the more EXP needed to increase it eg 4star to 5star takes a long time to evolve

Cute build, smiley

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