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sunday 20/01/2008

I like Dorian 3* because of the 8power and this type 1, so more power = higher attack = better luck smiley

Gina glitt 2* is a lovely card, but since i already have 3 2* cards i rather not have a 1pwr 2* card smiley samantha is more useful with her sob

and jim cr < Jackie :

Jackie already has 8power, and 6damage plus she has soa o_o

and no i wont try this deck in elo besides i think dorian 4* > jim cr, that 1 damage isn't worth risking non 8 power for

and wolfgang's doubling capabilities make him more useful then vasilli me thinks,

and i love scaring lvl 10's with the almight SPLATA CR smiley!

saturday 19/01/2008

Ok, i'm an idiot I just realized there is high xp rooms.


@Raynos: Too many stars = Less points. If you dont get points, you cant win anyway.

Use a deck that is consist of 2 clans (4 cards from each clan). this will give you good chances of getting good draws (meaning most of your card will have bonus). probably, monatana, uppers or nightmares are good options for the clans since this 3 clan can either stop or reduce the bonus of the rescue clan. but seing that you said you are using this for Type 1 battles then you really dont need to worry much about the right cards that could help you beat rescue. this is because random is present on type 1 and 2 battles. therefore, all you have to do is to try your best to ensure a win and wish that random sticks on your side! if it didnt, then accept it.. there's still next time.. losing isnt the end of the world.. it gives you the opportunity to reflect back on what you can do next time to beat them... smiley

another suggestion, it is very worth it to try to get some good cards.. smiley
and if all else fails, then you have the choice of using rescue yourself! smiley

If you were gonna use a 3 star, Dieter is better than either of them. I'd even go as far as to say that Hel is better than both of them.

friday 18/01/2008

If you think it's not worth it, then join using Rescue.
I don't like rescue, because everyone use it and it's like you are copying each other.

your Ulu Watu deck is not very good because Joao and Coraille. no one use them.
at least try to change Coraille with Wee Lee, and Joao with Rass.

uppers not always good. it's up to you.
if you think Uppers can beat Ulu Watu or bangers in ELO, not always, now with blaaster, Bangers are very powerful, and Ulu Watu still a good clan. (my friend playing with this deck and now he has 1300 ELO points)

Uppers*12 (type 1)

Kolos... is going to be the new Lamar. The one card deck. The one that everyone needs, that everyone uses, that gets banned in two weeks.

That deck isnt gonna do you much good in any sort of tourney. Its banned from ELO and type 1, and you'd have next to zero chance of placing in type 2.

Boris *3( - 4 Opp Power Min. 4) 5/4
Splata Cr *5 ( Stop Opp Ability) 8/5
Eve *5( - 10 Opp. Attack Min.5) 7/5
Maciej *3( - 3 Opp Power Min.6) 6/2
Wolfgang *3( -4 Opp Damage Min.2) 6/1(at level 3)
Geuner Cr *2( Damage +2) 4/3
Soushee *2(- 3 Opp Damage Min.3) 6/1
Esmeralda *2(Attack +10) 6/2(Type 1)

(Type 2)
Eve *5
Splata Cr *5
Maciej *4
Vassili *4
Crassus *4
Wolfgang *4
Boris *3
Soushee *2

Splata Cr *5
Maciej *4
Esmeralda *2
Soushee *2
Wolfgang *4
Vassili *3
Boris *3
Geuner Cr *2

The problem is that you could sell all your cards but 8, and become a senior/novice again with a 30* deck to own in ELO

It should include current credits/clintz on the account, better yet it should just be based on the added value cllintz + the value of all the cards so that people cant use 28* decks just because they spend their 20mil on 0xp cr's smiley

thursday 17/01/2008

A sollution for this would be as follows
everybody has a maximum of matches he can do in a tournament
like 15 (depends on the tournament time ) once you've done 15 matches you cannot make more

well non random daily tournaments would be good also (same goes for elo daily tournys)
so all the rescue haters can play there smiley ...i really got enought of getting insulted just for playing rescues smiley no seriusly nonrandom daily tournaments would be great so i can show peaple that rescue rulez in nonrandom too smiley smiley

like terminator loz haha

@drapht,,,,i don't think kanye falls under east coast,,,,,chicago rap itself is of a different style,,,(look at common n lupe fiasco),,,,,

@pa-girl,,, i never heard of that stuff,,,,,electric?,,,,,,guitar?,,,,lol idk,,,isn't that like techno n stuff,,,the kind of music they play at the club n people r dancing with the night stix n glow in the dark stuff like necklaces n bubble gum lol

Johnny, no, he was not implying that. Basically, I win. smiley

Wow..... how'd you ever get that much money to buy sigmund? (I'm too noob to buy anything smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley) Some day I'm gonna be rich

wednesday 16/01/2008

@elite star: i use montana and uppers deck and its a pretty good deck for me.... i can get around 1300 elo value but not more... so elo is not an option for me... its not the cards, its the way i play them that hinders my ability to reach 1400+ ... lolz...

@drapht and McCannibal: globumm idea is already taken.. smiley i know its very successful idea, i just dont like to be a second grade trying hard copy cat... smiley lolz... smiley

@ground zero: i think i will do that..... thanks....

@everybody: more suggestions are welcome... smiley

Liar, Liar, pants on fire! lol smiley

I'd have to say either Flavio Cr or Shawoman Cr. Sure, the other cards listed are useless. But either of these crs top them in sheer amount of cash wasted.

In random u only have a sure win when u have the double of power of ur oponnent. the same pillz is like 50/50. U can play in no random room if u dont like the random factor

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