wednesday 12/12/2007

As has been mentioned, play in the lost warehouse. Also READ THE UNOFFICIAL RULES OF THE LOST WAREHOUSE. It will help you understand how the mechanics work, and thus help you maximize XP per match.

One other thing to note, if you have at least 8 unevolved cards, then you actually get less XP per match when you have Vansaar in your deck than when you don't. This is because Vansaar himself does not collect any XP. Vansaar would have to give 33% extra XP before you reach the utilitarian break even point.

How about a nightmare/Ulu watu

Kiki Cr is better. smiley

L0L but seriously, Alec.

GIVE ME IMBA FREAK!!! 8/5 STOP BONUS! smileysmiley

L0L Ground Zero.

If you mean weaknesses between clans, easy enough. Nightmare pwns all clans except GHEIST, Roots, and Freaks, who in turn get pwned by all other clans. Don't flame me, please. I know that's debatable, but it's a very rough.... ummmm.... thingamabob. Yeah, that's what it is.

Oh, and since pokemon are involved, Sablye and Spiritomb have no weaknesses.

Yep... Leader Clan is the one exception, if you have two of the same leader, the ability will be canceled.
i tried with Vansaar, using Vansaar to level Vansaar.
but it didn't work.
Leader clan is different, as we all know, they follow slightly different rules.
like their abilities not being canceled.
so, yes... two leaders, regardless of who they are, including doubles... cancels leader ability.

tuesday 11/12/2007

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Thanks. i didnt notice i submitted rubie and jackie wrong lvl x)

Thats why we talked about being invisible like harry potter

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It is ok but I suggest go use Pure Rescue instead.

Nice cheap deck Whitefang. Pure Rescue is cheap and really efficient. Try it.

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EVO is not ELO. EVO is not official. As stated by Stormwhisper " EVO is a simple method of play. On your turn you play a character with 6 pillz. On your opponent's turn, you play a character with 0 Pillz. You don't KO your opponent before round 4"

Go read Stormwhisper's thread abou the Unofficial Rules of the Lost Warehouse to learn more.'s kinda the cheap


Works pretty good but might have a hard time to ko people with Anita, Slyde, Steve, Lea.

monday 10/12/2007

Well in that situation, I would always use a Leader if ever I was to play a Pure clan; or my other favorite option of using uranus as a heavy Damage reducer,
GG's! smiley

very repetitive questions..smiley

It's Amazing what you find... by asking...
I just thought it was an Urban-Rivals thing, probably some French Abbreviation that just didn't need to be translated into English/Other languages.
Learn something new every day smiley

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Jackie is one of the best cards in the game, actually. The only reasons she doesn't cost that much is because she was banned in ELO and isn't a Cr. If either of those two change, her value on the market would easily double to triple within 4-5 months. But anyway, Kenny isn't the best card in the game, or anywhere near it. He's pretty damn good, but not perfect. His low power means that you need to either abuse Pillz or use him as bait, as most of the time players will try to beat him with one of their higher-power monsters. You can get them to waste a lot of Pillz that way. I remember one time I had Kenny out in turn 3 and 7 Pillz left, and my opponent had Kerozinn (before she was Cr) out and 5 Pillz left. I used him as bait and don't you know he wasted all 5 Pillz on her, allowing me to win with Jane Ramba + Fury and bonus for the win. =D

This was the Type 2 deck if i run a junkz deck:

Lost Hog to Xia Leming
Mickey T to Dorian
Beetenka to Zatman
Linda to Kati if u want for the SOA.

- I amPOWERFUL sometimes i have seen 3, 2 starred Roots cards and 2, 5 starred Ulut Watu cards and it was an Ulu watu you tihnk the star amounts have sometihng to do with it?

sunday 09/12/2007

- 0- JP thas actualy a good idea....i jsut hate when ppl stop Willy's ability....hmmm ill probally try that sense i already have him

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