friday 09/11/2007

Nice, I like high power because it makes minuses obsolete with a decent amount of pills, anywhere from 3 and up equals awesome.

Cuz shes good~

Nialboy - i sold Dj Korr Cr for million and 85 Miss Twice Cr
AOD-NEKO in next month come only 1 new blood - Kerozinn Geuner Splata and Seldnor will be Cr

Iam, that deck isn't that good, I used to have it. It could be better if you changed svelthlana to a lvl 1, and then gina glitt and frankie hi to rubie and samantha, and then alice to yayoi. But it still isn't that good.

thursday 08/11/2007

Maybe you should look at Flyer bonus [attack +8]

wednesday 07/11/2007

Cards that give you life gain aint everything. they are useless against cards like icejim rubie splata and more lol

Oh, sorry I confused Windy Mor with Xia Lemming. If you don't mind playing unevolved cards or you can take advantage of that extra star Windy Mor is quite nice at level 2. Or you could use Sakazuki if using another Stop Opp Bonus


Check the site, seems to be very nice smiley

tuesday 06/11/2007

I would make different. A combination of Junkz and Roots (since he got cards from both clans)

Otakool (or Keanew)

Miken Moose

High power, not so good damage, but lots of Stop Opp. Ability, so damage reducers won't be a problem (except for Pussycats). And the best, it's a cheap deck.

monday 05/11/2007

But you only really have 4 at a time on the field, so it isn't much different than normal mode.
However, if you draw a General, and a DJ Korr in one hand... people will know how good your cards are...
and that's only 10 stars, which easily leaves 15 more for Type one/ELO...

All is in the manual, read it. Game rules explain how random works.

Buy uppers like zatman or ruby.

I whould go with:
lyse teria
Elly mae

Lol..wanna give me some good cards for free then? smiley lol

Honestly since you have bought credits, I never advise to sell cards since their values may change in time. So just keep earning your savings through your battles, smiley

Or any card with soa for that matter

saturday 03/11/2007

No.use it with leader!

Try this for now till you decide what clans you want to play with, GG's! smiley

Copper *5
Skiner *3
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2
Venus *4
TrinmkkT *4
Caciope *3
Lunatik *2

Those 2 clans are great together, just keep saving your winnings from fights since the cards are expensive but worth it, GG's! smiley

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