friday 07/12/2007


Sentinel 12*
Tessa 5*
Rebecca 2*
Aurelia 2*
Carlos 3*

Montana 13*
Don 5*
Ottavia 3*
Pino 2*
Giovani 3*

Sentinel/La Junta

Sentinel 14*
Tessa 5*
Miranda 4*
Carlos 3*
Aurelia 2*

La Junta 11*
Bryan 4*
Wardog 2*
Bruce 3*
Dean 2*

You only trouble you will probably have is when u get Dean, Aurelia, Carlos and Miranda in one draw. Then you will need to work hard to win.

Thanks guys I'll get to saving

thursday 06/12/2007

Thas great....

My advice would be, not too smiley By that I mean don't build a deck that only works if you draw certain cards. I'd second the idea of an 8 card deck with only two 'sets' and a couple of wild cards. For example I'm working on a montana, sentinel deck. With Kharl and Svetlana to add a bit of muscle. Any help? smiley

Um... Vansaar is a levelling only card that should not really be included in any deck designed for play-to-win. Still I stend to recommend an 8th rescue card.

Started collecting all stars got 4 gonna improve em all max lvl


i bought oyoh everton and alexei then had like 400 left so i got bhudd

I have experienced some odd Power modifications.
Some times i'll be playing against an opponent, and their card will display their Power in Blue, higher than the standard power.
Some times it does this for my power aswell.
I know this will happen if they have a bonus, or ability affecting Power...
But in the cases i'm talking about, there is no modification, yet usually there is a courage or power affect, played earlier in the round...
I think the one rime i remember it happening, it was the fourth, and final card, without bonus... when the other three were Ulu Watu.
It may have been a Graphical glitch, not affecting the Power of the card, and i don't think it mattered, the power change, because i had clearly had them beat, or they clearly beat me, prior to the power boost...

Has anybody else noticed this?
(it could just be my web browser... Mozilla FireFox)

Its woryth it ive only lost once since i changed to rescue

So i tack out that s dude and then what

Hmm...i'm not sure, Kati and Windy Mor is the only SOA and SOB in the deck. They will be needed. Anyways, i already have 2 blockers.

wednesday 05/12/2007

What would be better to use?

I was thinking an uppers/La junta combo but i was also thinking la junta/All star

So far i have Alexi

Im thinking of getting rid of all sentinels out of my deck, as i've found them to not be that good, and possibly replacing them with Fang-Pi, what do you think to this deck:
Mini Mosu
Windy Mor
Xia Leming

Make IMBA Freak STOP BONUS NOW!!! hehe! smiley

Ye i liek Bodenpower best....9 power with bonus and is great for no pill battles with the -5 opp attack. Willy is also good but i dont really use him i jsut always bluff no pills on him at the very 1st turn.... people either waste all theirs no kill him or use none and he always wins that way smiley

From personel experiance i belive you should have a Feng Pi Clang and Nightmare for a good combo in a ELO deck

Since everyone wants something christmassy, i decided to make this thread
post your spoof of a christmas carol (or traditional other religious holiday songs) here with references to UR
you wont get free cards (unless soeone else thinks its funny and gives you one) but its with the christmas/other religious holiday spirit so join in

i dont have one at the moment but when i come up with one i'll post it

merry christmas/other religious holidays and a happy new year

But kawan is so cool.......
fine, i'll go:
dash (later replaced by veenyl)
flyer (later replaced by otacool, prob him first)
and ummm... name a card under 1000 ctz to be 3 star

dont comment on my fpc deck, i'm poor and cant afford cr's
plus, i can bluff with kinjo or just give them 8 damage

smiley anyone knows an cheap ELO deck?

Well, if u are goign to stick with ur clan, get at least Tessa and maybe Swidtz. Uranus is a keeper but Hugo..nay. If you realy awnt a leader, get Morphun or Bridget. They are, in my opinion the only 2 good leaders. Maybe Ambre but her ability only work half the time.

monday 03/12/2007

Mmk ty guys smiley

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