saturday 03/09/2016

The thing is PC is practically dead in elo
Using them mono is suicide. The only thing keeping them alive is Leela and Slayer, vholt can't be used well unless its mono

friday 02/09/2016

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Ok I see it it blends in to well may be they should make the words in yellow or orange or red to see them better.

Are is all ways looking an probably post this in the Introductions and Recruitment section

there is are link

thursday 01/09/2016

Give them some time there greatly under staffed right now. they will have it probly soon since the app takes top priority for them right now to make large sum's of money.

Hi, Please could you post this in the Introductions and Recruitment forum.

wednesday 31/08/2016

Open shop and get both RB's

Purchases not needed (at least I didnt have to do it)

This is the forum post that lists all of the rewards for Season 3

So I've been wondering why the auction system was removed entirely for the new site. Of course it's still on the old site, but why get rid of it when it was used a fair amount? Any ideas?

Post it in the bug thread, not under Strategy and Tactics

That's rubbish.
If you but a limiter on the star values it forces you to have a single type of deck (5-4-4-3-3-2-2-2) which is deadly bad in clans with less 2* like Pussycats.
That kills variety in all forms and makes sure that only two strong 4* are overpriced as hell (and unavailable to new players as a result) and the rest are useless.
Same with 3* and 2*

monday 29/08/2016

Actually, you can. The filter is just bugged out when it comes to leaders and rebirths, for whatever reason.

sunday 28/08/2016

I remember that we had 3500-4000 players online everyday before November 2015 (when the new site was released)

The number of players online per day may look really bad but, around 19,000 people played this month. Not sure if that's good or bad,but at least we know that there aren't only 1000-1600 players in the entire game!

Having a few more ads around, less collector cards (sorry not sorry), packs that can be bought by clintz, crazier game modes more rewards leader wars and rewards from them more rebirths, some official merch

The only problem with Hachi is that Dolly Cr already fills that spot with a great poison ability. But, since Dolly Cr is banned right now, Hachi could go up in price once he's out of NB packs.

I do think that Dixie, Moai, XU-Kr4ng, and maybe Pr Balthazar would be good options to invest in because they seem like they will be staples in their clans.

Join a clan with loads of active members

saturday 27/08/2016

Vortex sure does have great splashes

I want a deck for normal mode not hardcore

Thank you very much Sahil23, jerromy, T0P_LoA, StMichealD. smiley smiley
Thank you all for all the information and for all the help ! smiley smiley

Now i know that:
GHEIST and Roots counters are: Skeelz, Nightmare, and Piranas.
All Stars counters are: Nightmare and Piranas, But i see that Nightmare is better.
Montana counter is: Raptors.
Raptors and Vortex counters are: GHEIST and Roots, But i see that GHEIST is better.

Thank you very much every one smiley , I am going to close this topic smiley smiley , Thank you smiley smiley , Bye smiley

friday 26/08/2016

Hi, you might get more luck if you ask in your guild because they can then put the card into the guild bank.

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