tuesday 16/10/2012

The bonuses smiley

Nightmare is mostly about lifegap.
Piranas is about having a control of your pills.
Ghiest are just about taking a cards ability away , then try and win with it.

30k is plenty of money for a Rescue deck .

Krash Larry (Steve's too expensive right now mate , wait for him to drop or till you get enough money) Buckler Anita Daussone Slyde Kerry Sledg. It's very good. Use Vinny for Larry if you want

monday 15/10/2012

Rescue are fine smiley There a good clan to use . I play Montana + Rescue . There both good but when Avola gets a ban , they become less effective because Don isn't the greatest card.

For Rescue this is the best and most common deck .

Krash (Super cheap! Yet it's a great card) Steve Buckler Anita Daussone (Super cheap again) Slyde (700 Clintz , a bit cheap)
Kerry + Sledg

A budget deck , if I was to name one would be -

Krash Larry Daussone Wesley Slyde Joanna Gordon Cliff (That decks about 7k I think)

I made this half deck build. pretty solid with 2 major freak cards banned for the week. I already have almost a 1200 rating after one morning of play

Dorian is currently ELO banned.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2441875 But I didn't like that deck.

Not really, especially without uranus, there is just no point imo. I think he is more for dts actually.



saturday 13/10/2012

Look at the next week possible bans , think about it.

friday 12/10/2012

Nice deck. i would personally change, if possible, Ryuichi to Futoshi Ld/Heitachi and Yoshida to Kerozinn Cr.

Ok deck. I would personally change, if possible, Ayah to Thorpah, Cyb Lhia to Deea and Oflgn to dagg.

tuesday 09/10/2012

Nice deck. Congrats on the Cr. smiley

I agree with ghelas. I now rate down any deck like this.

I would change Mayhem to Raeth but i was trying to keep it low in price smiley

monday 08/10/2012

@Signomi Ld:

Kalindra's ability was meant to be "+1 pills per damage" before the staff nerfed her at the last minute. She still turned out overpowered, but at least they made the effort. Spyke, eddie and beeboy I think are just the staff overcompensating for weak clans.

sunday 07/10/2012

As + Freaks - Next week
As + Uppers - Next week .

Yes I know you may say Karen for these decks , don't you think I know that ? It'd be really tedious to keep on making those decks again + posting them . I'll make them now that you'll mention them but rate up + comment anyway!

If you hate say why please!!

What I dislike about the recent trend is that it shifts the game from being strategic to being intuitive.

Instead of counting pills, working out various scenarios, and developing contingency plans, now it's all about intuitive guesses on when your opponent is gonna nuke. It's getting harder and harder to mathematically corner your opponent these days, not when he can simply blow the game with a 50-50 nuke-or-bluff in the very first round. You can only rely on intuition in those situations.

I know intuition is an important part of every card game, but the fact elo matches are random makes it very hard to get a good grasp of your opponents' skill level. That lv 27 "noob" might actually be a good player's second account, and that lv 68 "pro" might've joined the game last month and spent his time in DM. And since the game only lasts 4 rounds with emphasis on the first and second, by the time you get an accurate read of your opponent's skill level the game is already over.

saturday 06/10/2012

@the oracle You forget that Montana's cannot 1 pill bluff against other atk manip decks. You have to know how to use their weaknesses against them. If you're constantly trying to brute force overpill against them you're doing it wrong.

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In any case, you can still try Skeelz.

thursday 04/10/2012

Nice deck when everythings unbanned.

tuesday 02/10/2012

Not complaining about azel actually i was aiming at karrion.
azgroth is nowhere near as good as gibson, and gibson isnt even that good of a card anymore, being overlooked by his 4* teammates.
dudley ld isnt that great either, I would go as far as saying glorg and magenta are both better choices.

I really just want a 5* that really works for nightmare without constantly struggling to win a round.

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