wednesday 05/12/2007

Im thinking of getting rid of all sentinels out of my deck, as i've found them to not be that good, and possibly replacing them with Fang-Pi, what do you think to this deck:
Mini Mosu
Windy Mor
Xia Leming

Make IMBA Freak STOP BONUS NOW!!! hehe! smiley

Ye i liek Bodenpower best....9 power with bonus and is great for no pill battles with the -5 opp attack. Willy is also good but i dont really use him i jsut always bluff no pills on him at the very 1st turn.... people either waste all theirs no kill him or use none and he always wins that way smiley

From personel experiance i belive you should have a Feng Pi Clang and Nightmare for a good combo in a ELO deck

Since everyone wants something christmassy, i decided to make this thread
post your spoof of a christmas carol (or traditional other religious holiday songs) here with references to UR
you wont get free cards (unless soeone else thinks its funny and gives you one) but its with the christmas/other religious holiday spirit so join in

i dont have one at the moment but when i come up with one i'll post it

merry christmas/other religious holidays and a happy new year

But kawan is so cool.......
fine, i'll go:
dash (later replaced by veenyl)
flyer (later replaced by otacool, prob him first)
and ummm... name a card under 1000 ctz to be 3 star

dont comment on my fpc deck, i'm poor and cant afford cr's
plus, i can bluff with kinjo or just give them 8 damage

smiley anyone knows an cheap ELO deck?

Well, if u are goign to stick with ur clan, get at least Tessa and maybe Swidtz. Uranus is a keeper but Hugo..nay. If you realy awnt a leader, get Morphun or Bridget. They are, in my opinion the only 2 good leaders. Maybe Ambre but her ability only work half the time.

monday 03/12/2007

Mmk ty guys smiley

Save, don't spend it until your 1'st pack (20 credtis) to support your 1'st rare card. smiley

Best clan?
tricky , every clan is good but i'd say mine best clan is gheist because of the cool looking cards and the bonus

sunday 02/12/2007

They are quite annoying but my two hit La Junta clan takes them down pretty fast with Burger having 9 power with a courage ability and Brina with a stop ability to stop them leveling up farther I can usually take any of them down smiley

Kerozinn Cr *5
Linda*4 / Macumba *4
Windy Mor *2
Marlysa Cr *2
Bryan *4
Jane Ramba *3
Bruce *3
Wardog *2

GG's! smiley

Well, I'm going to afford Marina, but not that soon. Dan is unsuitable to me, since I need to replace another card in my deck...
Personally I liked the advice of 0- Jp, and Strengthboy, 1st I used the 1st variation, now I use Striker instead of Alexey. And trying to switch to smth. like the suggestion of Xmagnus, either with La Junta, Junks, Roots or Sentinel.
About Ashley, - I'd rather replace Flo smiley
But anyway, I'll try considering Dan for my future decklist experiments, thanks.

saturday 01/12/2007

Wow me and jade thought of the same deck weird.

I like it. if they have guist or roots your banger are in trouble

Ulu watu/all star
lamar(once you got him)5*
striker 4*
marina 4*
flo 2*
lulabee 5*
ice jim 3*

Hw bout this..take out aurelia put in william
take out platoona and put in juicy lord..

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