friday 30/11/2007

Another thing that gives me the motivation to stay active is my desire to reach 100 lvl... lolz.. smiley

I'd say Nightmare/G.H.E.I.S.T. Freaks would come second.

Jackie and Grax can be used in Type 1. Those two cards once ruled ELO and good reason enough to play in Type 1 if you have them but hey with random we can't say they are godlike or anything. If you want a no random tourney experience play in the ELO room if you want a frustrating one and half hour or by next an hour go play in Type 1 or Type2.

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I was just wondering because since they are a speical clan maybe they had a special entrance

Search for me, that account was made a very very very long time ago, lol! smiley

thursday 29/11/2007

Yeah go with NudeCeleb_LOA 's idea smiley

wednesday 28/11/2007

Nope, it is a rare card since it's rare to find making it expensive in the market; hehe! GG's! smiley

My best possible option:

Shakra *5
Ratanah *4
Yookie *3
Noodile *1
Peeler *5
Otakool *3
Veenyle *2
Dash *2

Budget Version:

Peeler *5
Gibson *4
Veenyle *2
Dash *2
Ratanah *4
Yookie *3
Noodile *3
Miken Moose *2

You still have a 7-5 combination KO. GG's! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Yeah, the phantom time outs doesn't affect the smiley face smiley
and you can go back to 100%, when i was a newb, i went down to 99 then a game or two later it was back to 100

tuesday 27/11/2007

Yeah i can imagine smiley, running an unsuccesfull type 2 deck right now by banging all my strongest cards together smiley suprised how many low lvl noobs there are in type 2, the type that dont have all full evo with 7/8 pow/dmg cards which is what i expected smiley

monday 26/11/2007

If you have nothing better to do... you can play in every tournament in a week.
you only need to get 100 points to get a Credit.
each credit you get brings you closer to getting more cards, if you get a good card, you can sell it to Kate...
for a very reduced price, but you'll still be making clintz.

but if you really want to make clintz... buy the minimum credit value, which will allow you to sell your cards on the market, and you can make a significant amount more, than selling to Kate.

They make a new moderator please close this topic

Usually for new cards, their abilities, and stats get posted in the Staff Anouncement forums... but as for every other card, the UR database is best.
(although i kinda like the old version better...)
the old version stated each card, and had their stats at each level...
now you have to click through them to see their abilities at which levels...

Let's just play and have good fun games shall we?..and give RESPECT to every player we encounter..smiley

I hate the rescue decks i usualy forfeit or jsut dont use pillz cuz its annoying to watch ur cards loose repeadidly. The reel dumb part is that their going for so high that the people who already have good decks (rich people) are just becoming unstoppable. NudeCeleb_LOA i think u have a good idea that it shouldnt include the base cards because if you dont have high powered cards theres a 85% chance u will loose

Montana for their bonus especiall vickie

I would but the SMS option does not work here in australia. And i dont have a credit card lol or internet banking

Try to make a 20 star deck wit high power smiley......ground zero tried to do it b4..

sunday 25/11/2007

if you use my collection, select a card, and just click add to my deck, then click on the "my deck" located in the My collection Drop down menu. and from there, you can remove cards from your deck.

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