monday 05/11/2007

I whould go with:
lyse teria
Elly mae

Lol..wanna give me some good cards for free then? smiley lol

Honestly since you have bought credits, I never advise to sell cards since their values may change in time. So just keep earning your savings through your battles, smiley

Or any card with soa for that matter

saturday 03/11/2007

No.use it with leader!

Try this for now till you decide what clans you want to play with, GG's! smiley

Copper *5
Skiner *3
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2
Venus *4
TrinmkkT *4
Caciope *3
Lunatik *2

Those 2 clans are great together, just keep saving your winnings from fights since the cards are expensive but worth it, GG's! smiley

Simple, GG's! smiley

Kerozinn *5
Linda *4
Elya Cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2
Charlie *5
Yayoi *4
Svelthlana *1
Gwen *1

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Read the rules, smiley

Get more cards and don't spend your clintz til you get your next pack. Spend your savings on the rare card you wind in your pack that will support it. GG's! smiley

Pure Fang Pi clang since they have great abilities, GG's! smiley

It's a new clan, a new perspective to the game by abilities and bonuses; Also to balance the current meta-game, GG's! smiley

But Uppers have less damage than All Stars, and they don't have a good 4 star card for ELO

Sorry didnt understand what is good with this ability smiley

Haha , the new generation

Screw rubbish hands for me i think you should try to trick the opponent by using low damage/low powered cards as bait for them to waste pillz

friday 02/11/2007

Exactly every card in this game can be overcome and banning cards spoils a clan in ELO

Montana is definitely the cheapest

thursday 01/11/2007

But seriously, that would be a great Bonus for a clan which can compensate with so-so Abilities like Courage or + Damage, hehe! smiley

Take CBM Darko's advice and just save. GG's! smiley

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