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thursday 20/12/2007

Very good Ulu watu + all stars deck is:

Lulabee 4
Nanook 3
Gaia 3
Gabrielle 2

Lamar 5
Marina 4
Flo 2
Ashley 2

It's acceptable, but there are better, e.g. z3r0 d34d

Ulu watu are quite awesome because you can use:

Ice jim/gaia

as a 11* half deck smiley and have 14* of whatever you want


vermyn N


Charlie 5*
Ella mae 4*
Gwen 3* or Gwen 1*
Feelyn 2* or yayoi 4*

Gwen 1* is better, but buyign all those 1* gwen's is a pain smiley

Shakra 5*
Ratanah 4*
Noodile 1*
Miken Moose 2*

Ulu Watu 1*
Lulabee 5*
Nanook 3*
Gaia 3*
Gabrielle 2*

A deck of the strongest Crs.... I mean the ones that cost Millions. If not strong because of brute force, you'd intimidate most of your enemies into making lousy mistakes.

If not, then a Sakrohm deck, preferably with all their damage reducers present. Even La Junta and Fang Pi Clang will have problems with that.

Or Nightmare.... They can stop almost anyone since most players rely too much on powerful bonuses. You'll have problems with Freaks, Roots, and Gheist, though, who get boosts because of abilities and not bonuses.

If all else fails, you cold always go with a deck of repetitive 4 or 5 stars from the same clan. Not too many points there, but imagine staring down 3 Vickie cards as well as 1 Don, letting their bonus activate. I know that's not for ELO, but it could be potentially unstoppable. There ARE counters, though.

And i also forgot to mention that it needs to be an ELO deck.

Opec,if you want an All Stars/Nightmare,then you'd probrably try this:

All Stars- *13
Lamar *5
Marina *4
Ashley *2
Flo *2

Nightmare- *12
Dieter *3
Timmy/Thaumaturge Cr *3
Kenny *4
Sheitane *2

you need to market your Ulu Watu Cards if you want to get this deck.

Ok lets think here: get rid of morphun i think and that leaves u with 23 stars . gaia to lv 3( its a bit piontless playing non elo)
24stars. i think nine card deck is piontless because its better to just do a 8 card deck because u than are trimming down the stars. ok if you are playing non elo type 1

ice jim/joao

type 2
ice jim/joao

good gaming smiley

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Because for the bonuses to be activated you need to have atleast 2 cards with the same clan in your draws in a battlessmileysmileysmileysmiley

Rescue is way over-powered,low star count for massive power. Minimum attack of 13,if full rescue....greatly over-powered. May as well be Leaders on their own.

Actually, i like random
since the start of 2 hour dailies, its the only room i've been in and when i went to play elo on a sunday to get cheap credits (yes, i am stingy), i lost and i bailed out
because in random, you can put out 4 or 5 pillz and then you have a chance of winning. in non random you have to plan and calculate, and i dont like that seeing as i'm on holidays away from school

I was thinking of making a new account and then try and collect a whole clan without the use of credits
then make a guild of the whole UR clans (All stars, bangers etc.) with each player collecting a whole clan

anyone want to join this thing???

Type 2:
FPC- *18
Kerozinn Cr *5
Lao Cr *5
Elya Cr *3
Seldnor Cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2

Pussycats- *8
Manon Cr *3
Scarlett Cr *3
Cassio Cr *2


FPC- *15
Kerozinn Cr *5
Lao Cr *5
Seldnor Cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2

Roots- *10
NDololo Cr *3
Nahi Cr *3
Page Cr *2
Beltran Cr *2

Type 1
Roots- *11
NDololo cr *4
nahi cr *3
Beltran Cr *2
Page Cr *2

FPC *14
Kerozinn Cr *5
Lao Cr *4
Seldnor Cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2

Fang Pi Clang- *20
Lost Hog *5
Kati/Macumba/Linda *4
Xia Leming *3
Windy Mor *2
Sakazuki *2
Lihoi Chun *2
Mini Mosu *2(until you can afford Marlysa Cr.)

Leader- *5
Ambre *5

Lost Hog can be useful.he can have 10 Damage if there is SOB(Stop opp bonus) and 12 damage if without SOB and he has a - 5 Opp.Attack Min.5 and he can be an 8/12 or 8/10 or 8/8!!

Oh i alredy have those Cards .. i acculy Own allllll Nigthmair Cards smileysmileysmileysmiley I m a nigthmair freak

wednesday 19/12/2007

Play in type 1 room, if you play in type 2 room, you will get pwned

The most useful advice is to make a deck that various levels of cards. If most of them are the same level it can be really though to level them. (even at the cost of using evolved cards) smiley
A to remember the player who had good deck for you can also reduce the time you spend evolving a card.
Also very nice to play with good players, who has similar mentality, and knows how to play in the lost warehouse

i think a deck of 7 rescue and 1 leader if you can buy one would work brilliantly
this is my idea of a good deck for you



Ambre (adds 3 power to team as a courage )

SOA is Stop Opp Ability
SOB is Stop Opp Bonus

Using cards from the same clan let you activate their clan bonus. Some clan bonus are better than others. Some improve a characters chance of winning while other let you deal more damage or protect you from damage. A deck that is too spread out and without bonus can fall against someone who has a good deck that uses bonus.

You should try out Rescue clan they are the best in using just one specific clan and is a good starting point for new players as they are easy to use and obtain right now.

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