saturday 27/10/2007

Sell your Flyer. It's the only Junkz that you have. If you want to, sell otome and tatane, but your fang pi clan will get weaker.smiley

friday 26/10/2007

General cr
lost hog
lao cr

The support attack plus 3 bonus of the RESCUE clan can only be triggered when you have two or more of them in hand..the bonus increases for each card of the same clan you have in your hand..

2 RESCUE cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 6
3 RESCUE cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 9
4 RESCUE cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 12

as for the support ability..the ability is multiplied by two if two members of the clan are present..
multiplied by 3 if three cards of the same clan are present..
and multiplied by four if all your cards are of the same clan..

please correct me if I am wrong..Ggs

I never play random except torni but definetly not in elo
wouldn't mind trying your (0bby) tactic on some noob
i should also try do kinjo bluff on first trun, see if tthey waste all pillz trying to defend it (unless i'm against root/ghiest/nightmare/soa/sob/-damage) then i'm screwed

Well i was thinking of using what i currently have these are my cards:Havok,Skiner,Aurelia,Rebecca,Miranda,Klaus,William,Luis & Carlos tell me what I can buy with 12k

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Actually, you only gain 1 life per turn. smiley

thursday 25/10/2007

The subjects list say "Strategy and Tactics" maybe someone should make a new subject entitled "HELP ME!!!" because I almost always see this everyday from new players..

Cute deck! smiley

I'm an All Stars fan so you can try this out for size, smiley

Lamar *5
Striker *4
Amelia *3
Flo *2
Zatman *3
Rubie *3
Gina Glitt *3 (if you buy the unevovled version @ 2* stars, simply replace Amelia with either Alexei or Marina)
Samantha *2


Lamar *5
Striker *4
Ashley *2
Flo *2
Methane *4
Leviatonn *3
Bristone *3
Z3r0 D34d *2

GG's! smiley

Keep playing Daily Tournaments and save for a Action pack since they have great cards from the Pussycats & Sentinel which can help your Wanda in Daily tournaments with more ladies and you can get lucky with Tessa or Copper, do not spend any of your money till you save enough for your most expensive target card. Here's a deck you can try to build, I like it since it's cheap and you have alot of cards to combo with Copper with 2 reduce damage cards. GG's! smiley

Gibson *4
Kawan *4
Otakool *3
Veenyle *2
Copper *5
Rebecca *2
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2

Lol! utakan na ito! smiley

You can try this out for size,

Don *5
Mona *3
Ottavia *3
Pino *2
Bryan *4
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2

You have a nice Don / Wardog & Bryan / Bruce combo, 2 Reduce Opp. Damage and nice walls with Pino and Mona who can stop Lamar, GG's! smiley


wednesday 24/10/2007

Havin a morphun is fun smiley

Use all of your fang pi except Xia. change it to: Marlysa Cr,i know it's hard to afford,but buy credits and sell ambre for 3000 and morphun for 6000

Hey........if you are gonna use this deck,try to use WarDog.

You can sell Miss Ming,Caciope,IronField and Bridget.

Morphun *5
Malmoth *4
Gibson *4
Otakool *3
Dash *2
Veenyle *2
Allan *2
Uranus *3

GG's! smiley

Linda *4
Macumba *4
Windy Mor *3
Xia Leming *3
Rebecca *2
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2


Kinjo *5
Linda *4
Windy Mor *3
Sakazuki *2
Tessa *5
Rebecca *2
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2

GG's! smiley

I like your 1'st deck, GG's! smiley

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