sunday 18/11/2007

Can i get help in building my gheist deck so far i got mayen dr saw and brutox as gheist.. thinking bout mixing it with nitmare cards.. help pls./

Also, using Hugo might be a better option for a + attack bonus clan...
although Ambre is awesome with the + power...

saturday 17/11/2007

Yes..can we blacklist a player without having him/her send us a message first before we can blacklist him/her..? because I can't seem to blacklist any player unless that specific player sends me a message..

Cool, a time-out clause, 5 time-outs during a Daily Tournament and you are removed from the room till the tournament ends. It's sad the clock is indeed exploited by my opponents during Daily Tournaments.

Going cheap but you bought credits... hmm... Try working with your current rare cards for starters. Bangers / La Junta have nice combination KO's, you can even sneak in your leader for the extra pills for fury. You may play Sakrohm / Sentinels too. I'm really biased for All Stars decks so find out what deck appeals to you so you will have fun playing with it.

Morphun *5
Willy *5
Saddy *3
Graff *2
Jane Ramba *3
Bruce *3
Dean *2
Wardog *2

GG's! smiley

No Lamar... smiley
cute build tho! smiley

friday 16/11/2007

Yes its works only one the courage part

What cards do you have in your collection??

No point in playing Chikko, especially not at lvl1. Not in my eyes anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though.

How about a wild west clan? That has some potential. Bonus: Roundup-attack +2. An ability I just came up with, for every pill put onto the character, they get an additional +2 to attack. But I don't have any idea what kind of cards you could put in the clan.

thursday 15/11/2007

I have that deck, It's quite good. Keep marco... Alec is the best rescue card in my opinion, because a 7 power rescue is basically unstoppable. I have larry though, 7/3 is actually quite good.

We cannot Ban Rescue... though based on the way they are now, i do think they should have a Maximum Attack bonus, perhaps 9, to not completely cripple them...
and as for Making an Anti-deck... we shouldn't have to, you shouldn't have to make a deck to defy another deck, just because everybody uses that deck....
I purposefully try to avoid using decks just because they're too popular, I can't stand facing my own deck, or even a deck very similar to my own...

the game should allow for a lot of good decks, which it does, but some are clearly superior to others(assuming the Player understands how to play the game on a level beyond basic Brute force methodology)

I've searched, and searched for a deck, that i both enjoy playing, and that performs well in ELO, it's very difficult.
Mostly, i enjoy playing with Junkz... they only have a +8 bonus... I never really liked All Stars, i found the -2 Power to be weird...
but +2 power was Ok... I also liked playing Nightmare, the stop op bonus just seems so useful... Dieter is nice toosmiley

Realy fun!!! Congratulation. Am I allow to post your pics on the french Board?

Each clan is playable
its just that different clan requires different playstyle

Rescue clan is best by itself. Even a leader will ruin every other cards ablities/bonuses. But if you have enough SOA and SOB, you can kill them in no time..try this against them: Sheitane, Hel, Kenny, Nistarok, Bristone, Methane, Leviatonn.

wednesday 14/11/2007

Guys i cant go to turnements and elo with douples and more than 25 *
so u gara help me get it for 25 stars without taking out 1 bodenpower , Laetitia (U) ,Vermyn N (U) or Bridget (i replaced vanssar)
graff could be a start but i still need 5 stars to be divided on 3 cards

Yeah, elo is very frustating I played until 1100 then down to 1001.. smiley

Name: Pain
Attack: 8
Damage: 5
Ability: Damage + 4
BONUS: 7 opp attack. Min 5

Its like you play at tournament with no pills. Your enemie attack is 8 Pain's attack is 8 pain reduces enemie attack and crush him!!! smiley

Help plz if you have any idea for one?

tuesday 13/11/2007

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