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saturday 15/12/2007

Yeah , the bigger the current level of the card the more EXP needed to increase it eg 4star to 5star takes a long time to evolve

Cute build, smiley

Ashley *2
Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2
Terry *2
Lewis *1/Lewis *3
Oyoh *5/Amelia *3

Or buy uppers first then sell the cards i said.

What is the deck for? Is it for ELO, for daily tournament or just for casual play? Adding both Rosa and Ottavia is a good start try getting Vickie too.

Another tip:remove gibson and rebecca

friday 14/12/2007

People do get bp at warehouse..
everytime level 1 to level 2 u get 10 points
level 2 to level 3 you get 20points
level 3 to level 4 get 30 points
level 4 to level 5 you get 40 points
is that it?smiley

Go for Danger, its a better pack. Only get New Blood if you can sell cards or if you want Rescue. Never get Rainbow..its the worst. Most people go for Action though because its got better clans but again. Uppers in Danger is good too.

With a free market, this is wat u got. I saw one guy bought out all Hel and was selling them for 2000. But of course the price went down in like 2 days down to 600. And it actually took a week for it go get down to 300.

Oh woops, I misread that last part. Disregard my comment.

What has this to do with statergy and tactics and why was it allowed in the 1st place?

I think thet Junkz are really rare used clan(i use them and don't have to fight against my own characters:*smiley. But nightmare, and Freaks are less used (at least in type 2)

Mojo's horrible in most cases, but I remember when she used to cost around 3k coz Nightmare didn't have enough room for Kenny.

If you're wondering why I have her it's because I can't afford Kenny yet and my deck is purely defensive. Steal life, reduce damage, steal life, etc.

Got All The Cardz... Except For The 3 Crs And Erpeto And Esmeralda

Marco *5
elvira *3

I have a sentinel-rescue deck and use these cards bye smiley

... with Stop ability, they are basically the same.
otherwise, you have to think, 4 damage all the time, or between 1 and 8 damage depending...

I would probably use Lunatik, and for a 2 star junkz i'd go Veenyle. But, if you find the potential to deal more damage to be better, then go Dash.

If you get attacked by a whopping 7 damage card, and you think they're bluffing, you can do a lot of damage with Dash.
but I find it's easier to have set damage... easier to calculate at the beginning of a match.

thursday 13/12/2007

Expesive for me is over 2000 ctz for 4 cards

Plus he was in the New Blood pack if I remember right. I know I had a hard time with him being 1300.

Minimums are always applied last, think of it like this: Zatman is going to wait to use his ability/bonus until after Malmoth uses his.

Another scenario would be if you are against Freaks and at 3 life but play a life gaining card at the last round. You will still take the two poison damage if you gain life.

There is a Round Tester under 'Character Abilities and Bonuses' section of the Game's Rules.

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