thursday 18/10/2007

Not hikiyousan nanook

Well If I'm going to mix the All Stars And Pussycats which card should i add?

I already have Alexei , Emma ,Noon Steevens, Dan ,Franks, Venus,Amelia, and Svelthlana
I'm planning to buy Striker and Gwen and Feelyn

You will have a good and complete deck when finish. Lots os Stop opp ability and bonus, 2 damage reducers and high power

Tessa *5
Copper *5
Carlos *3
Luis *3
Klaus *2
Aurelia *2
Rebecca *2
Uranus *3 (he's nice for any pure deck)

GG's! smiley

wednesday 17/10/2007

It's the sign of the artist who made the card.

Try collecting Same Clan Cards

@Buayasg smiley don't take it personally but really It was confusing for to always tell them to buy credits but I really love your blog smiley

0ET-Jade this maybe out of topic but how did you buy credits?

tuesday 16/10/2007

Okay. I missed the chance thing I guess. I was gonna say as I thought it was 100% stuff and I was doing calculations lol as once I swear I won and my attack was like 8 (Pulsar) and his was higher apparently not twice but yeah there was no way I'd win but I did and slammed out his points cause of Pulsar's high damage.

Yes that helped, as I did all the calculations but still lost and won some battles that were sure things I though for either side. smiley Good to know. Thanks! I just started yesterday.

Thats a very helpful sitesmiley , sorry for being blunt but after playing this game for a while you soon pick up which cards are the best and in uppers case we all know the top ones , ground zero is right every deck has a weakness and it's up to you what kind of deck you build and how you play , but i'd assume having a uppers/pussycat deck would be very leathel having damage reducing and attack reducing in the same hand smiley

Well don't spend anything and save all your clintz till you can buy a pack at the shop via credits from Daily Tournaments, try this deck for now:

Meyen (replace with Striker) *4
Brutox (replace with Amelia) *3
Dan *3
Frank *2
Flyer (replace with Gwen) *3
Venus (replace with Emma) *5
Wanda *2
Svelthlana *3

Try to save for Emma, Amelia, then Striker, GG's! smiley

Dude you only have 1 rare card so work with it, try to make a Ulu Watu variant deck, my advice to all my students who are starting to build their decks is too keep playing the Daily Tournament, save all your clintz and do NOT spend any of it except for a few to get you along the way, acquire 20 credits and but a pack which contains 1 rare card (Try Cool packs if you feel like being cool). From there you will know which is your second clan depending on the next rare card you get. For now i advise you to use this:

Endo (buy)
Hikiyousan (buy)
Mac Hen
Ice Jim (buy)

All 3 cards are fairly cheap in the market and easy to save up for, from then you can branch off to other clans once you get your pack, GG's! smiley

All leaders ability's last all four rounds rounds . except ambre and ashigaru:
ambre's ability couragesmileyower+3 means on the turn when you chose your card her ability is activated
ashigaru's ability on works once and it gives you the chance to go second ( very helpful for setting up your statergy)

You can buy almost every single card at the market

This is a good deck
Hugo-level 5
Tessa-level 5
Skiner-level 3
Klaus-level 2
Beetenka-level 4
Samantha-level 2
Mickey T-level 2
Eliott-level 2
Try it

Kerozinn *5
Xia Leming *3
Windy Mor *3
Sakazuki *2
Skrumxxt *5
Corrina *3
Uranus *3
Caciope *1

It's either you market Caciope or Skrumxxt which ever you prefer, GG's! smiley

monday 15/10/2007

I am low lvl but actually read the forums before jumping in and therefore didnt do that kind of thing.. how about 4 LW rooms lvl 20+ and lvl 19-

What leader has the best ability or is the best leader

Ahhh cool. I did not know thanks guys

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