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sunday 09/12/2007

- 0- JP thas actualy a good idea....i jsut hate when ppl stop Willy's ability....hmmm ill probally try that sense i already have him

Asharigus abilty sucks bad i mean if u want to always go last its only first turn and what if you use coarage?

In reverse. linda has dropped from the 12000 i purchased her for

Copper and Havok are out of the question right now, anyone a little cheaper you'd recomeend?

Cute deck! smiley

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I use Ashigaru, Rescue has a great set of Rare cards, alot of excellent KO potential, GG's! smiley

Great! love the update:

Aim for this budget deck and start practicing and beating people in ELO, GG's! smiley

Lulabee *5
Hikiyousan *5
Ice Jim *3
Warren *2
Gabrielle *2
Noodile *3
Yookie *3
Miken Moose *2

Like 0-Jade said, If all stars remains the dominant clan untill the end of this day then the next week the clan will be banned from ELO so you won't be able to play all stars in ELO no matter what your ELO score is.

The current top of dominant clans does not have any impact on the current tournament so you can use them as you like at whatever score, the clan that is currently banned is rescue so all the other clans are perfectly useable for ELO. The top is posted to let the players know what clans have the higher chances to be banned next week.

Soleil is a comics or publishing house in France where some cards in UR are based from. If a card is Soleil it will be a collector after 6 months since it was released. Good example will be Tessa, Swidz, Diyo and Cassio who have just been collectors this week.

It's only illegal to have 2 accounts at the same time, so if he created another account and stopped using his current one that would be okay.

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General is one of the best cards out there. He has a very respectable power and damage, plus the SOA ability is amazing as there aren't many good La Junta that have it. (There are only two others, and the only one I would use is Bryan...) Actually, being a 7/8 with the ability to win in turn 1 puts him up there with DJ Korr, which is why he was banned in ELO. =x

Ghostface.......timmy juz went out..he wears a mask..=P

4....good deck..for new player =P..stick to gheist-freaks..ur nightmare aint any good

You'll only get cards from a limited set for your first 8 cards.
We used to be more generous (back in the early days) but many players tried to create many accounts to get cards.
Now, you cannot get anything valuable just by creating an account.
Maclej & Boris cannot be found on the starter pack (and never have been), for example (he might have got them from some additionnals booster pack).

saturday 08/12/2007

Sold a Reine CR, that was pretty cool... i missed it though smiley

But today, i experienced that thing... where you accept a challenge from someone, only to receive a message saying but you're already in a battle.
Transported to a battle, where my opponent was using Uppers, on the final round, they attacked with Maeve, and won the round, but apparently i won the battle...(I didn't see what deck i was playing, all of my cards were blacked out. it didn't go to the winning window though, it just sorda froze.
i've heard of this happening, but i've never personally experienced it prior to today.

There isn't much synergy in your deck. Just focus on one or two clans for your deck

Z3r0 D34D

instead of playing rescue, why don't u try something that would take everything away from rescue? lol.

friday 07/12/2007

A lot of decks don't use Dorian... 5 stars and no ability, kinda a waste some times.
However, if you use Dorian at level 3/4, he has 8 power still.
I've tried both ways, using Dorian, and not, i think i personally had more success without Dorian...
But i've lost many games, because someone uses Dorian, and i know, that they won't be using pillz... but instead of wasting 4 pillz in hopes they used no more than 2... i just take the 7 damage.

Thanks for all the advice.....Two from each clan has some form of -opp power, so i was trying that but I might try some of these.
0LET_QJON: I would ove to do that, but before Splata went Cr. I I wasn't collecting Freaks so I sold him, then they announced that!
I was so mad! and I don't have Boris...
NEKO) and Elfayra: That sounds good and i have all of them, I might try that and see what happens!

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