monday 22/10/2007

Thanks alot, i chose the 1 with nightmare and the saturn shaped 1 (cant remeber name smiley) it cost 16k hehe

sunday 21/10/2007

smileyi like the freaks and the junkzsmiley

Leader isn`t good idea, if I use low stars deck I get more points for battle, All leaders have 5 stars, that is the reason why I use 9 cards in type 2 deck smiley

Thankssmiley 0-LS & 0ADW-Zhupons

in fact I always have problems connecting without proxy,that is why I posted this,thank you I feel so lucky to have the answers smiley

saturday 20/10/2007

For me you should swap Fifty for Graff. This will reduce your star count by three which will grant you more point in tournaments. He have 1 more power than Fifty, but have less damage. For the eight, follow what Jade said and choose between Saddy or Juicy Lord (you can even use both if you take off Platoona, this will reduce by one more your star count too.)

Thnks for the help darko , appreciate it smiley

Try to switch this Emma for Uranus and Ashigaru for Morphun or Hugo and you will get a really better deck smiley

Exactly what you said. Selsya's bonus will cancel Striker's ability, so she will have 6 power that will be reduced to 4 by Striker's bonus

Lol me think it mean 'in my opinon' =P

Hmmm it depends , pure 1 clan decks can be very good put if you have another clan you could have a even better deck , perhaps all stars?

Have you other cards or is this your start pack

What? dont listen drapht, sak does good damage with no problem, i think hugp is the best opition, cause then u can put something like corrina with 2 pillz and yet the opp would have to spend around 5 pillz to win the round

@ I amPOWERFUL - if you lack attention, don't post anything which is basically not related to the topic at hand, this is not the place to brag about anything you didn't achieve..

Well I'm currently using this deck for ELO and daily tournaments..The highest I got in the daily are 23..So please help me so that I could reached a better position..

Frank(I didn't put in my deck)
Venus(I didn't put in my deck)

No it doesnt...random sucks....i put max pills on a 3/6 and lost to a 6/3 with only 3 pills -.-

I believe you won't get a good deck with 1500 clintz. Try to use like this


Macumba (or Linda)
Xia Leming (or Windy Mor)

You can do some modifications too, like use Xia Leming and Windy Mor and then swap Kati for Kinjo or Lost Hog. Trinmkkt can become Venus too, if you're short on cash

Use only two clans and no more than 8 cards.
Try to get only cards of Power 5 (minimun)

friday 19/10/2007

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I donno why but i'd go with bridget..every life and then probably morphun.

Alright, so here's the deal: I'm trying to decide what type of deck to make.
I have two montanas( Pino and Lino Borsa)
Two Sakrohms (Venus and Thomson)
Two Pussy Cats(Svelthlana and Wanda)
and two gheist(Brutox and Meyan)

What kind of character should I start buying and building a deck from?

Hey i need help in

making a normal tourna deck can u help me

by using sakro+uppers or allstars+pussycats

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