wednesday 31/10/2007

JP's version works great in ELO

Whoops... yes, GraksmxxT... for some reason I had him in mind as 5 star. 4 star makes him quite a bit better, obviously.

I would use Pussycats and Uppers,try this deck for budget.
Frankie Hi*3
Noon Steevens*3
Dolores Boss*3
use that deck for a while.....then use this deck:
Gina Glitt*2
Svelthlana is cheap and also Gina Glitt......GOOD LUCK!

Try to get Beetenka for your Uppers and get rid of Mo Difalco.
Then for your La Junta get Amiral Py and Tank. Get rid of Niki and Winifred

Try this for now, once you save enough clintz swap Emma and Gwen for Yayoi and Elly Mae;
then you have a deck that is competitive in ELO, GG's! smiley

Emma *5
Gwen *3
Feelyn *2
Alice *2
Striker *4
Alexei *4
Amelia *3
Flo *2

tuesday 30/10/2007

Very montana and uppers 'coz their bonus rock! and dont waste your clintz on weak cards


Lamar can be added if you have Jane Ramba(*2)Flo,Ashley,Amelia.

This is a more "chic" deck that I prefer, GG's! smiley smiley

Clara *5
Charlie *4
Yayoi *4
Elly Mae *4
Manon Cr *3
Feelyn *2
Gwen *1
Sheitane *2 smiley

monday 29/10/2007

Yeah montana's and uppers combo is like the best around espically with cards like mona and zatman on the field

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Yesterday is a big day.. robin (230 clintz) went up until... 5500!! It's crazy!!
Now flesh pimp, 500 went up 1900!!

Try this so you can get some ELO practice with your pure La Junta deck. GG's! smiley

Bryan *4
Burger *4
Gertrud *4
Tank *3
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2
Dean *2

Hei darkdan..
i dont like you pathetic attitude...
you are so arrogant and i just dont like it...

pm me and lets settle this in danger zone...

So what other clan do you have in mind? La Junta is a good clan to pair up with the Junkz. But since you bought credits you may try this Pussycats build if you plan on spending on unevolved cards.

Peeler *5
Gibson *4
Otakool *3
Berserkgirl *3
Yayoi *4
Elly Mae *4
Gwen *1
Svelthlana *1

sunday 28/10/2007

A snippet from my report of a couple bugs to a CSR

Urban-Rivals Customer Support <>
Sunday, October 28, 2007 3:50 AM
RE: a couple issues {40510}

If you are stuck with a battle, try to properly disconnect from the FLASH game (bottom left button, then "quit the game"smiley, it will clear out any outstanding games.

Lol it get's worse smiley

Very bad..
you almost use all clan in your deck..

try all stars and Fang pi clan..

charlie 4*
feelyn 2*
yayoi 4*
gwen 1*
elly mae 4*
clara 5*
veenyle 2*
uranus 3*

just a thought but send comments

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