friday 05/10/2007

Well IMO, Pussycats - All Stars is my favorite, but at times I use All Stars - Uppers when I'm saving my unevolved pussycats for my weekend ELO.
It really depends on your favorite clans and what you are used to playing with. Playing GHEIST and Roots takes a different playing style while playing Sakrohm and Uppers has it's own strategy involved.
GG's! smiley

thursday 04/10/2007

I definately agree. Also, I think that they should make it so that the top 100 players can get a cr card rather than the top 25.

Heiii... calm down smiley

That´s Overeathing!

O Only think that players to Top 50 should at least receive a fair part of the Jackpot like 0.5% wich is normally equal to 1000/2000 clintz ( usually the jackpot is 200k/300k), a Cr to all TOp100 players will completelly "ruin" Elo....


Yes, the nightmare are good for Type 2, and the GHEIST you said are nice

For type 1, the deck i listed is good

Charlie is the best one!

Can work.
The only card i would need for ELO would be Zatman.

I recommend to exchange Bridget for Hugo too, his ability plus Uppers bonus is pain =D

It can happen when u leave battle or timeout from ur side, there is -10points for batlle...

I think Sheitane is better than Mojo...

I think its actually courage?

Copper (most expensive for you to save for, but can be useful in ELO)

wednesday 03/10/2007

Theres a difference knowing what to read and then pondering..

With knowing what i read its true when i asked other people opinion about it and they say the same thing.

Well i bought 28 morlha between 300-1000 and sold them for atleast 1000 each but sold a few for 2500 and made alot of clintz and then sold the rest for about 400 cuz people started selling like a 1000 less so its cul to do that

Level has nothing to do with it, and depends which rooms you play in, if you keep losing try swiching to different kind of room (to random if your in non random or to non random if your in random), other then that do what most I do, keep trying different things till you find one you like or that works.

Also, some times you'll just lose with certain cards, or win with certain cards.
I'd often find myself winning with Vansaar while using 0 pillz, and with Brutox, and Carlos.
it always seemed as if they just sort of had luck in them, unless you rely on it.

it's random, but as with all things Random, we seem to find, or perceive patterns.
Like always losing with certain cards, regardless of how many pillz you use.
or like always seeing certain cards in your hand...
It's luck, be it good, bad, or other...
maybe you should consider just not using Skiner at all.

Yeah, it really depends on when the time out occurs, and if you've played in any battles.
you'll get least, if you go no rounds, and time out without playing any cards, which will also be a bummer for your cards experience.

There is nothing wrong with a deck with the same bonus... New cards come and different previous strategies change, just like MTG. These 2 clans can actually work w/o using unevolved cards. GG's! smiley

Kerozinn *5
Windy Mor *3
Elya Cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2
Bryan *4
Jane Ramba *3
Bruce *3
Wardog *2

tuesday 02/10/2007

I think you should use:


Z3r0 d34d


Noodile 1*

This should be in the game rules or faq

Card A keep his bonus....while card be dies smiley

Woah..chill Zhupons..I was juz thinking of my opinion smiley

Buy credits at the shop and then you are free to buy and sell cards on the market. Actually to buy them you don't need to buy credits.

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