monday 01/10/2007

A clan for people from outside Clint city, support the outsiders, people who don't quite know their way around...

Bonus Damage = opp damage

common abilities
- damage
stop bonus
Power = op Power
poison 1

I love Elly Mae at level 4 smiley

Forgot to add that I only have 3000 clintz....

Also tell us if you want to be offensive (have lots of high damage cards and kill them by 2nd round) or defensive (have high power cards so opponent can't damage you + damage reduce cards)

sunday 30/09/2007

In la juntas deck I would use hugo, bridjet or morphun... timber certanly won't be a big deal in a la junta deck! Ambre allways comes in handy but La juntas are a clan filled with lots of 7 and 8 power cards, so it won't be that great, but it would certanly be good in a gertrude but for the rest of them I don't think it is needed!

Hugo would be my choice, since there are no la juntas with increasing attack ability, and that way you have a easyer win, and you will be able to spend pillz in fury (if needed) with less troubles since you'll get more 6 attack!

I would use the eck darko sugested but instead of uxoh I would use tank! she's a 6/3 with S.O.A. plus 2 damage!
and uxoh is very dependent on its bonus and ability, withou the bonus it only doeas 2 damage, without the ability it only does 3 damage, and at this moment all the decks have plenty of S.O.A. and S.O.B so I think he won't be the best choice, besides one more S.O.A. in the deck is allways good!

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Tell us the clans you like the most and you will help you for sure...

and tell us if you're able to buy any card (or spend money in credits) or if you aren't tell us the cards you have of those clans so that we can use them in our sujestions!

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Try to look at those cards price a lot of times a day during one or two days and you will have an ideia about their regular cost...

than just keep looking and if you see a card costing 100 clintz less than usual (or than the lower price you have seen) just buy it if you do this you will spare some money! but it will tke some time a patience!

but normaly when we star playing the game you have a lot of patience.. I use to do that a lot but now I just can't do it for a long time! -.-''

Montana and bangers aren't really the better choise but they are good clans! but you should use ulu watu instead of bangers, same bonus but better, but ulu watu are much more expensive than bangers...

so montana/bangers you could use:

graf 2*
saddy 3*
Juicy lord 3*
Vermyn N 3*

Murphy 4*
Rosa 4*
Mona 3*
ottavia 3*

if you don't have money to use vermyn N 3* you can use him maxed up at level 4 and replace murphy with simon!

Cr stands for collectors

As you have more cards from Pussycats, Junkz and GHEIST, i suggest you to chose between them

For me, i would use Pussycats and Junkz

To start

Noon Stevens
Dolores Boss (or Alice or any one that you choose that has good power)


Once you can, trade Bunny for Malmoth and Flyer for Gibson
In the Pussycats part just try to get better cards

saturday 29/09/2007

I need help with making a good deck. At the moment i have 122 clintz but can get more quickly. In my deck i have:

All are maxed out except Sakura and Matthew who will be soon. Any help will much apreciated.

For cheap yet strong cards,search through the clan FREAKS...

So if i levelup and come over 25 stars i in the room but nobody cant callenge me
tanks for help

Ok....thanks anyway

Buy 2* credits and buy full deck+booster

My idea is
marlysa cr-2
windy mor-3
xia leming-3

Lost Hog:- 5 Opp Attack Min 1 i think..........

Yeah using Kenny makes the life gained per damage as well as the damage itself more, meaning a bigger gap in your life if you win, allowing you to win easier.

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