monday 19/12/2011

Gz to xtyx, and farewell to imprint, don't forget about UR smiley

Its a lottery to celebrate my 24 years. xD
(read the rules)

link: My 24th Birthday

wednesday 14/12/2011

tuesday 13/12/2011

Woops this nublet posted in the wrong section =S Sorry Mods was suppost to be in section Tournaments.

sunday 11/12/2011

Recruitment drive for my new guild. over a dozen cards plus 5k if we reach 5k smileys
final wreckoning recruitment drive.

friday 09/12/2011

The event is filling extremely quickly, already at 46 players! Get in on it now before I close registration!

thursday 08/12/2011

This event has been deleted

tuesday 06/12/2011

At this time the jackpot was 1.146.000 Clintzsmiley

It's going to be a hellish good time.

sunday 04/12/2011

Any cards, just no leaders smiley

I guess i'll enter

monday 28/11/2011

10.000 smiley reached so 3 Coleridge 0xp are added smiley

thursday 24/11/2011

So many achievements in one year smiley Congrats Keri smiley

wednesday 23/11/2011

Event filled overnight to 64 players and promptly began. Thanks to everyone who participated or rated green. I sincerely appreciate you. For more information about the CC Circuit and to receive free notification of all CC Circuit events the moment they come out, please join the FREE newsletter event in my profile. I'll see everybody for the next one!

tuesday 22/11/2011

Most people were

The prize is currently only 4k so join and green face the fansite page link to increase the prize.

p.s if you are allready in the event and haven't green faced the link then please do.

Crap. You are right, but isn't it still a good idea?

thursday 17/11/2011

I've also sent a friend request in hopes of qualifying for the event. smiley

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