thursday 02/06/2016

Wrong board and wrong forum smiley

tuesday 31/05/2016

Ashikaze ld

1:36 pm Sydney Australian time only 980 online, xD Europe still in bed
33 801 174 players
2 495 240 524 games played

monday 30/05/2016

52 vs 130.

sunday 29/05/2016

These aren't issues; stop complaining about free stuff.

saturday 28/05/2016

Lazy boy? Then buy the crs then sleep for 5 year then ul have more clintz for sure when you wake up

Doesn't work...smiley

Ok thx! Since can come expensivw cards.

friday 27/05/2016

Yeah, pretty much worth it.

I wish I could xD

wednesday 25/05/2016

I think we need to look at need to look at new mediums to attract interest in games. Look at how many games today have become HUGE and popular because of the media, such as Twitter, Facebook and most importantly of all YOUTUBE.
Yes I have a Youtube Channel so I may come across as biased. But it is the best way of introducing players into the game. I created a HOW TO PLAY THE MARKET series which has gotten alot of attention and has helped many newer players to build their collections and keeping them interested in another aspect of the game.
What about on official Podcast? To discuss the latest news and tutorials for new players? Currently, a new player gets a brief tutorial, but is never explained the ins and outs of the game and are generally left to their own devices without help from a strong guild or friends until they reach a higher level. Yes having a fancy looking website will entice people to sign up, but to keep them coming you have to hook them into the game, which is hard to do if you spend the majority of the time getting your butt handed to you everytime you try to play a real game mode like ELO. I remember starting out and getting beat so often that I stopped playing because I was terrible at the game with no hope of improving without losing more and more and learning VERY slowly

just a thought smiley

tuesday 24/05/2016

I can lend you for free. Let me know how long you need it.

monday 23/05/2016

Please post new clan ideas here

Please post card ideas here


friday 20/05/2016

You know not all the clans are stable?
you see like many say uppers don't have a leader why would they night fight for leadership some day
or other clans that are struggling for leader ship in there story lines prity sure many clans other have a leader ship problume that will bleed out in to the city. make massive panic an damage over who leads there clan cant just be the one clan.

an with all the clans in this game a lot of them would have wars in there own ranks for leadership but eventually they will be finished or affect the world in a big way an spread you know what I mean.

We should need a page dedicated to all the cards one particular artist made (like on the old site)

thursday 19/05/2016

smiley see that's what I don't like is every ones looken for the best clan when all the clans should be equals. some may flux depending on new cards an banns but the hole looken for the easy win clans is just wrong find a clan you like not just cause there the best right now.

what clan do you like the most?
whats your favorit of them all?
do you like there art or skills or stats?
get a clan you love as your #1 no there clan will matter to you really

wednesday 18/05/2016

WOP = Win or pay

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