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monday 26/11/2007

Try to make a 20 star deck wit high power smiley......ground zero tried to do it b4..

sunday 25/11/2007

if you use my collection, select a card, and just click add to my deck, then click on the "my deck" located in the My collection Drop down menu. and from there, you can remove cards from your deck.

I cant do elo yet and i got an update a big one

Brandon (C) 4 Power 4 Damage
Bunny (C) 3 Power 8 Damage
Crystal (U) 4 Power 7 Damage
Flyer (C) 6 Power 3 Damage
Gibson 8 Power 4 Damage
Kawan 6 Power 7 Damage
Malmoth 7 Power 5 Damage
Peeler 7 Power 7 Damage

Getting Keanew Otakool and Vynnyle to replace Brandon Bunny and etheir flyer or crystal

If u useall 5 star card..ya..

He would get far if he won't be sick of random smiley

Morphun (R) is the best leader card to me. gets you +1 pillz per round so if you like power its da shiz smiley
Bridget (R) is the second choice unless you like to do bluff plays in where you play a card with out pillz added causing you to some times loose

saturday 24/11/2007

Jade, i meant in the lost warehouse, not playing evo else where
i might follow your advice jp, an extra win is better than i leave and loss i guess...

thanks guys

No credits huh... for your Daily Tournament deck;

Save for this deck ASAP, GG's! smiley

Elly Mae *4
Yayoi *4
Svelthlana *3
Wanda *2
Trimkkt *4
Uranus *3
Corrina *.3
Lunatik *2

Bryan *4
Gertrud *4
Wardog *2
Tessa *5
Rebecca *2
Klaus *2

Working around your deck you need these cards to to be competitive on your desired clan in different variants, personally; I would invest on Gheist withe their Odd KO combinations, GG's! smiley

Don't make something like that
remember that moderators always do their best to improve the game
and don't be angry with me cause i did the same thing and another player said these things to me
so plz dont't make useless subjects

friday 23/11/2007

Yeah I'm moving the server to a new host this weekend because the old host seems to have some other heavy traffic site on the same server and refuses to move me or them -- so they lose my business.

Memento email me so we can see where we can work together to synergize, there are things I know I am not going to do withthe site and things I know I want to go with it.

You can check this site http://kirlad.no-ip.com/juegos/urban-rivals/index.php with the complete database

Manon Cr is the Bomb...
though i lke Scarlett Cr's story...

I know, i need to get some lower star cards smiley

thursday 22/11/2007

Marco, because 5 damage can be easily reduce to 2. Rescue need cards with the most damage possible.

Do not answer things that can be objectively checked untruthfully, AC.

The Leader clan is special.

Two identical leaers - disregarding level - WILL activate the "bonus" (which is in fact a malus). Two leaders, regardless of which kind or any further specification of the nature of the leader means: no effect of any leader at all for the player with the >1 leaders. This is the reason why >1 leader in a deck is not a really good idea.

Choose your opponents... the one's with the Halo icon are best during tournaments, GG's! smiley

She's a rare card to me. not IMBA like Leviatonn but for a clan with a great bonus, she's meant to be rare. Zatman vs. Corrina (If both had no bonus) that is where the difference is realized. GG's! smiley

The New school Tier 1 decks with the absence of Tanaereva and Graksmxxt:

All Stars - Pussycats
All Stars - Uppers
All Stars - Montana
Uppers - GHEIST
La Junta - GHEIST
Bangers - GHEIST
Rescue + Uranus

GG's! smiley

Lamar *5
Striker *4
Marina *4
Flo *2
Saddy *3
Juicy Lord *3
Graff *2
Meroo *2

Just save for Lamar and your off to play competitive ELO, GG's! smiley

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