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thursday 15/11/2007

Realy fun!!! Congratulation. Am I allow to post your pics on the french Board?

Each clan is playable
its just that different clan requires different playstyle

Rescue clan is best by itself. Even a leader will ruin every other cards ablities/bonuses. But if you have enough SOA and SOB, you can kill them in no time..try this against them: Sheitane, Hel, Kenny, Nistarok, Bristone, Methane, Leviatonn.

wednesday 14/11/2007

Guys i cant go to turnements and elo with douples and more than 25 *
so u gara help me get it for 25 stars without taking out 1 bodenpower , Laetitia (U) ,Vermyn N (U) or Bridget (i replaced vanssar)
graff could be a start but i still need 5 stars to be divided on 3 cards

Yeah, elo is very frustating I played until 1100 then down to 1001.. smiley

Name: Pain
Attack: 8
Damage: 5
Ability: Damage + 4
BONUS: 7 opp attack. Min 5

Its like you play at tournament with no pills. Your enemie attack is 8 Pain's attack is 8 pain reduces enemie attack and crush him!!! smiley

Help plz if you have any idea for one?

tuesday 13/11/2007

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Yeah , but what about abilities and bonus's affecting the attack points ?

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I like the montana one , looks wicked and i love the whole limo drive by thing with the tommy gunsmiley

Remaining, as in the remaining players, I may be wrong, but I think there is 1 or 2 people in every tournament who have got rares that were definitely not in the top 25.

Well next time choose your opponents wisely during daily tournaments, usually the ones with the Halo icon are great opponents who never time out, (they are usually players who just started playing having levels from 15-20). also pick opponents who have stars since you will have an insight that they have bought new cards that they want to evolve. GG's! smiley

Wow. that's quite a strong deck. smiley
but I suggest adding the Uppers' Zatman and/or Sentinels' Copper because they're both pretty useful if you find yourself in the 4th round with not many pillz to spare.

How bout you help me for a good pure sentinels deck or with any combo with it(prefer all stars)elo useabd daily tourny use..thanx in advancesmiley

monday 12/11/2007

Sorry i douple posted , its just the first post took 2 days to apear

Pure sentinels:-
robin(to bait your opp)/amy
great deck..good attack good damage..balance..if you know how to use it you will become great with this deck

No its no a very good combo..how about all stars/uppers or all stars/pussycats or allstars/ulu watu..i try it and the deck is great..

sunday 11/11/2007

My pure la junta deck :

Bryan 4
Burger 4
Gertrud 4
Dean 2
Wardog 2
Jane Ramba 3
Uxoh 3
Bruce 3

The only weakness in this deck is the defense part anyway i like total attack decks smiley .
You can switch either Uxoh or Bruce for Leo if you need more defense but it's not a good idea(wait for better card in the futuresmiley).


Frankie Hi


Miken Moose

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