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sunday 11/11/2007

Copper *4
Miranda *4
Dragan Cr *4
Aurelia *2
Willy *5
Saddy *3
Graff *2
Meroo *1

cute build, GG's! smiley

Tessa *5
Dragan Cr *4
Miranda *4
Uranus *3 (Need him) smiley
Luis *3
Rebecca *2
Aurelia *2
Klaus *2

GG's! smiley

Shakra *5
Noodile *3
Yookie *3
Miken Moose *2
Beetenka *4
Zatman *3
Rubie *3
Samantha *2

You got alot of even combinations for a sweet KO, GG's! smiley

saturday 10/11/2007

There is also a green circle when it's your turn, in the lower left.
the green circles represent the time untill you timeout, losing the game, so it's wise to make your move untill that time expires

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=abilities <--- read this and the rest of the section if you have time

Every turn i think im not sure sorry if that not any help

Huh..more damage..awesome~

friday 09/11/2007

Well i'm planning to make all stars/uppers combo..so please help if you have suggestion
all stars

frankie hi..
i didn't count the star point but i think this is a good deck..any suggestion?daily tourny use only

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Oh thanks..

My internet cable got unplugged right after a match before the exp screen. My timber didn't get the exp. And I also couldn't fight at all, I had to close firefox and get back into urban-rivals.

1c) If your opponent is requesting an EVO match (this is usually indicated by having EVO or EV as an extension of the name. Or they will ask for it in the subject name. Or you can be like me and just play that way regardless of what your opponent does.

2) Wins/Losses do not count in either Lost Warehouse room. No really, I'm not kidding. They don't. So there's no reason to load up on lvl 5 powerhouses and try to crush your opponent. (This mostly applies to Lost Warehouse Open). You won't get credits, clintz, BPs or any other real benefits, and really all you'll do is annoy your opponent.

3) Maxed out decks are still only appropriate if you plan to lose every round.

4) Fury has no place in the new Lost Warehouse. There's no need for it. Wins/Losses count for nothing so there's no reason you should be upping your damage. None.

5) You still can't bait people for insults, yell, or scream at them. This will still get you blacklisted.

6) Screenshots can be taken with the Print Screen Button. Take them when someone has done something truly illegal. (Scamming, insulting, etc). Send them to a Admin, or file a complaint through Abuse or Customer Support. We'll take care of it.

Remember that this is a game and the goal is to have fun and for your opponent to have fun. smiley


Nice, I like high power because it makes minuses obsolete with a decent amount of pills, anywhere from 3 and up equals awesome.

Cuz shes good~

Nialboy - i sold Dj Korr Cr for million and 85 Miss Twice Cr
AOD-NEKO in next month come only 1 new blood - Kerozinn Geuner Splata and Seldnor will be Cr

Iam, that deck isn't that good, I used to have it. It could be better if you changed svelthlana to a lvl 1, and then gina glitt and frankie hi to rubie and samantha, and then alice to yayoi. But it still isn't that good.

thursday 08/11/2007

Maybe you should look at Flyer bonus [attack +8]

wednesday 07/11/2007

Cards that give you life gain aint everything. they are useless against cards like icejim rubie splata and more lol

Oh, sorry I confused Windy Mor with Xia Lemming. If you don't mind playing unevolved cards or you can take advantage of that extra star Windy Mor is quite nice at level 2. Or you could use Sakazuki if using another Stop Opp Bonus


Check the site, seems to be very nice smiley

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