monday 03/09/2007

I suggest that increase the top 50 to 100 can get the prizes


saturday 01/09/2007

Freaks / Uppers

Splata *5
Titus *3
Boris *3
Miss Ming *1
Dorian *5
Rubie *3
Zatman *3
Gina Glitt *2

Simple strategy, all Freaks are bait cards and are meant to die, but if they have damage reduction, add pills so make sure the Freaks bonus takes effect. Alot of combo cards, 2 Stop Opp Ability and a damage reduction, and 3 8 power cards against the All Stars. Uppers are expensive but playing them properly is priceless.

GG's! smiley

Fine, try this out but you will need to market Caciope *1 star or Skrumxxt *3 star.

Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *4
Lewis *3 / Amelia *3
Uranus *3
Corrina *3
Lunatik *2
Caciope *1


Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2
Skrumxxt *4
Uranus *3
Lunatik *2
Caciope *1

But like all decks, this deck is weak against others with a bad draw vs GHEIST, since you have Pussycats, try some of the Tier 1 builds in the current metagame.

Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2
Charlie *4
Yayoi *4
Gwen *1
Dolores Boss *1

since you can sell in the market, once the gals evolve, switch to this deck:

Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *4
Flo *2
Yayoi *4
Feelyn *2
Gwen *2
Dolores Boss *2

GG's! smiley

Ashley is better.....for me

friday 31/08/2007

Go to: to find Abilities!

I believe it was Fraggle who said the time to time-out is shorten during tournaments than during the rest of the day.......i dont have exact numbers....

thursday 30/08/2007

0RD_MartanEvo, thx for reply but I want your comments on the deck, not another deck.
This topic has been revived from the dead smiley and I don't play it so, closed.

Lolz neva mined i think it was elya with those stats

ex: 2 Fang Pi Clang=Damage + 2
3 Fang Pi Clang=Damage +4
4 Fang Pi Clang=Damage + 6
this may be nice...........

wednesday 29/08/2007

If u like this clans, try it:
Windy Mor
Xia leming

Jane Ramba

All you need to get started, is read the ELO rules. you can get there, by clicking ELO on the main page.

I play
windy mor(xia leming)-3
¨jane ramba-3

what do you think???

Dude, this game is no secret .. get 100% of the cards then mess around till you have a good deck. So, step 1 is buy credits, then packs
Good luck.

Well Miss Ming is only good if you can market her, whenever I play Freaks I use the unevolved Miss Ming at *1 star then sell her once she evolves, its a bait card meant to lose or a great starter against the Pussycats, anyways, cute build and goodluck!
GG's! smiley

tuesday 28/08/2007

Any deck is good, if you can play it well.
some times a deck can be easier to play, but it's usually the skill of the player that gets you the Cr cards.
if i were you.
i'd throw in Windy Mor instead of Elya, or Xai leming. Kati in place of Macumba.
reason is that the stop bonus, and ability are very important in avoiding poison, and especially + life cards.
also, i think you should keep Ice Jim.

but that's just me, i'm sure you could get far without that extra stop bonus/ability aswell.

Here is my take on All All Stars, GG's! smiley

Lamar *5
Marina *4
Striker *3
Alexei *3
Frank *2
Flo *2
Amelia *3
Uranus *3

Combo EVERYTHING with a Lamar = GG's! smiley
Impossible to make an ALL CLAN deck w/o Uranus or a Leader, hope you undertand that a single Uranus can destroy a whole Tactic in ELO, GG's! smiley

Cool nightmare deck thats really fun



Charlie lvl4
lvl 1 pussy

I agree with 0- JP......XU52 Is Better........And a Fury-Gain Life Deck Is Better.

I would use buying amelia and i have a fully evolved bhudd.......but bhudd is a good damage!so try both amelia and bhudd smiley

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