sunday 07/10/2007

A ulitmate player tournament would be wicked , too see who is the champion of urban-rivals

U don't need to buy cards to become a senior, if u use ur starting hand, just lvl them up and u will be a senior. Ur rank depends on ur card AND the lvls of the cards. Each card give u points depending on its lvl. Its in the rules, just read it.


DJ Korr Cr


Sounds good?

Completely agree NudeCeleb_LOA, before sureshot the more pillz I used on my card the easier I lost. And as I don't any longer use more than 6 pillz on a card right now. Or if I do is to get a sureshot.

Nice but that's not really wanted here. i made a decision but other suggestions liek ground zero's are appreciated

saturday 06/10/2007

Thanks smiley that's a great answer smiley

Close this,plz

Personally, I do not play ELO before a Daily Tournament starts and right before it ends, this is due to the bad LAG that happens at these times which can lead to a time out. I usally wait about 5 min. after the Daily Tournament to resume my ELO play.
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Mayby randomnes ore other has bonus aktiv if he use allstars bangers sentinesls or other clans watch at there bonus

friday 05/10/2007

Dang, kenny or flo, this dermagus guy sounds like he went to college haha smiley

Elly mae worth playing if it aint elo..but its elo..stick to charlie lvl4 or 5

Diedsoul... wouldn't that ability require either a clan tat gains life? or a Leader that has team life gain(not including Bridget)?

Problem is, if you plan on using Dorian, and Nistarok, that's 10 stars right there, unless you play Dorian at a lower level...
so, you have 6 cards, and only 15 stars, for ELO... if you're playing type 2, then anything goes from this point, you could use Jackie and Tyler.

Well IMO, Pussycats - All Stars is my favorite, but at times I use All Stars - Uppers when I'm saving my unevolved pussycats for my weekend ELO.
It really depends on your favorite clans and what you are used to playing with. Playing GHEIST and Roots takes a different playing style while playing Sakrohm and Uppers has it's own strategy involved.
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thursday 04/10/2007

I definately agree. Also, I think that they should make it so that the top 100 players can get a cr card rather than the top 25.

Heiii... calm down smiley

That´s Overeathing!

O Only think that players to Top 50 should at least receive a fair part of the Jackpot like 0.5% wich is normally equal to 1000/2000 clintz ( usually the jackpot is 200k/300k), a Cr to all TOp100 players will completelly "ruin" Elo....


Yes, the nightmare are good for Type 2, and the GHEIST you said are nice

For type 1, the deck i listed is good

Charlie is the best one!

Can work.
The only card i would need for ELO would be Zatman.

I recommend to exchange Bridget for Hugo too, his ability plus Uppers bonus is pain =D

It can happen when u leave battle or timeout from ur side, there is -10points for batlle...

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